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Americo Amorim-Death, Age, Net Worth 2022, Business, Wife, House, Bio, Height

tp-admin Published On Sun Feb 27 2022   Modified On Sun Feb 27 2022
Americo Amorim-Death, Age, Net Worth 2022, Business, Wife, House, Bio, Height


    Body and Relation Status of Americo Amorim-Death, Age, Net Worth 2022, Business, Wife, House, Bio, Height

    Americo Amorim was one of the richest persons in Portugal. Spending his six decades in his family's cork business, Corticeira Amorim, founded by his grandfather, Amorim later expanded it from cork production into stakes in a variety of industries such as energy, banking, and fashion. 

    The Portuguese billionaire businessman Americo was also ranked as the 385th richest person in the world by Forbes, in January 2015. He died on 13 July 2017, at the age of 82.

    Net Worth At Time Of His Death 

    According to Forbes, Americo Amorim's estimated net worth was $4.8 billion at the time of his death, in 2017. The company generated a revenue of €641.4 million ($712,438,257), in 2016. 

    Owned 50% Of Corticeira Amorim: A Leading Billions of Dollars Worth Company

    Americo Amorim claimed that he owned 50% of Corticeira Amorim, a Portuguese sub-holding company that belongs to the Amorim Group. His grandfather founded the company in 1870 and it is considered the leading company in the cork industry ever since producing almost 1/4th of the world’s cork.  

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    Besides his family business, Amorim also invested a large portion of his personal wealth in the energy, banking, tourism, as well as real estate business. 

    Reportedly, he owned a 28% stake in Finpro, 18% in Galp, 7% in Banco Popular, and 25% in BIC Angola Bank. 

    In fact, Amorim also once tried his luck starting Angola's Banco Internacional de Credito with Isabel dos Santos, the Angolan billionaire businesswoman. But, he sold his stake to Isabel, in 2014.  

    Amorim's Company's Public Asset Value Is $254,660,000

    In 2016, Corticeira Amorim generated a yearly turnover of €641.4 million ($712,438,257). 

    The year 2007 was tuned out to be a biggest fiscal year for the company as it registered a positive growth of 2.5% compared to 2006, with revenue of €453.8 million ($503.93 million). In the same year, the company enhanced its operating profit from € 20.1 million ($22.32 million) to € 23.2 million ($25.76 million). 

    As per report of April 2019, the estimated value of Americo Amorim's public assets is $254,660,000. In April 2016, its dividend earned from Galp Energia was $146,230,000.

    Comes From A Business-Oriented Family

    Americo Amorim was born on July 21, 1934, in Mozelos, Santa Maria da Feira, Portugal. He is the son of Albertina Ferreira (mother) and Américo Alves Amorim (father). He also has three brothers Jose Amorim, Antonio Amorim, and Joaquim Amorim

    Amorim got a chance to shape up his business skills due to this through childhood. His grandfather had founded a cork business back in 1870

    Married Life With His Wife Maria Fernanda de Oliveira Ramos Until His Death at 82

    Americo Amorim had a loving relationship with his spouse Maria Fernanda de Oliveira Ramos until his demise on 13th July of 2017. The couple has three children; daughters Paula Amorim, Marta Amorim, and Luisa Amorim

    Their daughter Paula is following her Amorim's footsteps.