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Bancroft Cast Faye Marsay: Know Her Age & Career Details in Seven Facts

Dahlia Published On Wed Mar 04 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 05 2020
 Bancroft Cast Faye Marsay: Know Her Age & Career Details in Seven Facts

English actress Faye Marsay is prominent for her role in series The White Queen. She also had a recurring role in Fresh Meat. Along with this, her work in successful series as Black Mirror and Game of Thrones has also helped Marsay garner significant recognition. 

Here we will learn seven exciting facts of the actress.

7. How old is Faye Marsay?

The English actress Faye Marsay, born on December 30, 1986, is currently 33 years old. 

Faye Marsay
Faye Marsay at the Annual Comic-Con Party. Source: Pinterest

Born in  Middlesbrough, Cleveland, England, the 33-years old actress grew up in Loftus town of North Yorkshire. The 33 years old actress stands 5 ft 2 inches (157.5 cm).

6. Has Performed in Numerous Stage Works 

Marsay started her career in 2008 as a stage actress from the play Hansel and Gretel. Around this time, the 33 years old actress also appeared as Sue in the movie Is That It?.

Later in 2009, Marsay worked in two plays: Peter Pan and Five Kinds of Silence. As of 2020, she has worked in 13 stage works with the notable ones being Macbeth and  All's Well That Ends Well written by William Shakespeare as well as Hard Times by Charles Dickens. 

5. Made Television Debut with The White Queen 

Marsay is the first in her family to pursue a career in acting. Her father works as a steelworker and a firefighter while her mother is a secretary for the National Health Service. 

Nevertheless, the 33-years old actress made her professional screen debut with historical drama mini-series The White Queen. 

She played as Lady Anne Neville in the series. Marsay appeared in all ten episodes of the mini-series and garnered critics and audience praise from her performance in the show.

4. Has Huge Followers on Instagram

The Fresh Meat actress has 38k followers on her Instagram account. Her Instagram handle is fayemarsay86. 

Faye Marsay
Faye Marsay snapped at the premiere of season 6 of Game Of Thrones. Source: Listal

However, Marsay has not posted anything in her Instagram account since October 10, 2019. She posted some fun-filled stills from the set of the mini-series Deep Water on August 15, 2019. She played Joanne Aspinall in the series.

3. She Dislikes Social Media 

As a teenager of the 90s, Faye started using a mobile phone only after she turned 15. In a press conference, Marsay talked about the social media thing scaring her and making the present-era more intrusive. 

She also spoke about people being unable to distinguish between the actor and the character they play, so having to distance oneself from social media to cease the constant scrutiny from people regarding her character. 

While playing as The Waif in the sixth season of Game of Thrones, Marsay received an outpouring of the viewer's discontentment for hurting the main character Arya Stark. She added, 

"I have just come off Facebook three days ago. But I will go to check it and be like, 'f**king hell, I am not on that anymore', and thank god I am not. It is terrifying, social media, it terrifies me."

2. Was Set to Be Next Companion in Dr. Who

All Whovians know that the eleventh doctor Matt Smith's and twelfth doctor Peter Capaldi's companion Jenna Coleman had initially planned to leave the Doctor Who after the eighth series.

Nevertheless, heeding to the request of the maker, she extended her stay in the show beyond the 2014 Christmas special Last Christmas, eventually becoming the 'longest-serving companion' of the revived show. 

But had Coleman not decided to extend her stay, Faye Marsay would have served as the next companion. Marsay, who appeared as Shona McCullough in the Last Christmas episode, had garnered audience praise from her performance. 

According to Metro, the series writer Steven Moffat noted, 

"I was eyeing up the possibility of writing the part of Shona as the replacement. There is a commonality between her and Bill Potts. I knew where I wanted to go next was a kind of earthy irreverence, I guess, if I put it in the most basic terms."

1. Appeared on four episodes of Bancroft

The 33-years old actress played as Detective Sergeant Katherine Stevens in the first season of the thriller series Bancroft. The show, which premiered on December 11, 2017, has completed the first seasons as of now. The second season started in January 2020.

Faye Marsay
Faye Marsay in the Comic-Con International 2016. Source: Zimbio

However, Marsay appearance was limited to four episodes only. She appeared alongside cast member as Sarah Parish, Adam Long, Adrian Edmondson, Lee Boardman, Charles Babalola, Amara Karan, Art Malik, Linus Roache, and Anjli Mohindra