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Home entertainment Ant McPartlin' Former Wife Rejected Multi-Million Pound Alimony: Find Out Why?

Ant McPartlin' Former Wife Rejected Multi-Million Pound Alimony: Find Out Why?

tp-admin Published On Wed Apr 06 2022   Modified On Wed Apr 06 2022
Ant McPartlin' Former Wife Rejected Multi-Million Pound Alimony: Find Out Why?

While some celebrity divorces slip off with a considerable chunk of money agreement, the situation turned quite the opposite in the case of Britain's Got Talent host Anthony McPartlin & his estranged wife, Lisa Armstrong. 

Despite being offered a substantial chunk of McPartlin's £62 million ($79.34 million) fortune, Armstrong, a make-up artist, is set to drag down the TV presenter to court as she rejected the offer. Find out why? 

McPartlin's Estranged Wife Vanquished Multi-Million Pounds Divorce Settlement, Why?

After 11 years of marriage, the English comedian & TV presenter and his now-former wife Lisa Armstrong split in January 2018 following Ant's return from rehab. The duo reportedly underwent arbitration that failed miserably.

According to Daily Mail, one-half of the TV hosting duo Ant & Dec offered Armstrong a substantial amount of his £62 million net worth- more than half of his estate for a low-key divorce.

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However, Armstrong took in a bet with chances of receiving a much lesser sum as she rejected the settlement on November 9, 2019, & is set to face Ant in court.  

While Ant McPartlin is set to host the reality show I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! for its 19th series alongside Declan Donnelly- will commence from November 17- he might find himself messed with court visits.

Sources report that the lawyers are setting up for the High Court hearing for the next year. 

The former couple may have a lot of dig-in in their personal life, including their marital relationship & McPartlin's addiction to alcohol & drugs.

As per the recent reports, Ant has agreed to pay £31 Million Lisa Armstrong in the divorce settlement. 

Why did Lisa Armstrong Reject The Alimony Money? 

As reported, the BBC1’s Strictly Come Dancing make-up artist Armstrong states that her split with Ant added in distress while the English TV presenter got away with ease. 

Moreover, McPartlin moved on quickly as he began dating his former personal assistant Anne-Marie Corbett just after six months of the split; and it left Armstrong deeply hurt & tensed.

And after Ant came up with a clean-cut & off-court settlement with multi-million pounds, McPartlin, on the opposite, insisted on the court fight risking the chances of lower value in alimony.

Reportedly, Lisa Armstrong got hurt by those incidents & is seeking justice, a close source said:

Ant has been very generous in terms of the financial settlement but Lisa is totally the opposite of someone who is motivated by money. She doesn’t care about that- she earns her own. But she has been so hurt by all of this. 

What the general public and his fans don’t realise is that Ant’s decision to end the marriage came after years of Lisa trying to save him from himself.

No matter the figure, the value of money has a limit!

How Will Legal Battle Affect Ant McPartlin's Net Worth?

Britain's Got Talent (where Simon Cowell is the chief judge) and I'm a Celebrity...Get Me Out of Here! presenter McPartlin owns the net worth of £62 million ($79.34 million) as of November 2019.

Indeed, Ant makes a huge sum as a TV presenter & through his ownership of production companies.

With his ongoing legal battle with his estranged wife, Lisa Armstrong set for next year's hearing in High Court; many are speculating if McPartlin's fortune will face an impact.

Without a doubt, Ant will have to heat his pocket to pay legal fees; the average attorney fee in the UK ranges from £130 to £300 per hour.

But seems a case of no worries for McPartlin, who makes £130,000 a week.

Moreover, if the judge rules for alimony & if the estranged duo signs agreement, the English TV presenter Ant will have a cut-out from his fortune. It is likely to be less than he offered before since Lisa Armstrong is self-sufficient as a renowned make-up artist & the pair share no children.  

What Are McPartlin's Income Sources & Earnings?

Since 2007, Ant is serving as a member of the duo Ant & Dec in Britain's Got Talent & makes millions of dollars.  

Back in 2007, the 43-year-old personality signed a two-and-a-half-year contract with ITV for £40 million. Later, Ant alongside his best friend & business partner, Dec signed another 3-year deal with ITV in 2016 for an estimated £30 million


Besides this, Ant and Dec own production company Mitre and promotions firm, Hurley that makes an annual profit of £4.4 million (£85,000 a week).

In addition to that, the 5 ft. 8 inches tall TV host & presenter has a production of his own, Deecour.

Online sources report that Ant McPartlin's assets value says £5 million. 

Fun Fact: The Ant & Dec duo have insured against each other's death with a reported value of £1 million.