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A Look At The More-Than-Two-Dozens Tattoos Of Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine

Shrijan Published On Mon Jan 20 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 22 2020
A Look At The More-Than-Two-Dozens Tattoos Of Maroon 5 Frontman Adam Levine

Adam Levine might have started out as the frontman for the pop-rock band, Maroon 5, but he has transcended the status of a musician and onto the realms of a modern sex symbol.  

His legendary tattoos are an intrinsic part of his image. Adam has more than two dozen tattoos etched on his skin forever. Some tattoos are purely aesthetic, while some hold a deeply personal meaning to the Maroon 5 frontman.   

In this list, we look at the various tattoos adorning the 40-year-old and the meaning and symbolism behind some of them.

Skull-Cradling Winged Mermaid Covering Entire Back

The Holy Grail of all Adam's tattoos is this elaborate piece that covers the entirety of Adam's back.  

The artwork features a mermaid-angel cradling a skull superimposed over a detailed background with biblical elements. Words cannot do the art justice!    

The entire work took six months to complete and was crafted by Adam's favorite tattoo artist, Bryan Randolph. 

The Number "222" On Left Forearm 

The tattoo on his left forearm reads 222. The ink commemorates the room number of the recording studio where Maroon 5 had their first recording.    

Guitar On The Outside Of Left Arm 

One of the more noticeable ones, Adam has a giant guitar tattooed on the outside of his left arm. The tattoo celebrates Adam's reverence of the instrument. Aside from singing, Adam can also play the guitar. 

Paw Print On Right Shoulder Blade 

The paw print tattooed on Adam's right shoulder holds a deeply personal meaning to him. The tattoo, complete with "Frankie Girl" written beneath it, is in memory of his golden retriever dog that passed away. Adam is an avid animal lover and a noted animal rights activist.   

The piece is now covered by the giant Mermaid tattoo. 

Pinup Model On Left Shoulder Blade 

Another piece that got covered by the extensive mermaid tat is the pinup model on his right shoulder blade.  

Tiger On Right Elbow 

It would be hard to miss the giant tiger on the outside of Adam's right arm. Almost covering all of his right arms, the crouching tiger is another nod to his love for animals. 

He got the inspiration from looking at books with Tibetan drawings. 

Eagle Across Abdomen 

Adam has a sprawling eagle etched across the front of his abdomen.  

Adam Levine's bust with his tattoos
Adam Levine's bust with his tattoos

Source: Us Magazine

 The decorative eagle is representative of courage. 

Sanskrit Script Below Right Collarbone 

Adam has a Sanskrit word right above where his heart is. The word reads "Tapas" in Sanskrit and can be translated to mean meditation through penance,  asceticism, meditation, and self-discipline. 

Dove And Cherry Blossoms On Left Arm  

Adam's earliest tattoos are also one of his most personal. Adam got the dove and cherry blossoms tattoo when he was 21, in memoriam of the people who lost their lives in the terror attacks of 9/11.  

In an interview with People, Adam said of the tattoo: 

"This was my first tattoo. I was 21. It was five days after 9/11. I felt this need to say something with this peaceful thing on my body." 

Roman Numeral "X" On Left Bicep 

Adam got the roman numeral X tattooed on his left bicep to commemorate ten years spent with his band Maroon 5.  

His time as the frontman for the pop-rock band, Maroon 5, jump-started his career and laid down the foundation upon which Adam built his transcendent legacy.  

Heart With The Word "Mom" On Right Forearm 

The heart with a ribbon reading "Mom" etched on his right forearm is fairly self-explanatory. Ever the doting son, Adam got this personal piece as an homage to his mother- who famously hates tattoos.  

Adam credits his upbringing, especially his mother, for fostering a love for music that he has not grown out of. He also credits his mother's musical tastes- The Beatles, Simon & Garfunkel, Fleetwood Mac, and the like- for shaping his musical style.  

Decorative Rose On Left Shoulder 

Adam's incredible left sleeve tattoo collection is complete with a decorative rose on his left shoulder.  

"Los Angeles" On Right Shoulder And "California" On Stomach 

Though he has reached the highest of highs, Adam remembers his roots. The Los Angeles-native has two tattoos paying homage to the city that gave him so much. The tattoos reading "Los Angeles" is etched on his right shoulder and "California" on his lower stomach. 

When asked about his "Los Angeles" tattoo, Adam had this to say: 

“Simple case of hometown love. Not many people were born and raised in L.A. Gotta wear that badge of pride.” 

Shark On Lower-Right Ribs 

The gnarly beast adorns Adam's lower-right rib region. The tattoo puts to rest the rumors that Adam is petrified of shark. On the contrary, Adam has said that he adores the beast.  

“I’ve always had a strange fascination with sharks. I actually think they are the most fascinating creatures on Earth. I guess the tattoo had something to do with that.”  

Sun And Flower On Right Peck 

On Adam's right peck rests an artwork of the Sun surrounded by a collage flower.   

Black Beaded Necklace Around Throat 

Adam has this conspicuous piece resembling a beaded necklace around his throat. He decided to get the tattoo during his stay in Japan without rhyme or reason. 

"I was in Japan and I got this necklace. I’m not sure why I got it — I think I was bored. But I like it.” 

True Love Gypsy Hand On Chest

This eastern-style tattoo of a gypsy hand holding a rose with the words "True Love" emblazoned on the hand adorns Adam's chest. 

True Love On Knuckles 

Adam also has the words "True Love" emblazoned on his knuckles.  

Adam Levine's "True Love" knuckle tattoo
Adam Levine's "True Love" knuckle tattoo

Source: Body Art Guru

The tattoo shows dedication to his wife, Victoria Secret supermodel, Behati Prinsloo.  

"'You're So Cool' times 3" In Cursive On Right Bicep 

Speaking of Adam's dedication to his wife Behati, the couple got matching tattoos of the words "'You're So Cool' times 3" in cursive writing after they got married. 

Adam got the tattoo done on his right bicep while Behati got it on the right side of her ribs. 

Lion On Lower Abs 

The Lion that sits on Adam's lower ribs is symbolic. A lion represents courage and regality.  

Considering Adam is rock royalty, the tattoo is appropriate. 

Butterfly On Lower-Left Abdomen 

The Butterfly tattoo on his lower-left abdomen is both aesthetically pleasing and carries a metaphorical symbolism. 

The butterfly represents faith, transformation, and freedom. 

Female Centaur Face On Lower-Right Abdomen 

The female centaur face represents barbarism and chaos. 

D.R. In Old English Font On Chest 

The D.R. on Adam's chest is the abbreviation of Dusty Rose, Adam's daughter with wife Behati.  

Born on September 21, 2016, Dusty Rose is immortalized on Adam's skin. 

Noah Levine Across Upper-Left Rib 

Not to be confused with Noah Levine: the Buddhist teacher and philosopher, the name Noah Levine is actually Adam's middle and last name combined.  

Cupid On Right Peck 

Adam also got a tattoo of Cupid, the Latin god of desire, attraction, and love on his right peck.