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Altered Carbon Star Martha Cervantes' Seven Facts: Marriage, Family, Relationship, And Career

Dahlia Published On Thu Feb 06 2020   Modified On Thu Feb 06 2020
Altered Carbon Star Martha Cervantes' Seven Facts: Marriage, Family, Relationship, And Career

Altered Carbon star Martha Elba Higareda Cervantes is not just an actress; she is also an accomplished screenwriter and a producer.

Besides Altered Carbon, Cervantes is prominent for her roles in Mexican movies like Casese Quien Pueda and No Manches Frida. Let's learn some interesting facts about the actress in the article.       

7. Martha Was Married To Cory Brusseau

The 36-years old actress is often reluctant to give details about her private life, and we can't really blame her. After all, in the Information Age, a piece of gossip moves in the speed of light around the globe.

Nevertheless, she was candid about her divorce with ex-husband, Cory Brusseau, in the carpet of Platinum Awards in 2019. 

Martha Higareda and Cory Brusseau
Martha Higareda and ex-husband Cory Brusseau at  'Todos Caen' premiere.

Source: Photoamc

In an interview for the Sale el Sol program, Martha exclaimed, "The one who is super happy right now and very single, is me. I spent almost six years with Cory, but no longer, we are great friends, that is the reality."

Brusseau and Higareda married in 2016. The duo married in a private ceremony in Hawaii that lasted for more than eight hours. 

6. Acting Runs In The Family

Higareda was born in Villahermosa, Tabasco, Mexico. While Martha's father, Jose Luis Higareda, is a therapist and artist, her mother, Martha Cervantes, is an actress.

Moreover, Higareda's sister Miriam Higareda has been active in movies since 2007. Miriam has acted in films like Cásese quien pueda, Vivir a Destiempo, Mujer Comprada and has performed as a stage artist. 

However, unlike her sister, Miriam has not appeared in any American movies or television series. 

5. Martha Started As A Stage Artist

At an early age, the Queen of the South actress started performing on stage. Along with acting, she would also entertain the audience with different forms of dance like jazz, flamenco, and tap folk. 

Higareda moved to Mexico City at just the age of 14 to pursue acting. As a matter of fact, she made a debut in theatre plays like "Little Women" and "Don Juan" after moving to the city.        

4. Managed College And Profession At the Same Time

In addition to being a gifted actress and a dancer at such an early age, Martha enrolled in college at just the age of 15 for being an advanced student. 

Her daily routine involved going to college in the morning to study Communications at El Tecnologico de Monterrey and attending acting schools in the evening. Despite such a hectic schedule on the weekdays, she would perform in the theatre on the weekends as well. Moreover, Martha's mother and sister also moved to Mexico City to attend acting school with her.   

Nevertheless, the hard work she put into her profession paid off as she received the role of Cecilia Huerta in the movie Y tu Mamatambien which inspired her to keep pursuing the acting career.

3. Her Chemistry With Keanu Reeves Was Much Loved

In 2008, Martha moved to Hollywood for an audition. However, she studied scriptwriting in between the period of getting acceptance for the auditioned movies. After booking her first television show, that eventually got canceled, she joined the cast of film Street Kings.   

 Martha Higareda and Keanu Reeves
 Martha Higareda pictured alongside actor Keanu Reeves and the cast of  "Street Kings". 

Source: Zim Bio

In the movie, Higareda played the love-interest of Hollywood Walk of Fame inductee, Keanu Reeves. The chemistry both actors shared on-screen was so loved that rumors started surfing online about them dating each other.     

Later, the rumors turned out to be false. Nevertheless, Martha talked about sharing an incredible working experience with Reeves in People en Español magazine. 

2. Started Writing From 2010

The 36-years old Mexican actress once said that she wanted to know the "guts of the industry" besides acting. Clearly, Higareda is not just in the glamour industry to attain impressive stature but to understand the industry from every perspective with her work.        

In 2010, she ventured into realms of screenwriting with her first independent movie Te presento a Laura. The movie bagged the position in the top ten films in the box office and stayed on the list for ten consecutive weeks.                

After four years, she wrote another movie Casese Quien Pueda which went on to be the second biggest box office record. Moreover, she is also the screenwriter for the film 3 idiotas and [email protected] caen.    

 As a matter of fact, she is also a producer and cast member of all the movies mentioned above. 

1. Martha American Project Has Become Fan Favorite

In her 17 years old career, Higareda has worked in dozens of television series and films.  

 In 2018, she appeared as Kristin Ortega in the first season of Altered Carbon. Martha played the smart detective alongside Joel Kinnaman and James Purefoy

 Martha Higareda
 Martha Higareda snapped at the Marie Claire Change Makers Celebration. 

Source: Zim Bio

While the series received moderately favorable reviews from critics, the fan reviews were extremely positive. Altered Carbon got 90% on Rotten Tomatoes and an 8.1 on Metacritic based on fans review. 

Though Into the Dark actress did not appear in the second season, she has been relishing the success of her American television debut.