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Alessio Scalzotto

Rajesh Published On Wed Aug 16 2023   Modified On Wed Aug 16 2023
Alessio Scalzotto


    Alessio Scalzotto

    Alessio Scalzotto is a young actor from Italy who now lives in the USA. You might have seen him in the Netflix movie 'Rim of the World'. When he was a kid, he learned how to act by doing plays in his town. He also really likes music and has been into it since he was little.

    Alessio Scalzotto In the Movie " Rim OF The World" 

    Alessio Scalzotto played a character named Gabriel in the movie "Rim of the World." In the film, Gabriel is a shy and smart 4-year-old who is overweight and not very popular at school. He's often teased by other kids, but he surprises everyone by using alien technology to help save the day from an invasion.

    Alessio Scalzotto played a character named Gabriel
    Alessio Scalzotto In the Movie " Rim OF The World" 
    SOURCE- Instagram- @imalessioscalzotto

    The movie starts with four teenagers going to a summer camp, but they're treated badly by the other campers because they're different. However, these four teens become friends as they share similar experiences.

    "Rim of the World" is a cool sci-fi adventure movie from 2019. It's directed by McG and written by Zack Stentz. You can watch it on Netflix. Some people liked the funny and heartfelt parts of the film, but others didn't like the story and characters as much.

    Who are Miya Cech & Jack Gore?

    Miya Cech and Jack Gore are both actors, who were the stars of the 2019 sci-fi adventure movie "Rim of the World." Just like Alessio Scalzotto. These three actors became really good friends while making the movie. They got close because they went through the movie journey together, and even after the movie came out, they still keep in touch.

     Miya Cech & Jack Gore are friends of Alessio
    Alessio with Miya Cech & Jack Gore.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @imalessioscalzotto

    Miya Cech mentioned in an interview with Teen Vogue that she and Jack Gore are like siblings. They're always there for each other and support each other a lot. Jack Gore said that he and Scalzotto are super close, like really good friends.

    They have a lot in common and always have a blast when they hang out. Alessio s thankful for his friendship with Miya Cech and Jack Gore. He considers them to be true friends who he can always rely on.

    Cast Members of "Rim OF The World" 

    When making "Rim of the World," the actors faced some tough times. They filmed during a hot and humid summer in the San Bernardino Mountains. Plus, action scenes had their own challenges. But, the cast didn't give up – they worked really hard, and you can see their great acting in the movie.

    Here are the main actors:

    • Jack Gore as Alex
    • Miya Cech as ZhenZhen
    • Benjamin Flores Jr. as Dariush
    • Alessio Scalzotto as Gabriel
    • Andrew Bachelor (King Bach) as Logan
    • Annabeth Gish as General Khoury
    • Scott MacArthur as Lou
    • Dean Jagger as Captain Hawking
    • Michael Beach as Colonel McQuiston

    There are more actors in the movie too, like Lynn Collins, Tony Cavalero, David Theune, Chris Wylde, Rudy Mancuso, and Jason Rogel, just to name a few. The "Rim of the World" actors did an amazing job. They made the characters feel real and brought the story to life. 

    Net Worth of Alessio Scalzotto: How Much Did He From Rim oF The World?

    Alessio Scalzotto has an estimated net worth of around $200,000 from his acting career so far, and he's set to earn more in the future. Likewise, you can know about the net worth and earnings of Jep Robertson, Cathryn Sealey, and Bert Kreischer.

    Alessio Scalzotto on stage.
    Alessio has an estimated net worth of around $200,000.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @imalessioscalzotto

    His most famous role is as Gabriel in the cool movie "Rim of the World" from 2019. The movie did really well, making over $65 million worldwide. It's hard to know exactly how much he got paid for "Rim of the World," but because the movie did so great, he probably got a good amount of money.

    Who are Alessio's Parents? does he have any siblings?

    Alessio Scalzotto was born on October 23, 2002, in Vicenza, Italy, and grew up in Denver, Colorado. His mom is Tonia Scalzotto and his dad is Giancarlo Scalzotto. He has two sisters, one named Mia and the other sister's name isn't mentioned.

    Alessio has two sisters.
    Alessio with his family.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @imalessioscalzotto

    His parents own the Scalzotto Italian Restaurant in Broomfield, Colorado. His mom used to work as a director for a virtual office company and was also the COO of a place called Image Studios 360. For school, he went to Horizon High School and Northglenn High School. 

    Who is Alessio's Girlfriend? Who is he dating? 

    Right now, Alessio Scalzotto doesn't have a girlfriend just like Páidi Murphy. He hasn't been seen with any girls in the past or right now. He's really focusing on his job and might not be thinking about having a serious relationship just yet. But who knows, maybe he'll find someone special soon.

    Who is he dating?
    Who is Alessio's Girlfriend?
    SOURCE- Instagram- @imalessioscalzotto

    Alessio hasn't said anything about relationships on his social media, and there haven't been any stories about him dating in the news. We'll have to wait and see if he shares anything in the future. For now, let's enjoy watching him in movies and support his career.

    Alessio Scalzotto Movies: In How many movies have he played?

    Scalzotto is a young actor who's quickly becoming well-known in Hollywood. He's been in a bunch of successful movies already, and he's probably going to be in even more in the future.

    Alessio played in movies at youngage.
    How many movies have he played?
    SOURCE- Instagram- @imalessioscalzotto

    In the movie "Rim of the World" from 2019, as we already mentioned above he played Gabriel, who's a smart and resourceful boy, even though he's a bit overweight and shy.

    Alessio was Victor Colletti in "A Babysitter's Guide to Monster Hunting" from 2020. He helped a babysitter fight monsters, and this movie is based on a book by Raina Telgemeier.

    And in "Genius: Aretha" from 2021, he played Little Richard. He acted as a young singer who becomes a really famous and important music star. This movie tells the story of Aretha Franklin's life.

    Scalzotto Age, Height, & Body Physic

    Alessio Scalzotto is 20 years old and he's about 5 feet 7 inches tall, weighing around 165 pounds. Alessio has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He's got a fit and sporty body shape, but we don't know his exact chest, waist, or hip measurements.

    Alessio is 20 years old already.
    How Tall is Alessio?
    SOURCE- Instagram- @imalessioscalzotto

    Scalzotto was born in Vicenza, Italy, and came to the US at 7 years old. He started acting when he was 10. He is a big fan of the New York Yankees and the Los Angeles Lakers. He eats vegan food. 

    Alessio Scalzotto Instagram & Social Media Apperances

    Alessio Scalzotto is really popular on social media. He has more than 200k people following him on Instagram and over 200k on Twitter. He uses these platforms to show cool pictures and videos from his work, his life, and his trips.

    Alessio on hi bike.
     He has more than 200k people following him on Instagram.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @imalessioscalzotto

    Scalzotto is also active on TikTok, where he has many followers. He shares videos of himself dancing, singing, and doing funny stuff. If you want to know what  Scalzotto is up to, his social media is the place to go. He can speak a bunch of languages like English, Italian, Spanish, and Venetian.