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Aaron Kaufman Age, Shop, Falcon, Instagram, New Shows

Crix Published On Sun Jul 08 2018   Modified On Fri Jul 13 2018
Aaron Kaufman Age, Shop, Falcon, Instagram, New Shows


    Aaron Kaufman Age, Shop, Falcon, Instagram, New Shows

    An American self-taught fabricator and mechanic, Aaron Kaufman is best known for his appearance on the Discovery Channel series, Fast N’ Loud. He is also named as President of Toronto Chapter of International Special Events Society.

    Recently, Aaron returns to Discovery Channel in All-New series- Shifting Gears With Aaron Kaufman. Scroll down to know more about Aaron’s age, shop, Falcon, Instagram, and his new show –Shifting Gears With Aaron Kaufman.

    Aaron Kaufman Return to Discovery Channel

    After leaving Gas Monkey Garage in 2016, the former star of Fast N’ Loud,  Aaron is back with his new concept, designs, and different types of vehicles on his brand new show SHIFTING GEARS WITH AARON KAUFMAN. The show is produced by Craig Piligian’s Pilgrim Media Group.

    [ CAPTION: Aaron Kaufman Return to Discovery Channel ][ SOURCE: D Magazine ]

    The show is about various vehicle’s build-ups amidst difficult conditions and parameters. It also features his team and his shop.

    Since his childhood, Aaron had a keen interest in cars, so he started his career as a mechanic. His work was highly appreciated by an American entrepreneur- Richard Rawlings. He brought Aaron in the reality TV show Fast N’ Loud at Discovery Channel.

    Aaron Kaufman Picked his Own Team

    In 2016, Aaron opened his own shop which provides aftermarket parts for the F100 market- Arclight Fabrication, in Dallas, Texas. The builders like  Jonathan Rodriquez, Josh Freeman, Jason Bowman, Jeremy Webster and Jonathan Mansour were picked by Aaron to set out to prove their work.

    Youtube: Aaron Kaufman’s shop 

    The 36-years-old Aaron was in search of a unique crew that could bring build expertise, stamina, and creativity so he picked them.  His team works tirelessly to push the limits of cars builds.

    Aaron Kaufman’s Net worth

    Aaron has accumulated a huge sum of money from career, however, it isn’t revealed how much Aaron earned per episode of Fast N’ Lous, but we can assume that he earned somewhere between $10,000- $40,000 as Richard Rawling received $50,000 per episode.

    As of 2018, Aaron’s net worth is estimated to be $6 million. He was named as a ‘Top 25 Young Event Professional’ from Special Event Magazine in 2015. We are pretty sure that his net worth will increase in upcoming days as he joined a brand new show- SHIFTING GEARS WITH AARON KAUFMAN.