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Seven Facts of Atypical Actor Michael Rapaport: Net Worth, Dispute with Barstool Sports, Marriage, Family, Height, and Filmography

Dahlia Published On Sun Apr 05 2020   Modified On Sun Apr 05 2020
Seven Facts of Atypical Actor Michael Rapaport: Net Worth, Dispute with Barstool Sports, Marriage, Family, Height, and Filmography

American actor and comedian Michael David Rapaport is no stranger to frequent moviegoers. With a career that has spanned over almost three decades, Rapaport has appeared in over sixty movies and television shows. 

Currently, he is the regular cast of Netflix's Atypical and also a reporter for Fox Sports, where he covers the BIG3 basketball league. Let's learn seven facts about Michael Rapaport in this article. 

7. Michael Rapaport: Age and Height

Michael Rapaport is 6 feet and 2 inches tall (1.88 m). With such stature, Rapaport had once considered becoming a basketball player. Born on March 20, 1970, Rapaport is 50 years old as of 2020.  

Michael Rapaport
Michael Rapaport at the Tribeca Film Festival. Source: Zimbio

Rapaport's mother, June Brody, worked as a radio personality while his father, David Rapaport, worked as a radio executive and a general manager of the All-Disco format at New York radio station WKTU Disco 92.

6. Are Ian and Michael Rapaport related?

Ian Rapaport and Michael Rapaport are not related. In fact, Michael has a brother named Eric Rapaport and a older half-sister Claudia Lonow, who is an actress, comedian, television writer, and producer. 

On the other hand, Ian is a sportswriter, pundit, and television analyst and has been covering the National Football League (NFL) since 2012. He has a brother whose name is Jake Rapoport

5. Had his Ear Bitten Off in a Fight 

From being expelled from high school to engaging in a fight that wounded his left ear, the 50 years old actor has always been the center of trouble from an early age. 

Michael Rapaport
Michael Rapaport at The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Source: Twitter

In 1988, at the age of 18, Rapaport, along with his friends, got caught up in a verbal altercation with a local group. Both eventually came to blows, and in a matter of a second, Rapaport injured the right side of his head. While confronting the one who hit him on the head, Rapaport had part of his left ear bitten off by the same person. 

4. Was Fired From Barstool Sports

The 50 years old actor joined the popular sports satire website Barstool Sports in June 2017. He worked as a correspondent for the podcast Pardon My Take. However, on February 18, 2018, the company fired Rapaport after he made a derogatory comment towards the site's fanbase.

Apparently, he engaged in a public Twitter feud with the company's top players and started attacking the fans of the website. The incident led him to termination, and shortly, Rapaport sent a cease and desist letter to Barstool for selling the merchandise that had his face on it.

Moreover, the 50 years old actor also filed a lawsuit against the company. He claimed that one of the staff had been harassing him on a daily basis, and accused Rapaport of having herpes with the intention to defame him.

3. Has a Net Worth of $12 Million 

After doing stand-up comedy for three years with the help of his stepfather, Mark Lonow, Rapaport got his first big break into the world of acting with the television show China Beach. 

Till now, the 50 years old actor has appeared in over 60 movies and television series. Among his dozens of works, Rapaport's notable film roles include True Romance, Metro, Higher Learning, Cop Land, Deep Blue Sea, The 6th Day, and The Heat

Rapaport directed the documentary film Beats, Rhymes & Life: The Travels of a Tribe Called Quest. It received positive reviews from the critics and became successful in collecting $1,200,326 worldwide. He is also the owner of a production company, Release Entertainment. All of these has helped Michael Rapaport in gathering the net worth of $12 million 

2. Has Two Sons with Ex-Wife Nichole Beattie

Rapaport married writer and producer Nichole Beattie on January 15, 2000. The couple has two sons: Julian Ali Rapaport, born on 2000, and Maceo Shane Rapaport, born on 2002. As a matter of fact. Rapaport named his second son, Maceo Shane, after the stage name of the rapper, producer, and DJ, Vincent Mason.  

In 2004, Nichole filed for a legal separation citing irreconcilable differences as the cause for the separation. Beattie and Rapaport divorced became finalized in 2007. 

Michael Rapaport and Kebe Dunn
Michael Rapaport with his wife Kebe Dunn at the IWC Schaffhausen event. Source: lipstick alley

Rapaport is now married to actress Kebe Dunn. Both had been dating for a long time until finally tying the knot in 2016. 

1. Is the Primary Cast of Atypical 

Rapaport plays as Doug Gardner in the coming-of-age television series Atypical. His character is the father of Sam and Casey Gardner, portrayed by actors Keir Gilchrist and Brigette Lundy-Paine, respectively. He is also seen as the on-screen husband of veteran actress Jennifer Jason Leigh.

Amy Okuda plays as the therapist of Rapaport's son, who has autism spectrum disorder. The show has received favorable outcomes with a fourth and final season renewed in February 2020.