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Bernadette San Pedro Bayot

Rajesh Published On Wed Aug 30 2023   Modified On Wed Aug 30 2023
Bernadette San Pedro Bayot


    Bernadette San Pedro Bayot

    Bernadette San Pedro Bayot was a singer and dancer from the Philippines. She became well-known as the mother of Bruno Mars, a famous Grammy-winning singer. She moved to Hawaii and was skilled in hula dancing and singing.

    Bernadette San Pedro Bayot Is The Mother of Bruno Mars

    Bayot was born in Manila, Philippines, on August 21, 1957. She had both American and Philippine citizenship belonged to the Leo star sign, known for being passionate and creative.Her parents, Romeo Amando Maria Herranz Bayot and Solidad del Pedro.

    Bernadette San Pedro Bayot Is The Mother of Bruno Mars
    Bayot with her son Bruno Mars.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @brunomars

    When she was ten years old in 1968, her family moved to the United States from the Philippines. This move was requested by her American-citizen grandmother. However, they didn't end up in San Francisco where her grandmother was; they chose to settle in Hawaii because it reminded them of their home country.

    Bruno Mars Mother Bayot: Died Cause of a Brain Aneurysm

    Bruno Mars' mom, Bernadette San Pedro Bayot, passed away in 2013 when she was 55 years old. She had a brain aneurysm, which is like a bulge in a blood vessel in the brain. If it bursts, it can cause bleeding and be really dangerous.

    Her aneurysm burst while she was at her home in Hawaii. Even though she was taken to the hospital quickly, they couldn't save her. Bruno and his mom were really close, so her death was really hard for him. He said that her passing changed his life forever.

    Bruno talked about his mom in a magazine interview, saying, 

    "My mom was my biggest supporter. She always believed in me, even when I doubted myself. She told me I could do anything. She meant everything to me."

    A Quick Look at Bayot Son, Bruno Mars

    Bruno Mars, whose real name is Peter Gene Hernandez, was born on October 8, 1985. He's an American singer, songwriter, dancer, and record producer. He's famous for his lively shows, old-school style, and for making music in lots of different styles like pop, R&B, funk, soul, reggae, disco, and rock.

    Bruno Mars real name is Peter Gene Hernandez
    Bruno Mars winning Award.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @brunomars

    He grew up in Honolulu, Hawaii, but in 2003, he moved to Los Angeles to follow his dream of making music. He got a deal with Atlantic Records in 2009 and put out his first album, called "Doo-Wops & Hooligans," in 2010. This album did really well, and it had hits like "Just the Way You Are" and "Grenade."

    After that, Bruno released two more albums: "Unorthodox Jukebox" in 2012 and "24K Magic" in 2016. Both of these albums were also really popular, and they won a bunch of awards, including Grammy Awards. He's one of the most successful artists in the 2000s, and he's won a bunch of awards, including 11 Grammy Awards.

    Bernadette San Pedro Bayot Net Worth: How Rich Is Her Son Bruno Mars?

    Bernadette has an estimated net worth of around $100,000 similar to Gina Capitani. Meanwhile, her son Bruno Mars is estimated to have a net worth of around $175 million. He's made this money from his successful music career.

    Bruno Mars is estimated to have a net worth of around $175 million.
    Bruno Mars with the Late Muhammad.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @brunomars

    Bruno Mars has also worked with companies like Pepsi, Coca-Cola, and Samsung to promote their products. He is super popular and has sold more than 260 million records all around the world. His music tours have made more than $1 billion in total. 

    Bayot Husband: Who is Bruno Mars's Father?

    Bruno Mars's dad is Peter Hernandez. He's a mix of Puerto Rican and Jewish backgrounds and goes by the stage name "Dr. Doo-Wop." He's a singer, dancer, and percussionist, and he started a band called The Love Notes.

    Bayot Husband is Peter Hernandez.
    Bruno Mars with his father Peter Hernandez.
    SOURCE- Pinterest

    Peter Hernandez and Bruno Mars's mom, Bernadette San Pedro Bayot, met while they were performing in Hawaii. They got married in 1983. Peter Hernandez has had a big impact on Bruno Mars's music. He taught Bruno how to sing and dance and really encouraged him to follow his dreams. 

    Bayot Other Children Are also into Music

    Bernadette San Pedro Bayot had five other children besides Bruno Mars, and all of them are into music as well. Her son Eric Hernandez is a drummer, and her daughters Tiara Hernandez, Jaime Kailani Bayot, Presley Mahone Hernandez, and Tahiti Kemper Hernandez are singers.

    Her four daughters formed a girl group called The Lylas and appeared on the reality show "The Lylas" in 2013. Bayot influenced her children's musical careers, along with her husband Peter Hernandez, and other family members.

    Bayot Son Bruno Mars Wife: Is He Married?

    Bruno Mars isn't married and doesn't have kids. He's been dating a model and actress named Jessica Caban since 2011, but they haven't said anything about getting married or having children publicly. In a chat with Rolling Stone in 2017, Mars mentioned that he's not in a rush to get married or have kids. 

    Bruno Mars isn't married and doesn't have kids
    Bruno Mars's girlfriend Jessica Caban.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @officialjessicacaban

    Mars is putting a lot of focus on his music career and wants to make the most of his time in the spotlight. He also wants to be a good example for his fans. he is focused on his music career and enjoying his life with his girlfriend. He said,

     "I might do it someday, but not right now. I'm really busy these days."

    Bruno Mars Mother Bayot: Used To Be A Vocalist And A Hula Dancer 

    Bruno Mars' mom, Bernadette San Pedro Bayot, was a dancer and singer who did hula dancing. She had a big impact on Bruno's music journey. She taught him how to sing and dance, and she motivated him to chase after his dreams. She was really behind his career and always there to support him.

    Bruno Mars Mother Bayot: Used To Be A Vocalist And A Hula Dancer
    Bruno Mars Wishing his mother on her birthday.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @brunomars

    Bayot was also really passionate about hula dancing, where she moved her body gracefully to the rhythm of music. With every move, she told stories and showed traditions, revealing the beauty and elegance of Hawaiian culture.

    Bayot Son Bruno Mars Has Been Accused Of Culture Appropriation

    Bruno Mars has been accused of cultural appropriation. They're pointing at his music, which uses a lot of African and American, and Latino musical styles like funk, soul, and reggae. These people feel Mars is making money from these cultures without giving them proper credit.

    Mars has replied by saying he loves all kinds of music and is inspired by different cultures. He's not trying to steal anyone's culture, but rather celebrate it. The argument about cultural appropriation is tricky and there's no simple answer.