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Barry Actor Anthony Carrigan: 7 Facts ABout His Marriage, Relationships, & Career

Dahlia Published On Wed Mar 25 2020   Modified On Thu Mar 26 2020
Barry Actor Anthony Carrigan: 7 Facts ABout His Marriage, Relationships, & Career

American actor Anthony Carrigan has worked in numerous television series and movies. Law & Order: Criminal Intent, The Forgotten, Gotham, Satanic are few among the list. 

Let's learn some amazing facts of the phenomenal actor in the article. 

7. Anthony is Currently in His 30s

Born on January 2, 1983, Anthony Carrigan is 37 years old as of 2020. Carrigan grew up in Boston, Massachusetts, US.

6. He Has Decent Followers in Social Media

The 37 years old actor has 94.5k followers on his Instagram account. Anthony's Instagram handle is @carriganagain. 

Anthony Carrigan
 Anthony Carrigan at the premiere of "Game Of Thrones." Source: Pinterest 

Moreover, he joined twitter on December 2011 with the handle @Anth_Carrigan. He has 50.5K followers on twitter. You can also follow Anthony Carrigan on Instagram and Twitter to get the latest update regarding his movies and upcoming projects. 

5. Anthony Suffers From an Autoimmune Disease Called Alopecia areata

Anthony Carrigan had been diagnosed with an auto-immune disease, alopecia areata, at the age of three. The condition, which causes a bald spot about the size of a coin in the scalp and eventually loss of hair from some or all areas of the body, is also known as spot baldness. 

In the initial diagnosis, Carrigan had relatively small bald spots and would do his best to keep his disease under wraps to not "let anyone know and affect my career or the possibility of me getting hired for a job." However, the condition eventually worsened, and by the time he reached the age of 30, he completely lost his hair, eyebrows, and eyelashes. 

In an interview with the Buzz Feed, Carrigan exclaimed, 

"It was pretty terrifying to have to keep that secret and pretend like I looked this way, that I looked normal when I just didn't. I was doing red carpet events and putting on my eyebrows before going out there and hoping that no one would notice. It's a really weird thing to be seen while trying not to be seen. It's a very strange thing."

Nevertheless, he did not let the disease get the best of him, becoming a advocate for body positivity and human rights. We appreciate the honesty Carrigan and Stranger Things alum Gaten Matarazzo have shown despite the pressure media puts on celebrity.

4. Is Often Cast As an Antagonist

The 37 years old has frequently played as television villain, most notable being DC comics-based series The Flash and Gotham

He played as Kyle Nimbus, an alter ego of The Mist from 2014 to 2015 in the television series The Flash, appearing in two episodes of the show.

Later, Carrigan played the fictional supervillain, Victor Zsasz, in the television series Gotham. He garnered both the audience and critics praise for his incredible performance in the show. 

Anthony Carrigan
Anthony Carrigan at the 71st Emmy Awards. Source: E! News

There's no denying that Carrigan brought his own twist to the role, perfectly blending it with the way the character is represented in the comic. In an interview with Comic Book, he stated,

"I think it's easy to fall into the stereotype of psychotic villains and making crazy faces. From the backstory, I knew that he was very wealthy, so he is classy but that doesn't in any way lose the psychotic element to it. He's a hard one to pin down and I think the mystery is also what's quite terrifying about him. I think the more genuine and honest I can make that, the more it will be serving the story.

3. Does Anthony Carrigan have cancer?

Anthony Carrigan has never been diagnosed with cancer. The only disease he suffers from is the auto-immune disease, alopecia areata. But the 37 years old is often asked if he has had cancer in the past. Nevertheless, Carrigan, in an interview with the Buzz Feed, gave the response to the query, exclaiming, 

"To clear the air once and for all: I don't have cancer. I am not going through chemotherapy. I have alopecia. Alopecia areata, to be exact about it. I love the way that I look, I'm not worried about it. And, there was a question someone asked me earlier; it doesn't really help me swim better."

2. He is Happily Married to Gia Olimp

And, their love-story started exactly like the way we see in a happy-ending movie. While appearing in the Late Night with Seth Meyers, Carrigan revealed that he met his wife, Gia Olimp, in the New York subway station, Broadway-Lafayette Street.

Quite a busy place to fall in love with someone! Still, this is where the phenomenal actor met his soulmate. But what made them talking to each other is as predestined as their meeting. Carrigan got off the train at the wrong station while Olimp got off in the same station because she had been on the wrong train all along. 

Anthony Carrigan and  Gia Olimp
Anthony Carrigan with his wife Gia Olimp at the 25th SAG awards. Source: Zimbio

Both tied the knot on June 22, 2018, and are pretty happy with their married life. As a matter of fact, Gia Olimp is a professional chess player.

1. Earned Emmy Nomination for Barry

Carrigan portrayed the character NoHo Hank in the dark comedy–crime television series Barry and immediately became audience favorite for playing as the naive gangster. Despite scripted to die in the pilot season, his performance made the creators of the show improvise the script and make his character have a more significant role in the later season. 

"Alec and I said, “We’d be insane to kill that guy. He’s so funny.” That’s why in episode two, his arm’s in a sling and everything.", Bill Hardy said in an interview with Uproxx. 

Besides, Carrigan speaks with a Chechen accent in the show, leading people to believe that he is a native of Chechens. However, the 37 years old actor, in fact, took help from YouTube and a dialect specialist to make his accent sound precisely like that of the native people. No wonder Carrigan received a nominated for the Emmy award in the category of Outstanding Supporting Actor. He has definitely earned it!

Along with Carrigan, the series features well-known actors like Bill Hardy, Stephen Root, Bill Hader, Sarah Goldberg, Glenn Fleshler, Henry Winkler, and many more.