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Bob Flick Net Worth, Bio, Married, Wife, Children and Age

Crix Published On Tue Nov 20 2018   Modified On Wed Mar 06 2019
Bob Flick Net Worth, Bio, Married, Wife, Children and Age


    Bob Flick Net Worth, Bio, Married, Wife, Children and Age

    Bob Flick is a folk singer who started his music career in the ’60s. Apart from that, he has also been filmed in a documentary regarding his band. As a folk singer, Bob Flick may have sung about love many times but he found his true love, Loni Anderson, very late in life. Let’s have a look in this article till the end to know every detail of Flick’s life.

    Bob Flick’s Biography

    We all know that Bob Flick is a very famous personality but his early life information is yet missing. As per some sources, he was born in the United States and Bob attended The University of Washington.

    During his college years, he formed his band alongside his friends John PaineMike Kirkland, and Dick Foley. They named their band as, The Brothers Four, which eventually led him to international recognition.

    Bob Flick with his other band members
    Bob Flick with his other band members

    The members were part of his fraternity. The group was formed by a total coincidence after another frat played a prank on his frat. They were pranked when someone called pretending to be a club and said that they could perform at the club.

    Upon arriving at the club they realized that it was a prank and were sad. But, the club allowed them to play even though they were not scheduled to play. Bob recalls the club had paid them mostly in beer.

    Bob Flick’s Body Statistics and Age

    • Age: Unfortunately for us, Bob hasn’t provided any source with his exact birthdate. However, we know that is wife Lori is 71 years old. As he started his band in the 1950s when he was in college he could be anywhere from early ’70s to late’80s.
    • Body Measurements: Bob Flick has maintained his body physically fit, however, his actual body measurements are missing.
    • Hair Color: He has a natural light brown hair color.
    • Eyes Color: His brown eyes has described his personality to be a mysterious type of person.

    Bob Flick’s Relationship History

    The Brothers Four-star, Bob Flik is in a marital relationship with Loni Anderson. The couple walks down on the aisle on 17th May 2008 in front of the close one including son Quinton Reynolds.

    Bob Flick and Loni Anderson at their wedding
    Bob Flick and Loni Anderson at their wedding

    It is Loni’s 4th marriage, before Bob she has been married to Bruce Hasselberg, Ross Bickel, and Burt Reynolds.

    Although it seems as though the couple was too old to get married, they proved that love prevails and no external agent can prevail as long as the love is pure.

    Bob Flick’s Net Worth and Career

    The folk singer is supposed to have a net worth of $1 million and he has also shared $12 million net worth with his wife Loni Anderson. As per the pay scale, the person with more than 5 years to 10 years experience in the field of the folk singer is supposed receives around $49000.

    Bob has had a career spanning more than 5 decades. The folk singer started way back in 1957 and is still going on till this date. He along with his band released their second single in 1960. It was named Greenfields.

    This single came second in the pop charts for a while. Then, they wrote a song for a John Wayne movie The Alamo. The single was named The Green Leaves of the Summer. The band was successful until 1962 after which Bob Dylan and other British music acts during the British Invasion killed off their success.

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