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Seven Facts of Avenue 5 Star Hugh Laurie: Family, Net Worth, Musical Career, & Passion for Motorcycle

Dahlia Published On Sun Apr 19 2020   Modified On Sun Apr 19 2020
Seven Facts of Avenue 5 Star Hugh Laurie: Family, Net Worth, Musical Career, & Passion for Motorcycle

James Hugh Calum Laurie, collectively known as Hugh Laurie, is a polymath; he is not just an actor but also a director, singer, musician, comedian, and author.

Laurie rose to prominence after playing as Dr. Gregory House in the hit television series House, receiving two Golden Globe Awards and nominations in various award shows. Before his success as an actor, Hugh had a promising career as an oarsman. Let's look at seven exciting facts of the Hugh Laurie.

7. How old is Hugh Laurie?

Hugh Laurie is 60 years old. He was born on June 11, 1959. Moreover, Hugh Laurie stands 6 feet and 2¾ inches tall (1.9 m). 

Hugh's father, William George Ranald Mundell Laurie, and mother, Patricia Laidlaw, were both of Scottish descent. 

William was a physician and winner of an Olympic gold medal in the coxless pairs at the 1948 Games in London. Hugh is the youngest of the four children. 

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie at the 71st Emmy Awards. Source: Pinterest

He has one older brother, Charles Alexander Lyon Mundell Laurie, who was a oarsman and worked as a lawyer in Scotland. Hugh has two elder sisters: Susan Laurie and Janet Laurie. Susan helped found the Save the Children Long Island, NY Volunteer Chapter, and was a Board of Trustees member of Save the Children.

6. Laurie Is a Musician As Well

The 60 years old actor can sing and play various musical instruments like guitar, drums, harmonica, saxophone, and piano, which he learned at the age of six. He also played percussion at the school orchestra. 

Laurie is a vocalist and keyboard player of a charity cover band, Band From TV, whose members are all television series actors. He also plays keyboard in the group, Poor White Thrash.

 After signing a contract with Warner Bros. Records, Hugh released two blues albums: Let Them Talk and Didn't it Rain. In both records, Laurie sang and performed both piano and guitar with his band, The Copper Bottom Band.

5. Loves the Anonymity of When Riding Bike

Laurie is an avid motorcycle enthusiast and received his first motorcycle at the age of 16 as a present from his father. He owns two motorbikes, one at the Los Angeles home and another at his London home.

He purchased a all-black Triumph Bonneville motorcycle, a replica of the 1960s British model, after getting the role of Dr. Gregory House in House. The best part of riding the bike, for Laurie, is to enjoy the anonymity the helmet provides. Like Laurie, his character, Gregory House, also had a soft spot for two-wheeler and rode a Honda Repsol Limited Edition sports bike in the show.

4. How much did Hugh Laurie make on House?

From 2004 to 2012, Laurie played as a physician, Dr. Gregory House, specializing in diagnostic medicine in the medical drama House. In addition to winning various awards, including Golden Globe and Emmy Awards for best actor, Laurie also went on to become the highest-paid actor of television drama in the US. 

Hugh Laurie
Hugh Laurie at the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Source: Daily Mail

In season three and four of House, Laurie reportedly received $300k per episode, earning $12,000,000 for 40 episodes. The 60 years actor was paid $400k per episode for season six and seven, racking up 18,000,000 for 45 episodes and topping the list of best-paid drama actors in the US. Hugh's salary in season eight for each episode was increased to $700k that adds up to $15,400,000 from season eight alone. 

3. He has a Net Worth of $40 Million

Hugh Laurie has a net worth of $40 million as of 2020. Laurie's work in television shows and movies can be credited to the $40 million worth of fortune. He has appeared in numerous commercially successful films like Sense and Sensibility, 101 Dalmatians, Spice World, The Borrowers, The Man in the Iron Mask, Stuart Little, Stuart Little 2, Street Kings, Tomorrowland.

Laurie also did a voice-over for various animated series and films, including the Valiant, Family Guy, The Simpsons, Stuart Little, and Monsters vs. Aliens. Listed as most watched leading man on television series in 2011 on the Guinness Book of World Records, he garnered global recognition with his performance in House. 

Besides, the 60 years is also a talented musician and bestselling writer. His first novel, The Gun Seller, published in 1996, became a runaway success in France. 

2. Lived in Los Angeles With his Family

Hugh Laurie married Jo Green, a theatre administrator, on June 16, 1989, in Camden Town, London, United Kingdom. The couple resides in Los Angeles after previously living in London.

Green and Laurie have three children together: Charles Archibald Laurie, born on November 1988, William Albert Laurie, born on January 1991, and Rebecca Augusta Laurie, born on September 10, 1993.

As a matter of fact, Laurie's longtime friend and Golden Globe-nominated actor, Stephen Fry, served as the best man at Laurie and Green wedding and is the godfather of his three children.

Hugh Laurie and Jo Green
Hugh Laurie and his wife, Joanne "Jo" Green. Source: Liverampup

Laurie's eldest son, Charles, had a small role as baby William in the sketch comedy television series  A Bit of Fry & Laurie that was written, created, and starred by his father and godfather. 

Rebecca has also worked as a child actress, playing as a five-year-old Vivian Bearing in the television movie Wit. Meanwhile, the middle son, William, had auditioned for a role in a Harry Potter but didn't receive the part for being 'too young.'

1. Laurie is Currently Main Cast of Avenue 5

The 60 years old actor plays as Ryan Clark in the HBO's Avenue 5. The show premiered on January 19, 2020, and was created by Armando Iannucci with whom Laurie has worked in Veep. 

Avenue 5 revolves around the crew of a space cruise ship named Avenue 5, which experiences technical difficulties and ends up needing three years to return to Earth. Laurie's character, Ryan Clark, is seen as the captain of the luxurious space cruise. 

Along with Hugh Laurie, actors as Josh Gad, Zach Woods, Rebecca Front, Suzy Nakamura, Lenora Crichlow, Nikki Amuka-Bird, and Ethan Phillips have a prominent role in the show.