• Height: Andrew is considered classically handsome so naturally he will be tall. He stands taller than the average American man by 2 inches. His height is 6 feet.
  • Weight: He hasn’t revealed his weight but the recommended weight for his height is 72 – 89 kg,
  • Eye Color: His eyes are dark brown like the color of hazelnuts.
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Skin Tone: Andrew is a Caucasian so his skin tone is white.

Andrew Frankel’s Relationship History

Frankel is a grounded man and loves his family more than anything else. He is currently married to his former girlfriend Bridget Moynahan. the couple met one another through a friend. Their mutual friend worked as a cupid for their relationship and brought them together. After dating for some time the couple got married in wintry October of 2015.

Andrew and Bridget on their wedding day.

Both of them have kids from former relationships but this doesn’t keep them from bonding as tightly as ever. Andrew has 3 boys and Bridget has 1 son as their kin. They are planning to live together as one big happy family and as far as we can see there are no cracks in the Frankel marriage. Bridget is the ex of Tom Brady, who is one of the best and most influential NFL players on the planet and history.

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Andrew Frankel’s Career and Net Worth

We have to struggle to find the path best for us in our lives, Andrew too had to go through many jobs before he could take the throne at his father’s business. He worked as a news reporter, writer, audio operator editor, camera operator and anchor for UTV13 News Digest. Adding to this he also worked as a creative consultant for CGI. During his career, he has amassed $3 million net worth, which is only bound to increase as time goes on.

Andrew Frankel’s Interesting Facts

  • Frankel is a Philadelphia native, the city of Philadelphia is also known as the city of brotherly love.