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Myles Kennedy; Frontman And Guitarist For Alter Bridge And Slash-Seven Facts You Need To Know About Him

Shrijan Published On Thu Dec 19 2019   Modified On Thu Dec 19 2019
Myles Kennedy; Frontman And Guitarist For Alter Bridge And Slash-Seven Facts You Need To Know About Him

Modern hard-rock fans are probably familiar with the name Myles Kennedy. Not only is he the guitarist and the lead vocalist for the criminally underrated rock band Alter Bridge, but he is also the singer for legendary Guns N’ Roses lead guitarist Slash’s side project: Slash and The Conspirators.  

Universally considered one of the greatest- if not the greatest- frontmen in rock and roll history, Myles is hot off of a world tour with Alter Bridge to promote their sixth studio album, Walk the Sky, so what better time than now to get to know the modern equivalent of a rock god better?  

7. He Declined An Offer To Play For Slash Due To A Hearing Disorder

Having a hearing disorder is an occupational hazard that comes with being a recording artist. Staying in a confined space for hours on end listening to loud music, then performing in concerts at deafening volumes is bound to take a toll on anyone’s hearing.   

Myles was no exception; he developed a hearing disorder called tinnitus which is characterized by the hearing of persistent ringing in the ear. The disorder pushed Myles into a deep depression where he even contemplated retiring for good. Myles said of his temperament back then in an interview:

“I can't do it anymore. My ears won't let me”

The condition got so bad that he declined an offer to play for Slash in what would be Velvet Revolver

Thankfully for Myles (and for rock music), he pulled through and continued making music with Alter Bridge, and Velvet Revolver soared to mainstream heights with Stone Temple Pilots vocalist Scott Weiland.

6. Made A Cameo In The 2001 Movie Rockstar Starring Mark Wahlberg

Myles made a blink-and-you-will-miss cameo appearance in the 2001 drama Rockstar as Mike/Thor. 

Myles Kennedy in Rockstar
Myles Kennedy's cameo appearance in Rockstar

Source: Rockmusic Revival

He was hardly the only musician to make an appearance- with cameo appearances by Zakk Wylde and Jason Bonham- but he was the only one whose singing made the final cut of the movie. 

5. Was In A Litany Of Bands Before Finding Widespread Recognition With Alter Bridge And Slash 

Before Myles became a staple of the hard rock community, he was in a myriad of bands. His first foray into music came at age 21 as the guitarist for the jazz band, Cosmic Dust Fusion Band

He moved on to front and play the guitar for the band Citizen Swing. The band- described by Kennedy as "Stevie Ray Vaughn meets Stevie Wonder and then some"- experimented with funk, soul, R&B, blues, and alternative. 

The Mayfield 4
The Mayfield 4, circa 1999

Source: Pinterest

He formed The Mayfield Four with his childhood friends and refined their sound into the realms of rock and roll to critical acclaim.

He was then hitched by Alter Bridge, and the rest is history.

4. He Was Set To Be The Replacement Vocalist For Led Zeppelin 

After their one-off 2007 reunion tour was over and done with, the remaining band members of Led Zeppelin excluding vocalist Robert Plant stayed together and held auditions for a new vocalist. They wanted to explore new avenues with their music with a new vocalist at the helm.  

A photo of Myles Kennedy and Jimmy Page
Myles Kennedy with Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page

Source: Ultimate Guitar

Myles Kennedy made the cut out of thousands that auditioned and even recorded a couple of demo songs with the band, but those recordings never saw the light of day, and it is still unconfirmed if they ever will. 

3. Myles Is A Philanthropist

Myles has all the charisma of a Rockstar with none of the hubris. One of the humblest and most down-to-earth people, Myles is also a philanthropist and an activist.  

He has served on the board of directors of the Mead Food Bank since 2003 serving food to the lesser fortunate every Wednesday. He also co-founded the Future Song Foundation with his wife, Selena. The foundation funds musical education and provides instruments to children. 

Myles has also been outspoken on his support of such organizations as International Fund for Animal Welfare.

2. Myles’ 4-octave Vocal Range

There is a reason Myles Kennedy is one of the hottest commodities in rock and roll. He has been offered the lead vocalist position by such musicians as Slash and Jimmy Page. Myles possesses a preternatural singing ability that is both impressive and inimitable.  

His vocal abilities are topped off by a 4-octave vocal range. One of the most recognizable and spectacular voices in all of the music, he chose to lend his talents to Alter Bridge and the world is all the better for it.

1. Myles Kennedy Is Worth $3 million

 For his work in Alter Bridge and a side collaboration with Slash, along with a budding solo career, Myles is worth $3 million.    

Myles Kennedy with Slash and the Conspirators
Myles Kennedy with Slash and the Conspirators

Source: Inlander

A modern rock god, Myles is the epitome of an honest-to-good musician, who by all accounts should have a massive ego, yet chooses to be remembered as an upstanding gentleman and a bona fide Rockstar.