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Amie Yancey

Rajesh Published On Wed Aug 09 2023   Modified On Wed Aug 09 2023
Amie Yancey


    Amie Yancey

    Amie Yancey has gained recognition as an interior designer, real estate agent, and reality TV personality. She is most recognized for her participation in the A&E show "Flipping Vegas," where she partners with her husband, Scott Yance.

    Amie Yancey Show "Flipping Vegas"

    "Flipping Vegas" is a TV series that aired on A&E from 2011 to 2014. It's about a couple named Scott and Amie Yancey who buy houses in Las Vegas, fix them up, and then sell them for a profit. They've been doing this for more than a decade and have a team of experts to help with the repairs and designs.

    Amie and her husband working time.
    source- Instagram- @amie_yancey

    In the show, we see Scott and Amie looking for houses to buy, talking to the sellers about prices, and supervising the renovations. They face challenges like unexpected costs and finding people to buy the houses when they're done.

    "Flipping Vegas" was a hit and had five seasons. People liked it because it showed the real process of fixing and selling houses, and Scott and Amie were fun to watch. The show also made real estate investing in Las Vegas more popular.

    Amie Yancey Show  "Flipping Vegas Cast"

    The main people in "Flipping Vegas" are Scott Yancey and his wife Amie. Scott is the big star – he's really good at buying homes that need fixing, making them nice, and selling them for more money.

    Amie is Scott's wife, and she's the one who makes the inside of the houses look amazing. She's really good at making them beautiful without spending too much money. She also helps talk to people selling houses and makes sure the work gets done right.

    Darryl Brandywine is like the boss of the construction work. He makes sure everything gets built correctly and doesn't cost too much. There's also Michelle, who works at a store where Amie gets stuff for the houses. And sometimes, other people like real estate agents and builders come on the show too.

    Amie Yancey Early Life, Education, and Parents

    Amie Yancey was born in Lethbridge, Alberta, Canada, on August 30, 1967. She grew up in a well-off family in Alberta. Her parents are Carol and Stephen and she has ten brothers and sisters, with four of them being adopted. 

    Amie With her pet.
    source- Instagram- @amie_yancey

    She spent her early years on a family ranch in Lethbridge, Canada. After finishing her studies at the University of British Columbia, she earned a degree in interior design. She worked as an interior designer in Vancouver, British Columbia, before moving to Las Vegas in 2004.

    Amie Yancey & her husband Scott Yancey's net worth

    Together, Amie Yancey and her husband Scott Yancey have a total net worth of around $20 million. Amie earned her money from being an interior designer, helping people with real estate transactions, and appearing on television.

    Amie enjoying her husband Scot's birthday.
    source- Instagram- @amie_yancey

    Amie is also a co-owner of a company in Las Vegas that deals with real estate. Since arriving in Vegas in 2004, she's sold more than 600 new houses. Likewise, know about Ricko Dewiled's net worth and His earning.

    Scott made his money in a different way. He buys houses, fixes them up, and sells them for more money. He's been doing this for more than two decades and is really skilled at finding houses that need some improvements and making them better to make a profit. He even wrote a book about his experiences.

    Amie Weds To Scott Yance: Wedding  Dress 

    Amie Yancey and Scott Yancey exchanged their wedding vows on January 26, 2000. They had a small and comfortable wedding with only their close friends and family there. The wedding took place at a little chapel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on a Saturday afternoon in January.

    Amie wore a simple white dress and Scott looked sharp in a black tuxedo. After the ceremony, they had a fun party at a nearby restaurant where they danced and enjoyed music with their guests. It was a happy and lively celebration!

    Amie Yancey's husband, Scott Yance

    Amie Yancey's husband is Scott Yancey. He's a guy who buys houses, fixes them up, and sells them for more money. He's also a writer. You might have seen him on TV in a show called "Flipping Vegas" with his wife.

    Amie Yancey's husband, Scott Yance.
    source- Instagram- @amie_yancey

    Scott was born in Los Angeles, California, in 1969. He got started in real estate during the early 1990s and has been doing it for more than 20 years. He's really good at finding houses that need some love, making them nicer, and then making money from selling them.

    He even wrote a book called "The Flipping Blueprint: How to Turn Houses Into Profit." In the book, he shares his tips for being successful at fixing and selling houses.

    Amie Yancey Children with Scott Yance

    Amie and Scott Yancey have a son and a daughter. Their daughter, Sarah Yancey was born in 2002. Following her, their son Max Yancey was born in 2005. Also, know about Sheree Gustin's children and family members. 

    Both Sarah and Max are on their parents' TV show "Flipping Vegas." Sarah is really good at art and even has her own clothes brand. Max is a talented musician who can play the guitar and piano.

    Amie Yancey & husband Scott Yancey Career

    Amie is from Canada but moved to Las Vegas with Scott in 2004. They started a business together in 2005, fixing up and selling homes. Amie is great at making homes look awesome inside without spending too much money. She's also a real estate agent, helping people buy and sell houses.

    Amie Yancey & husband Scott Yancey on their vacation.
    source- Instagram- @scott_yancey

    Scott is from Los Angeles and has been fixing and selling houses for over 20 years. He's really good at finding houses that need some work and making them better to make money. He wrote a book about his tricks for success.

    Amie Yancey's Furry Friend: Meet Tullulah

    Amie Yancey has a pet dog named Tullulah, who is a Rhodesian Ridgeback and was adopted from a shelter. They've become really close since Amie found Tullulah at a local shelter. Tullulah is full of energy, loves to play, and is affectionate, making her a wonderful companion for Amie.

    Amie cares about animals a lot and has talked about how important it is to rescue animals in need. She supports the Las Vegas Animal Foundation and encourages her followers to adopt pets from shelters instead of buying them from breeders.