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Better Call Saul Actor Patrick Fabian is Nicknamed The Bellin Guy: Seven Facts Surrounding his Public and Personal Life

Dahlia Published On Fri Apr 17 2020   Modified On Fri Apr 17 2020
 Better Call Saul Actor Patrick Fabian is Nicknamed The Bellin Guy: Seven Facts Surrounding his Public and Personal Life

American actor Patrick Fabian is prominent for playing as one of the primary characters, Howard Hamlin, in AMC's Better Call Saul. However, he is no stranger to binge-watchers since there aren't any shows he hasn't guest-starred on, be it Friends or Desperate Housewives. 

Receiving a SAG-AFTRA membership after a shampoo commercial, he has since worked in dozens of shows and has been equally active in the stage production. Let's look at seven interesting facts of the actor.

7. How Old is Patrick Fabian?

Born on December 7, 1964, Patrick Fabian is currently 55 years old. He was born on Pittsburgh and grew up in New Cumberland, Pennsylvania. Patrick is 6 feet and 0½ inches tall (1.84 m). 

Fabian's father worked for the Pennsylvania Higher Education Assistance Agency. The 55 years old actor graduated from Penn State University in 1987 with a bachelor of fine arts degree in theatre. He received his master's degree from California State University.

6. Is Active on Social Media

The 55 years old actor is active in both Instagram and Twitter and loves interacting with his fans through social media. He has 33.5k followers on Twitter, which he joined on November 2012. 

Patrick Fabian
Patrick Fabian at the premiere of  "Better Call Saul." Source: FanSided

Meanwhile, on Instagram, he has 49.6k followers. Patrick's Instagram username is @mrpatrickfabian, while his Twitter handle is @PatrickFabian

5. Nicknamed as The Bellin Guy in Wisconsin 

Back in Northeastern Wisconsin, when anyone sees Patrick Fabian on the tv screen or as a person, everyone reminisces his catchphrase "Welcome to Bellin Health," which has famously earned him the eke-name, The Bellin Guy. 

Fabian had been the spokesman of Bellin Health for almost a decade, doing television advertisement for Bellin Clinics with that signature catchphrase. Though Patrick is from Pennsylvania and now a Hollywood star, he is treated more like a favorite neighbor exclaiming if the apocalypse comes, he would just go to Green Bay and get a free hot meal.

4. Guest Appeared in Desperate Housewives

Fabian appeared in episode 12, What's the Good of Being Good, of season 8 as a hairdresser. He goes on a date with one of the primary characters of the show, Lynette Scavo, portrayed by Felicity Huffman

The 55 years old actor guest-starred in altogether two episodes of Desperate Housewives. In addition, Fabian has also appeared in the episodic role in the Friends and Grey's Anatomy, to name a few.

3. He is Married to Mandy Steckelberg

Fabian is married to Mandy Steckelberg since February 14, 2009. Like Fabian, Mandy is also active in theatre. Besides, she is a writer, comedian, and director. 

Patrick Fabian and Mandy Steckelberg
Patrick Fabian with Mandy Steckelberg at the 68th Emmy awards. Source: IMDb 

The couple resides in Los Angeles with their two daughters: Abbey Ray Fabian, born on September 15, 2010, and Delilah Grace Fabian, born on July 28, 2012. When both are on a respite from their busy schedules, they often hit the beach, playing volleyball, 'looking like we are in a Sunkist commercial.'

2. Net Worth of Patrick Fabian

The 55 years old actor's net worth is estimated to be around $2 million. Active since 1992, he made his television debut with the series Bodies of Evidence. 

Since then, he has worked in dozens of television series, including Saved by the Bell: The College Years, Star Trek: Voyager, Friends, Quintuplets, Veronica Mars, Desperate Housewives, and Grey's Anatomy.

After his role in NBC's Saved by the Bell: The College Years,  he has been the main cast of the short-lived television series as Valentine and Working Class. 

Though the television credits mostly predominate Fabian's career, he has appeared in numerous movies, including The Last Exorcism, a box office hit that grossed more than $67 million against a $1.8 million budget. 

All of his works as a television and film actor along with stage works can be credited to the net worth of $2 million. 

1. Is One of the Main Character of Better Call Saul

Patrick Fabian plays as Howard Hamlin in the television series Better Call Saul. The series is a spin-off prequel of Breaking Bad.

Patrick Fabian
Patrick Fabian at the red carpet of the 2019 Emmy award. Source: E! News

Fabian's character is seen as an attorney and criminal lawyer and was introduced in the first episode of season one. Along with Fabian, the show also features Bob Odenkirk, Jonathan Banks, Rhea Seehorn, Michael Mando, Michael McKean, Giancarlo Esposito, Tony Dalton, and many more.