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Abigail Disney-Films, Net Worth, Wiki, Husband, Kids, Charity, House

Published On Wed Jul 14 2021   Modified On Wed Jul 14 2021
Abigail Disney-Films, Net Worth, Wiki, Husband, Kids, Charity, House


    Abigail Disney-Films, Net Worth, Wiki, Husband, Kids, Charity, House

    Abigail Disney, the winner of the 2012 Gracie Award is an American documentary filmmaker, social activist & philanthropist. 

    Already famous for being the granddaughter of Roy O. Disney- the co-founder of The Walt Disney Company, Disney gained a breakthrough in producing their career through the documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell (2008).

    In 2015, she made her documentary directorial debut through The Armor of Light, which earned an Emmy Award for Outstanding Social Issue Documentary.

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    How Much Is Abigail Disney's Net Worth In 2020?

    Alongside the film-making career, Abigail's inheritance as an heiress to Disney aided in her wealth boost, however, remains tight-lipped on the further details of inheritance.

    Often in the limelight for her outspoken speech for wealth tax effectiveness, the 60-year-old American documentary filmmaker & producer reported her net worth at $120 million in her interview with Financial Times in mid-2019.

    In that interview, she also declined her net worth being $500 million but also insisted it could be if she'd been investing aggressively.

    Meanwhile, as of March 2020, no update on her fortune estimation is out.

    As per the report of February 2020, Roy O.'s grandson Roy P. stated that the family owns less than a 3% stake in the company- it accounts for $3.9 billion value (not counting any investments in addition to Disney holdings).

    The GOBankingRates estimated the net worth of the company at $130 billion in early 2020.

    Career In Film Making & Producing: Emmy Winning Documentary

    Rather than working for the family endeavor, The Walt Disney, Abigail is quite occupied with the career of her own in the film industry- most notably in documentary films.

    The Columbia University graduate founded a New York-based production company Fork Films, in 2007 with Gini Reticker

    In 2008, she produced the documentary Pray the Devil Back to Hell, which brought light to the social work of Liberian peace activist Leymah Gbowee

    The documentary won Best Documentary at the 2008 Tribeca Film Festival & was screened over 7 Continents (in 60 countries).

    In 2015, Abigail made her directorial debut through the Emmy-winning documentary The Armor of Light, where she also worked as a writer & director.

    So far as of March 2020, Disney has worked as executive producer, director & writer for 34 documentary films- the most recent releases were in 2015 with 7 documentaries that year.

    Meanwhile, Abigail serves as the CEO of her production company Fork Films & also has a partnership in a production company Level Forward (launched in 2018).

    Here is the list of some of her Abigail filmmaking works: 

           Year           Documentary Films
    2008Pray the Devil Back to Hell (won Edward R. Murrow Award & a Gracie Award
    2010Family Affair
    2011Women, War and Peace (was also it writer)
    2012The Invisible War
    2013Seeds of Time



    Land Ho! 



    The Mask You Live In
    The Armor of Light (won Emmy Award for Outstanding Social Issue Documentary
    Drawing the Tiger
    The Babushkas of Chernobyl

    Founder Of The Daphne Foundation: Active Philanthropist & Social Activist

    In 1991, along with her husband Pierre Norman Hauser, Abigail founded The Daphne Foundation which aims to fund programs to confront poverty in New York.

    Moreover, she is the founder & president of the non-profit Peace is Loud, launched in 2008. 

    Along with Liberian peace activists & 28 other international women peacebuilders, Abigail joined in international peace symposia in May 2015 to end the Korean War.

    In 2012, after Abigail was legally unable to withdraw investments in an Israeli cosmetics company, Ahava (which she claimed exploited), she donated the proceeds from the company to a group of organizations working to eradicate its illegal exploitation.

    Reportedly, since turning 21, Disney has made $70 million in donations & has plans to donate until her death.

    Family Is Also Not Shy For Donations

    In fact, the Disney family, over the years are famous for its philanthropic works. Abigail's great aunt Lillian Disney gave $100 million for the construction of a new concert hall in Los Angeles.

    The Disney Company's The Disney Conservation Fund has donated over $275 million for wildlife preservation & in 2018, the parent company pledged $100 million to children's hospital on 5-year global commitment.

    Criticizes Wealth Inequality in USA & Signed For Moderation Of Wealth Tax

    Abigail Disney is a part of The Patriotic Millionaires, a group of ultra-wealthy Americans; the group signed an open letter to 2020 Presidential candidate for a moderate wealth tax on the 1% in June 2019.

    The revenue from the tax could be used for fuel economic growth, environment conservation & funding public healthcare.

    Disney, famous for her outspoken critics on the wealth divide, in 2019, made limelight after she commented on Disney's compensation provision for CEOs. Reportedly the Disney CEO Bob Iger's salary was 500 times his median workers' pay- he took $66 million in 2018 & $35 million 2019.

    Later, the Disney Corporation made a statement defending the CEO's compensation & stated its remarkable investments in workers' pay and benefits.

    Lives In New York: Short Bio & Family

    Abigail Disney lives in New York with her husband Pierre Norman Hauser & children, though, regarding the details on her asset, the American filmmaker is quite low-key.

    The median house price in New York is $327,569.

    She and Pierre married in 1998 & are together ever since; they share 4 children (2 sons & 2 daughters): Eamon, Henry, Olivia & Charlotte.

    Abigail was born Abigail Edna Disney on January 24, 1960, in Los Angeles, California, the USA. Her father Roy E. Disney (1930- 2009) served as a senior executive for The Walt Disney Company & mother's name is Patricia Ann & has 3 siblings.

    She is the granddaughter of Roy O. Disney, who co-founded The Walt Disney alongside her great uncle Walt Disney.

    The Buckley School, Yale University graduate also attended Stanford University (graduated in MA), and Columbia University, from the latter, Abigail obtained Ph.D.