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7 Facts About Welsh Actor and Singer Luke Evans: Se*uality, Relationship, Movies

Shrijan Published On Tue Jan 07 2020   Modified On Fri Apr 10 2020
7 Facts About Welsh Actor and Singer Luke Evans: Se*uality, Relationship, Movies

No, he is NOT related to Chris Evans!   

Luke Evans, 40, is a Welsh actor and singer. One of the most significant Welsh imports to America, Evans has been in some of the biggest Hollywood movies of the last few decades. 

Luke Evans as Vlad Dracula in Dracula Untold
Luke Evans as Vlad Dracula in Dracula Untold

Source: IMDb

The man exudes classical machismo and charisma, which is reflected in the hyper-masculine role he portrays on-screen. He has played Vlad Dracula in Dracula Untold, the villainous Owen Shaw in the Fast and Furious franchise, and Gaston in the 2018 live-action adaptation of Beauty and the Beast. 

But to typecast Evans into one genre would be criminal! Evans is one of the most versatile performers working today. He can truly do it all! He even has an album out, titled At Last. 

Most recently, Evans is slated to star in the upcoming TV series Angel of Darkness. Still, before then, we look at seven facts about the Welsh actor and singer extraordinaire, Luke Evans.  

7. Luke Evans Is Openly G*y

Evans mentioned to U.K.'s Gy Times magazine that people would not believe him when he told them that he was g*y. It is not hard to imagine why, as Evans doesn't perpetuate the stereotype of a gay man, with his baritone voice and classic machismo.             

But it is not an industry secret that Luke Evans is ga. He has been very outspoken about his seuality. However, as he does not let his seuality define him, people are still shocked to find that he is g*y.     

6. His On-Again-Off-Again Relationship With Jon Kortajarena  

Luke Evans' relationship with Jon Kortajarena was the talk of H-town when the two were spotted cozying up in 2014. Evans dated Kortajarena for two years before they broke up in 2016.  

Luke Evans with ex-boyfriend Jon Kortajarena
Luke Evans with ex-boyfriend Jon Kortajarena 

Source: Daily Mail

Evans fuelled rumors of a possible reconciliation when he posted on Instagram a photo of him celebrating his birthday in Budapest. The caption read: " What an amazing bunch of people. Thank you for an amazing birthday. Just missing one special know who you are."   

Coupled with the fact that Jon Kortajarena was also in Budapest at the time, the rumor mills ran rampant with supposed news about the two ex-lovers getting back together.  

Nothing came of the rumors, and the two are said to have moved their separate ways.

5. He Has Played Two Greek Gods On The Big Screens

The man looks like a Greek God, so is it really surprising that he was cast as a Greek God in two movies?

Evans played the god Apollo in the 2010 action-adventure-fantasy movie Clash of the Titans starring Sam Worthington, Gemma Arterton, and Liam Neeson.        

He played yet another Greek god, Zeus, in the Henry Cavill-led 2011 fantasy-action movie Immortals. 

4. Played Gaston In The 2017 Movie Beauty and the Beast

An actor and a singer, the role of Gaston was Luke Evans in all his glory!

When Disney announced the eponymous live-action adaptation of the 1991 animated classic, Beauty and the Beast, with Emma Watson and Dan Stevens at the helm, Evans jumped at the chance to show off his acting and singing prowess.

Luke Evans as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast
Luke Evans as Gaston in Beauty and the Beast

Source: Pinterest

Indeed, Luke Evans was in his element when he played the narcissistic French Royal Army veteran Gaston. As the main antagonist in the movie, he stole the show with his singing and acting.

3. He Was In The Running For The Character Of Tom Buchanan In The Great Gatsby

Evans was one of the top contenders in the running for the character of Tom Buchanan in the eponymous 2013 adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's 1925 novel The Great Gatsby.

Joel Edgerton ultimately landed the role of the wealthy socialite and the main antagonist Tom Buchanan.

2. Released His Debut Album At Last In November 2019

The multi-faceted Welsh endeavored into the realms of music with his debut studio album At Last.  

The album was released on 22 November 2019 and peaked at #11 at the UK charts. Two singles accompanied the album, Love is a Battlefield and Changing.   

1. He Is Worth $6 Million

Luke Evans, as of 2020, is worth $6 million. Star of such movies as Dracula Untold, the Fast and the Furious franchise, Clash of the Titans, and Immortals, to name a few, Evans is slated to star in the upcoming TV series The Angel of Darkness as John Moore.