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Arin Hanson's Net Worth Is High; His Biography With Personal And Professional Career

awash adhikari Published On Wed Jul 18 2018   Modified On Tue Sep 17 2019
Arin Hanson's Net Worth Is High; His Biography With Personal And Professional Career


    Arin Hanson's Net Worth Is High; His Biography With Personal And Professional Career

    Arin Joseph Hanson aka Arin Hanson is an American Internet personality, comedian, voice actor, songwriter, rapper, animator, and a cartoonist. Moreover, is also known as the founder and co-star of the YouTube Let’s Play web-series called ‘Game Grumps’. Curiosity and his devotion to work have made him famous as an online character. Flaunt his life he’s been trying to explore his abilities and place them into some work for the amusement of his or her earnings along with the general public. He’s an inspiring icon for people who wish to convert a passion. 

    Arin Hanson’s Biography

    Arin Hanson was born on January 6, 1987, in West Palm Beach, Florida, U.S.A. He was born as Arin Joseph Hanson to his parents Lloyd Hanson and Maurette Hanson.

    He holds an American nationality and belongs to white ethnicity. It’s very hard to disclose his academic achievements as he has not disclosed anywhere. From an early age, he was passionate about animation.

    Arin Hanson’s Body Statistics and Age

    • Age: As of 2019, Arin Hanson is 32 years old.
    • Body Measurements, Height & Weight: Arin Hanson has a muscular type of body with a height of 6 feet 2 inches while his body weight is 82kg.
    • Hair Color: He has long hair with a dark brown color.
    • Eyes Color: His brown eyes has described his personality to be a mysterious type of person.

    Arin Hanson Married to Wife Suzy Berhow

    The 31 years voice actor is married to wife Suzy Berhow, who is a model and a Youtuber. She is a regular on Game Grumps spin-offs like Grumpcade, Steam Train, Hunting Monsters and Table Flip.

    The pair are living happily together, though there is no information regarding their child.


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    A beautiful city with the most beautiful girl!! What a magical place. 💕

    A post shared by Arin Hanson (@egofaptor) on Apr 4, 2018 at 6:54am PDT


    Arin Hanson’s Net Worth(2018) and Salary

    He is an ideal inspiring icon for those who want to convert a passion into a source of earning. All his efforts have made it, and his estimated net worth around $6 million as of 2019 while his use to hold just $600k net worth in the year 2016.

    All of his net worth is possible from his YouTube Channel where he has more than 4 million subscribers and 4 billion video views as of mid-2018. In one day, his channel gets more than 3 million views from different tabloid sources and it makes around $4500 per day from the ads.

    As per the socialblade he makes $18.4K – $293.9K per month. Similarly, he made $220.4K – $3.5M annually.

    Arin Hanson’s Career

    Putting some lights into Arin Hanson glinting career, he has a massive interest in animation. Arin has created numerous animated shorts for He is famous as ‘Egoraptor,’ with the same name, he has opened a YouTube channel. The channel is famous for video games and franchises such as Pokemon, Metal Gear, and Final Fantasy.

    After he joined Newgrounds, he began his animation career in the year 2006. Arin’s first animated series, “Metal Gear Awesome” is popular on YouTube and later he was approached by MTV to produce animated shorts for MTV’s online video gaming show, called The G-Hole.

    Additionally, Arin Hanson has also helped to produce the video game critiquing web series, JonTron and created a YouTube channel named, “Game Grumps” with Jon Jafari.

    Besides working as an animator, Arin Hanson has established himself as a musician and voice actor and has lent his voice to Dragon Age: Inquisition, Target Acquired, Red vs. Blue, Cyanide, Marvel: Ultimate Alliance’s Wii port, Minigore & Happiness, and much more.

    Arin Hanson’s Quick Facts

    • He has lent his voice to Rick and Morty of the season 2.

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