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Celeste Ackelson

Rimina Published On Thu Jun 01 2023   Modified On Thu Jun 01 2023
Celeste Ackelson


    Celeste Ackelson

    Celeste Ackelson is a prominent figure in American celebrity circles, gaining recognition as the beloved wife of Brian Baumgartner. Her husband has made a significant name for himself as a highly accomplished actor and director. 

    Brian is most notably known for his unforgettable portrayal of Kevin Malone in the hit TV series The Office, where he left an indelible mark on audiences worldwide. Celeste and Brian form a dynamic duo together with their shared journey capturing the attention and admiration of fans across the globe.

    Age and Early Life

    Celeste Ackelson was born on 10th July 1982 and is known for prioritizing her privacy, particularly concerning her family background. However, she holds an American nationality and a mixed-racial background.

    From an early age, Celeste was passionate about art, drawing, and painting. About her education, she is a communication degree holder from Florida International University. 

    Celeste Ackelson Husband: Brian Baumgartner

    Brian Baumgartner is an American actor and director best known for his portrayal of Kevin Malone in the popular television series "The Office." Baumgartner discovered his passion for acting at a young age. He pursued his dreams by attending Southern Methodist University, where he earned a degree in Fine Arts.

    Baumgartner's breakthrough came when he was cast as the lovable but dimwitted accountant, Kevin Malone, in the American adaptation of "The Office," which aired from 2005 to 2013. His portrayal of the character endeared him to audiences, and he became one of the most recognizable faces on the show.

    Celeste Ackelson Husband, Brian Baumgartner Photo

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    Following the success of "The Office," Baumgartner continued to work in television and film. He appeared in various TV shows such as "Mike & Molly," "Hot in Cleveland," and "Chicago Fire." Additionally, he ventured into film with roles in movies like "Four Christmases" and "License to Wed."

    In recent years, Baumgartner has expanded his career beyond acting. He has hosted his podcast called "An Oral History of The Office," where he interviews cast members and provides behind-the-scenes insights. Baumgartner's engaging personality and deep knowledge of the show have made his podcast immensely popular among fans.

    Wedding and Relationship

    Celeste Ackelson and Brian Baumgartner share a remarkable bond as husband and wife. Their paths converged in the 2000s, a time when Brian was navigating the complexities of his previous marriage. Celeste Ackelson and her husband Brian Baumgartner have a daughter and her name is Brylee Bea Baumgartner

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    The culmination of their love story took place in April of 2014 when they embarked on the journey of marriage.The couple exchanged heartfelt vows in a ceremony that spoke volumes of their devotion. 

    Height and Weight

    Celeste Ackelson, with a height of 1.65 meters (5'5") and weighing around 55 kilograms (121 pounds), possesses stunning blonde hair and enchanting dark brown eyes.

    Her alluring physique boasts measurements of 34-28-40 inches, while her comfortably fitting bra size is 34C.

    Celeste Ackelson Net Worth

    Celeste's current estimated net worth is undisclosed, but her husband Brian is known to possess a significant fortune of $6 million and remains prominent in Hollywood. 

    He is particularly adored by fans of The Office. With their combined earnings, the couple leads a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles. In a grand gesture, Brian gifted Celeste a luxurious residence valued at over $2.8 million in the vibrant city of LA.