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Arian Foster-Net Worth, Salary, Player, Wife, Age, Children, Height

tp-admin Published On Fri Apr 29 2022   Modified On Fri Apr 29 2022
Arian Foster-Net Worth, Salary, Player, Wife, Age, Children, Height


    Body and Relation Status of Arian Foster-Net Worth, Salary, Player, Wife, Age, Children, Height

    How Much is Arian Foster's Net Worth?

    Known for his famous signature Namaste bow, Arian Foster is a former American football running back. He is best as the undrafted free agent of 2009 who was signed to NFL's Houston Texas. He also played for Miami Dolphins before announcing his retirement from rugby on 24th October 2016.

    As of 2022, the American athlete has gathered a total wealth worth of $23 million. Below the article elaborates on Foster's net worth, his salary from clubs, earnings, and his other sources of income.

    Net Worth Details- Salary, Earnings, And Other Income Sources

    Arian Foster amassed a massive fortune of $20 million. He earned most of his money from his career as an American footballer.

    During the course of his career he has played for two major teams; Houston Texans and Miami Dolphins which helped him garner such a net worth for himself.

    He was signed as an undrafted free agent to Houston Texans on 1st May 2009. He made his professional career with a match against New England Patriots on 3rd January 2010 where he scored twice and ran for 119 yards.

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    Arian remained in the team for 6 years up to 2015. The next year he got signed to Miami Dolphins until finally retiring on 24th October 2016.


    He signed a $1.925 million contract with Houston Texans in 2009 and received a signing bonus of $75,000. His salary for that year was $310,000.

    His salary was increased by $85,000 the following year, and he received $395,000. In 2011 his salary was $525,000.

    Arian hit a jackpot when his contract with Houston Texans was renewed in 2012. He then signed a five year deal with the team whereby he received $43.5 million to remain in the team. The signing bonus he received was $12.5 million. His salary for that season was $5 million.

    The contract confirmed $20.75 million, and $30 million in the first three years of the deal while $18 million in 2012.

    His salary for the later years have been given below:

    • 2013 - $5,200,000
    • 2014 - $5,700,000
    • 2015 - $6,000,000

    He was then released by Houston in 2016 with a clearing $6.625 million in cap space.

    Foster signed a 1-year contract with Miami Dolphins for which he was paid $1.5 million and another $2.3 million in incentives. He received $400,000 as his signing bonus. 


    His earnings during his professional career over the years have been enlisted below.

    2009Houston Texans$385,000
    2010Houston Texans$395,000
    2011Houston Texans$525,000
    2012Houston Texans$18,000,000
    2013Houston Texans$5,500,000
    2014Houston Texans$6,000,000
    2015Houston Texans$6,125,000
    2016Miami Dolphins$818,161

    Arian Foster's total earnings during his entire career are $37,748,161.

    Arian Foster's Stats

    His career's NFL's stats are :

    Rushing attempts:1,476
    Rushing yards:6,527
    Rushing touchdowns:54
    Receiving yards:2,346
    Receiving touchdowns:14

    Endorsement Deals

    He has a deal with Fantex whereby he'll get paid $10 million in return for his 20% of future football earnings which also broadcasting jobs. The company sold 1 million shares of the footballer for $10 apiece to raise the money to pay the athlete.

    He has appeared in the commercials for Toyota. His other endorsement deals with major sports brands are currently unknown.

    Assets- House and Cars

    He owns a house in Houston, but the price of the property is unknown. Arian Foster has not enlisted any cars under his name but he must have some locomotives inside his house's garage.

    Charity, Insurances, And Taxes

    Arian Foster along with his former Houston teammates helped raise $125,000 for his charitable organization. His Arian Foster Family Foundation helps youth and families, providing them with food and education.

    Further, there is no information regarding other charitable foundations that he is associated with.

    Being a renowned athlete he must be heavily insured. He must be a huge sum of money for his $20 million net worth.

    Arian Foster's Personal Life- Age, Education, Relationships, Height, And Weight

    He was born as Arian Isa Foster on 24th August 1986 in Albuquerque, New Mexico in the United States. he is the son of Carl Foster and Bernadette Sizemore.

    He has four siblings; brothers named Abdul and Braxton, and sisters Christina and Maria. He is of American nationality and his ethnicity is African-American.


    As a child, he attended Valley High School and later transferred to Mission Bay Senior High School, where he competed in football.

    He initially started as a linebacker but then became a full-time running back in both his junior and senior years.

    He also studied at the University of Tennessee.


    Arian has been married and divorced once. He was married to Romina Lombardo in 2011 with whom he shares a daughter named Zeniah Foster.

    He also fathers a son named Khyro Foster with another woman named Brittany Norwood. Rumors have it that Arian harassed Norwood to get an abortion.

    Height And Weight

    The American footballer has a height of 6 feet and 1 inch (185 cms) and his body weight is 103 kg (227 lb).