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Azja Pryor

Pranish Published On Sun Oct 15 2023   Modified On Wed Oct 18 2023
Azja Pryor


    Azja Pryor

    Azja Pryor is an American actress and producer. She is famous as a health coach and, a former casting director. She is mainly famous for her ex-husband Chris Tucker. Her ex-husband is known as a Hollywood actor and comedian.

    Besides that, let's take a look at her career and know what she has achieved in her career. So, let's dive into her life and understand better about her.

    Who is Azja? 

    Azja Pryor is an American actress and producer. Following the completion of her higher studies, she embarked on her career as a casting director and served as a casting associate for the television series 'Eve' in 2005. Her professional journey commenced with 'Eve,' and she has since been involved in similar ventures.

    She is a fitness expert as she mentioned in her Instagram bio. She has a fitness website where she sells many health products for a fit body.


    Azja was born on August 28, 1978, in Berkeley, California, USA. Pryor is known to be very close to her family, including her brother and sister.

    Azja Pryor an American Actress and Producer.
    Image Source: Instagram of Azja Pryor

    She started her elementary education at Hamilton Sr. High School and was a decent student. 


    Azja'a mother is Deborah B. Pryor and her father's name is Richard Wright. Her mother, De Bora Prior is a voice-over actress. Currently, in addition to an active VO career, DeBorah works as a Talent Advisor and Coach at The Great Voice Company. She works alongside the Founder, and signature voice of CitiBank, Susan Berkley.

    Once she moved to California, her acting and career in radio began. She went on to graduate from San Francisco State University with a degree in Drama.

    DeBorah began her Communications career working in the entertainment section of a small Harlem-based newspaper.

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    Net Worth

    Azja Pryor net worth is $800,000 USD. Azja is a casting director from where she earns a lot. Apart from this, she makes from her fitness website, where she sells health products.

    Azja Pryor is in front of the Eiffel Tower carrying a bag in her hand.
    Azja Pryor earns a lot as she is a casting director.
    Image Source: Instagram @loveazja

    In addition to her casting career, Pryor earns a significant amount of money as a health coach and CBWS Babywearing educator.

    Her Life With Chris

    Azja came into the limelight when her name got linked to actor Chris Tucker. She dated Chris for a long time. Their relationship was going very well, so they decided to get married. After that, they got married in a private ceremony in 1997.

    The couple Azja Pryor and Chris Tucker attending the premiere of "Behind The Candelabra" in Cannes, France
    Cannes France, Azja Pryor, and Chris Tucker attend the premiere of "Behind The Candelabra".
    Image Source: Alamy

    After their happy marriage, they welcomed their lovely son Destin Christopher, born in 1998. They spent their marriage for almost six years. But suddenly, there were many ups and downs in their married life.

    After lots of misunderstandings started arising between them they decided to end their married relationship, and both got divorced in 2003.

    About Her Ex-husband Chris

    Azja's former spouse, Chris Tucker, is a famous Hollywood celebrity who was once the highest-earning actor in the industry. Born in Atlanta in 1971, he is the youngest child of Mary Louise and Norris Tucker. He has talents in both acting and comedy.

    Chris Tucker in the black suit
    Chris Tucker, Actor and Comedian.
    Image Source: Rolling Stone

    He is known as the best comedian in Hollywood and was nominated for the Best Actor award for his role as Detective James Carter. He leaves his remarkable impact in acting in every movie.

    Azja and Chris's Son

    Destin Christopher Tucker is the son of Azja Pryor and Chris Tucker. He was born in 1998. He completed his graduation from Oaks Christian School. Destin is very close to his dad.

    Azja Pryor and Chris Tucker's Son Destin Christopher, are both wearing white clothes.
    Azja Pryor and Chris Tucker's Son Destin Christopher.
    Image Source: Motivationalsparkquotes

    From a young age, Destin Christopher Tucker has held a strong aspiration to follow his father's path. His Instagram account showcases his interests in the entertainment industry, where he portrays himself as a director and producer.

    Who is Her Present Husband?

    Following her divorce from Chris, she entered a romantic relationship with the renowned rapper and celebrity, Christopher Brian Bridges, between 2005 and 2006. Although they were together for a year, their relationship did not progress to marriage.

    Subsequently, Azja crossed paths with Cherif A. Nadiye, a fitness enthusiast and life coach. They dated for a while before eventually tying the knot. Cherif A. Nadiye is now Azja's current husband.

    Is Azja Richard Pryor's Daughter?

    No, Azja Pryor is not the daughter of Richard Pryor. Although they have the same surname, Azja has never claimed to be related to Richard Pryor.

    Richard Franklin Lennox Thomas Pryor was a renowned actor and comedian in the film industry, but unfortunately, he passed away on 10th December 2005.