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7 Facts About Afro-Cuban Actor Laz Alonso: Star Of The Boys, Avatar, And Fast & Furious Is A Millionaire

Shrijan Published On Mon Feb 03 2020   Modified On Wed Feb 05 2020
7 Facts About Afro-Cuban Actor Laz Alonso: Star Of The Boys, Avatar, And Fast & Furious Is A Millionaire

Laz Alonso, 45, has starred in many blockbuster projects- not the least of which is his roles in the movies Avatar, Jarhead, and Fast & Furious, and his recent turn as the vigilante, Mother's Milk, in Amazon Prime's superhero series, The Boys.

The 5'11"m nearly 6-footer Afro-Cuban actor is also an Emmy Award winner- winning for his part in a Budweiser commercial. These are seven facts about Laz Alonso:

7. Plays Mother's Milk In The Boys  

Alonso plays the vigilante, Mother's Milk in the Amazon dystopian superhero series, The Boys. 

He is a part of the vigilante team called The Boys, consisting of Hughie, played by Jack Quaid; Frenchie, played by Tomer Capon; Kimiko, played by Karen Fukuhara; Starlight, played by Erin Moriarty; and led by Karl Urban's character Billy Butcher.

Laz Alonso plays Mother's Milk in The Boys
Laz Alonso plays Mother's Milk in The Boys

Source: Comic Book

They go up against the superhuman team, The Seven, consisting of Antony Starr's character, Homelander; Dominique McElligott as Queen Maeve; Jessie T. Usher as A-Train; and Chace Crawford as The Deep

6. Voice-Acted Tsu'tey In James Cameron's Avatar

James Cameron's 2009 epic CG fantasy, Avatar, had, at one time, held the distinction of being the most commercially successful movie of all time, grossing $2.79 billion worldwide.   

The movie held the record for a decade before narrowly being dethroned by Marvel's Avengers: Endgame in 2019 with its $2.8 billion worldwide gross.  

Laz Alonso voiced the character Tsu'tey in Avatar
Laz Alonso voiced the character, Tsu'tey, in Avatar

Source: Closer Weekly

Avatar was a triumph for its visionary use of CGI, but to Laz, it proved to be his biggest mainstream role. While not being live-action, he was as close as it got, with his voice-over work as the fierce Omaticaya warrior, Tsu'tey.   

5. Performed In Many Blockbuster Movies

Avatar might well be the pinnacle of Alonso's mainstream popularity, but it was far from his only successful turn.   

On the contrary, Alonso's impressive body-of-work boasts such titles as Fast & Furious, Jarhead, Stomp the Yard, Straw Dogs, and Detroit on the big screens. 

Meanwhile, his well of small-screen credits run equally deep with performances in such shows as NCIS, CSI: Miami, Soul Food, Entourage, The Mysteries of Laura, and Bones.

4. He Is A Harvard Alum

We can't imagine what it would take to get into Harvard University, nor can we fathom the dedication it would take to become a successful actor.    

Laz Alonso has not only accomplished both, but he has done so at a very high level. Alonso is a Harvard graduate with a Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing. He also worked on the field as an investment banker in Wall Street before finding his true calling in acting.  

"The rest is history"- as they say, but it does make for one hell of a résumé. 

3. Won An Emmy Award For A Budweiser Commercial

When one thinks of an Emmy Award-deserving performance, they think of heart-rending dramatic roles or mirth-inspiring comedy roles. But Laz Alonso won an Emmy Award for a commercial for beer!

Indeed, Alonso was part of the Budweiser "Wassup" commercials that bagged an Emmy Award for their comedic genius. 

2. Alonso Is Currently Single

Despite being linked with the who's who of lead women in movies and TV, Alonso's personal life is a far cry from what is typical of an A-list celebrity. Not surprising, considering Alonso has come out and admitted that he doesn't date celebrities.

“You know what? I don’t really date celebs. I don’t date celebs, to be honest with you. And it’s not that I put them in a category called ‘Celebs,’ it’s just that to me it’s all about the genuine connection; it doesn’t matter who you are or what you do, if I like you and I meet you and you like me and we click, that’s it. We have to click. If I see someone on the screen – that alone doesn’t do anything for me.”

Nonetheless, being an established celebrity, rumours are bound to permeate, and he has been linked with a fair share of women, including Bollywood actress Malika Sherawat and Chandra “Deelishis” Davis.

Laz has not come out and confirmed anything, so at this point, it is all speculation.  

1. Net Worth Of $2.5 Million

 As of 2020, Laz Alonso's net worth stands at $2.5 million, which is not surprising considering his impressive body-of-work and his longevity in the industry. A presence since 2000, he has racked up the nearly-two-decades worth of movies and TV shows.   

He was part of the once-"Most Successful Box Office Movie" in Avatar. He also played the villain, Fenix Calderon, in Fast & Furious. 

Not to mention the latter half of his career yielded such acclaimed turns in movies like Straw Dogs, Detroit, Traffik, and L.A.'s Finest. 

He is also a main cast member on the hit 2019 Amazon Prime series, The Boys. The Boys returns for its sophomore season in 2020 and Alonso returns as Mother's Milk.