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Former FBI director, Robert Mueller's Wife, Ann Cabell Standish: Details About her Parents, Children, Education, and Marriage in Seven Facts

Dahlia Published On Tue Apr 28 2020   Modified On Tue Apr 28 2020
Former FBI director, Robert Mueller's Wife, Ann Cabell Standish: Details About her Parents, Children, Education, and Marriage in Seven Facts

Ann Cabell Standish is the wife of Robert Swan Mueller III. Mueller is an American lawyer and former FBI director under President George W. Bush and Barack Obama. 

He had been appointed to oversee the investigation into ties between President Trump’s campaign and Russian officials. 

Robert and his wife both have a trademark of being intensely private. Here are a few things to know about Ann.

7. How old are Robert Mueller and his wife?

Robert Mueller is 75 years old; he was born on August 7, 1944. While Ann's exact date of birth is unknown, she and Mueller both met at the age of 17 in 1961, which makes her the same age as her husband—75 years old. She was born in Sewickley, Pennsylvania.

6. Ann Cabell Standish Education

Standish studied in a private college preparatory school for girls named Miss Porter's School located at Farmington, Connecticut. The school is named after education reformer Sarah Porter, who established it recognizing the importance of women's education. 

Robert Mueller and Ann Cabell Standish
Robert Mueller and Ann Cabell Standish in Washington, DC. Source: Sharman Burson Ramsey

After completing her high school, she relocated to New York and attended the private liberal arts college, Sarah Lawrence College.

On the other hand, Mueller studied at Princeton Day School until eighth grade and later attended St. Paul's School in Concord, New Hampshire. He earned a Bachelor's degree in Arts from Princeton University and did a Master of Arts in international relations from New York University.

5. She Was a Special Education Teacher 

While Mueller went to law school and started his career on Capitol Hill, Ann studied special education and got her teaching degree while she spent a year in New York with her husband. She later taught children with learning disabilities at a private school in Washington. 

The term should not be confused with learning problems, which arise as the result of a visual, hearing, or motor handicaps; of mental retardation; of emotional disturbance; or environmental, cultural, or economic disadvantages, as per the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth website.

4. Ann Cabell Standish Parents

According to some genealogy sites, Ann is the daughter of Dorothy Lucile Standish (née Cabell). Carrington Emerson Cabell and Dorothy Cabell were her maternal grandparents. Ann's father's name is Thomas A. Standish Jr. Her grandparents seem to have an elite linage that can be traced back to pre-revolutionary war. 

Robert Mueller and Ann Cabell Standish
Robert Mueller and his wife Ann Cabell Standish at St. John's Episcopal Church in Washington. Source: NBC News

Ann is the daughter-in-law of Alice C. Truesdale and Robert Swan Mueller, Jr. She has four sisters-in-law: Susan, Sandra, Joan, and Patricia.

3. Married Robert Mueller in 1966

Standish and Mueller met at a high school party when they were 17 years old. They got engaged in July 1966 after four years of the initial meeting.

Two months following the engagement, on September 3, 1966, Mueller and Standish married in an intimate ceremony attended by nine guests at St. Stephen's Episcopal Church in Sewickley, Pennsylvania. Rev. Samuel Odom officiated at the wedding ceremony of Ann and Robert.

2. She is the Mother of Two Children

Ann and her husband, Robert, have two children: daughters Cynthia Mueller and Melissa Mueller. Like their parents, both daughters have been staying out of the spotlight, so there isn't much public information about them. 

 Ann gave birth to their oldest daughter, Cynthia, when Mueller was serving in Vietnam. He met his daughter Cynthia for the very first time when he met Ann in Hawaii in 1969 for a brief meeting during his service.

One of their daughters was born with Spina Bifida. Mueller moved to Boston to work in the U.S. Attorney’s office 'to get the daughter good treatment at Children’s Hospital Boston,' according to The Washingtonian. Mueller and his wife have three grandchildren. 

1. Her Husband Suffered From Prostate Cancer 

In 2001, Mueller underwent treatment for prostate cancer after being diagnosed with the disease in the fall of 2000. 

Robert Mueller and Ann Cabell Standish
Ann Cabell Standish with husband, Robert Mueller, on March 24, 2019. Source: NBC News

According to the book, The Threat Matrix, The FBI at War by Garrett M. Graff, Ann herself underwent treatment for cancer twice. At the time, Mueller 'offered to take over the cooking while she recovered'. 

The 75 years old former FBI director enrolled at the University of Virginia School of Law after his military service. In the University profile, he wrote, 

“My wife is a true saint. We have been married since right after college. She has been through Vietnam. She has been through law school. She has been through everything. And she is just remarkable."

He further added, "My kids are grown up and away. But it has affected us in what we do and the freedom we have to move around. But by the same token, it becomes part of the job and it will always be here. And you do it and hopefully down the road you return to anonymity."