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Casey Neistat-Age, Personal Life, Height, Net Worth, Car, Wife, YouTuber

tp-admin Published On Thu Jun 16 2022   Modified On Thu Jun 16 2022
Casey Neistat-Age, Personal Life, Height, Net Worth, Car, Wife, YouTuber


    Casey Neistat-Age, Personal Life, Height, Net Worth, Car, Wife, YouTuber

    How Much Is Casey Neistat's Net Worth?

    Casey Neistat, an American-born YouTuber and vlogger started his journey through film making alongside Tom Sachs and is one of the most successful internet personality. At the moment, Neitstat's self-titled YouTube channel has over 12.4 million subscribers with a total view of 3.03 billion.         

    Professional since 2001, Casey's successful career has earned him wide recognition and a hefty sum. As of 2022, Casey Neistat has an estimated net worth of $16 million.  

    Apart from YouTube career, he also earned through business venture and was the co-founder of multimedia company Beme, which became a hot subject after CNN bought the company.  

    Casey's Net Worth Sits At $16 Million: Income Sources & Earnings

    Initially, Casey Neistat worked as a dishwasher and cook in Connecticut before he made his move to New York. There, Casey along with his brother and artist Tom Sachs began to work as a filmmaker and actor. 

    Some notable films credits of Neistat are Daddy Longlegs (2009) and Nerve (2016) while TV work includes The Neistat Brothers (2010) and The Untitled Action Bronson Show (2018).    

    As reported, the HBO bought the TV series The Neistat Brothers (8 episodes) for $2 million in July 2008.

    Aside from TV credits, the major source of his income proved to be a YouTube career, the channel named CaseyNeistat created on February 15, 2011.     

    According to Celebrity Net Worth, Casey Neitstat owns the net worth of around $16 million as of April 2020.

    His fortune is often compared with other famous YouTubers like Shane Dawson ($12-$16 million), Jake Paul ($20 million) and Markiplier ($24 million).     

    For a fact, Casey was the co-founder of the multimedia company Beme which CNN announced to acquire for $25 million on November 28, 2016.     

    However, later it was reported that the app will shut down on January 31, 2017, along with Neistat's and a few of its other co-founders departure from CNN.

    Earnings From YouTube

    Well, as of July 1, 2019, Casey's YouTube channel CaseyNeistat has over 12.4 million subscribers and has a total of 3.03 billion views.  

    As per, the channel can earn him $47.3K - $757.2K per year, which turns out to be $3.9K - $63.1K per month. 

    Endorsements, Merch, & Charity Works

    For now, the details on Casey Neistat's endorsements or earnings from sponsorship is not out. Surely, as a famous personality, he can sum up hundreds of thousand dollars through endorsement deals.  

    Till date, Neistat has worked in the commercial ads for Samsung, Nike, Google, Finn Jewelry, J.Crew, and Mercedes-Benz.

    Well, he is an avid user of Instagram and Twitter with over 3.2 million and 2 million followers respectively on the socials. As per Influencer Marketing Hub, Casey can sum up to $6,525-$10,876 per sponsored post.

    Moreover, Casey also owns a website, where he sells merch like hoodies and T-shirts ranging from $25-$50.   

    Apart from these, American YouTuber is also active in charity works. Back in December 2016, he started a charity campaign named Charity: Water Campaign which raised triple of the $5,000 goal, i.e. $15,000.

    In addition to that, in March 2017, Casey Neistat along with actor Ben Stiller, NFL's Colin Kaepernick and Viner Jérôme Jarre raised $1 million in a donation in just 19 hours for Somali famine.

    Assets, House, Cars, Tax Payments, Lifestyle & Expenses

    Currently, Casey Neistat lives in Los Angeles, California; he moved from New York City on May 10, 2019, in one of his YouTube videos.  

    In April 2019, he bought a house in Venice, Los Angeles spread on 3,414 sq. ft. and features 4 bedrooms and 3.5 bathrooms.   

    Casey paid $3.7 million for the property just a mo$3.7 million for the propertynth after it came in the market. The residence has also famous neighbor Game of Thrones star Emilia Clarke.

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    Also, Casey and his wife Candice lived an apartment in New York City before moving to LA, CA.  

    In addition to that, Neistat owns a collection of luxury cars like Tesla, Mercedes, Audi and many more. 

    Casey Neistat's massive fortune surely earns him a lavish lifestyle and owns an impressive asset collection. Along with assets, Casey does make huge expenses on daily life luxury, costly clothes, and travels.  

    Tax Payments

    Like all other Americans, Casey is also liable to tax payments while his massive fortune costs him a huge amount of tax.   

    As per, Neistat's new house in Los Angeles costs him 0.793% of its assessed value as property tax, accompanied by a $1,360 insurance premium.

    On the other hand, his yearly revenue of $1 million takes away $399,455 as income tax, inclusive of 33.12% Federal tax, 2.97% FICA and 3.85% State tax.

    Casey Neistat's Personal Life: Age, Height, Family, Education, Wife, Kids, Son & Married Life  

    Born on March 25, 1981, in New London, Connecticut, the USA, Casey's birth name is Casey Owen Neistat. Raised in a Jewish family, Neistat's father is Barry Neistat and mother's name is Amy Neistat. Casey Neistat holds American nationality.     

    He has 2 brothers named Dean and Van Neistat. Casey attended a local high school in Gales Ferry, Connecticut but dropped out at the age of 17.

    Later, he worked as a dishwasher in a seafood restaurant and short-order cook, before moving to New York City. 

    Married Life, Wife & Children

    Well, Casey Neistat is a happily married man and enjoys a blissful relationship with his wife Candice Pool. He is the father of 3 children including a son from an ex-girlfriend.

    Neistat and his current wife Candice eloped in 2005 in Houston, Texas, but annulled their marriage a month later. However, after some time they reconciled and got engaged on February 18, 2013

    The couple again married on December 29, 2013, in a Jewish wedding ceremony in Cape Town, South Africa.

    They share 2 daughters together: Francine and Georgie.

    Also, Case is the father of son Owen, with his then girlfriend Robin Harris at the age of 17.

    Age And Height

    As of June 2022, his age is 41 and has a height of 5 ft. 9 inches (175 cm).