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Chanelle Haynes

Rajesh Published On Thu Aug 24 2023   Modified On Thu Aug 24 2023
Chanelle Haynes


    Chanelle Haynes

    Chanelle Haynes is a young American actress and aspiring singer. She is recognized as the daughter of Grammy-winning rapper Nelly and his former partner, Channetta Valentine. Chanelle has been passionate about performing since her early years.

    Nelly's daughter Chanelle Haynes Early life & Background 

    Chanelle Haynes is an American actress and aspiring singer, born on February 27, 1994, in Austin, Texas, she is 29 years old. She is the daughter of Grammy-winning rapper Nelly. Chanelle's interest in performing began at a young age.

    She is the daughter of Grammy-winning rapper Nelly
    Nelly's daughter Chanelle Haynes.
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    She started with dance classes at 3 years old and acted in school plays during elementary school. In high school, she even began writing her own songs just like Marcelia Figueroa.

     After finishing high school, Chanelle moved to Los Angeles to pursue her dreams in the entertainment industry. She's been seen in various short films and TV shows, and she's also taken steps into the music world by releasing a few singles.

    Chanelle's Father Nelly: Is a legend of Hip Hop

    Nelly, whose real name is Cornell Iral Haynes Jr., was born on November 2, 1974, in Austin, Texas. He grew up with his mom Rhonda Mack and dad Cornell Haynes Sr., who worked in corrections. Nelly also has two sisters named Rhonda and Cassandra.

    Chanelle's Father Nelly: Is a legend of Hip Hop
    Nelly's concert in Vegas. 
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    When Nelly was seven, his parents split, and he, along with his sisters, moved to St. Louis, Missouri, with his mom. He went to Soldan High School, where he played sports like football and basketball. At school, he also started writing his own songs and rapping.

    After high school, Nelly spent a year at the University of Missouri–Kansas City but left to chase his music dreams. He started rapping in the 1990s, forming the group St. Lunatics with friends like Ali, Murphy Lee, Kyjuan, Slo Down, and City Spud. Their first album, "Free City," came out in 1999.

    Nelly Net Worth 2023: How rich is Chanelle Haynes?

    Chanelle Haynes is the daughter of Nelly, a rapper who has a net worth of $70 million. Meanwhile, Chanelle's own net worth is estimated at about $100,000 similar to Harper Willow Grohl. She's still fairly new to the entertainment scene and hasn't reached the same level of success as her father.

    Chanelle Father Nelly
    Chanelle's father has a net worth of $70 million.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @nelly

    Chanelle is an actress and aspiring singer. She's been in some short films and TV shows, and she's even released a few songs. She's currently working on her first album, which is planned to come out in 2023. As she continues her entertainment career, it's likely that Chanelle's net worth will grow over time.

    Relationship Between Nelly, Channetta Valentine, and Their Separation

    Chanelle Haynes is the eldest daughter of the renowned rapper Nelly and his former girlfriend, Channetta Valentine. Nelly and Channetta started dating in September 1990 and remained in a relationship for nearly ten years.

    However, their relationship eventually came to an end in 1999, and the exact reason for their breakup remains undisclosed. Speculations suggest that Nelly's growing fame might have played a role in their separation. Channetta has chosen to maintain a private life and is not widely recognized.

    Channetta's personal life is shrouded in mystery, as she has deliberately kept it out of the public eye. Since her split from Nelly, she hasn't shared any details on public platforms. Meanwhile, Nelly has been involved in various other relationships over the years.

    Chanelle Haynes's Brother: Cornell Haynes III, Aka Tre Trizzle

    Chanelle Haynes has a brother named Cornell Haynes III, also known as Trizzle. He was born on March 2, 1999, in St. Louis, Missouri. Tre is the son of Nelly and his former girlfriend, Shantel Jackson.

    Chanelle brother Cornell Haynes III, also known as Trizzle
    Chanelle with her brother Trizzle.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @t_trizzle1

    Tre is not only a skilled athlete but also a standout football player at Chaminade College Prep High School in St. Louis. Apart from excelling in sports, he is also a talented rapper and has released his own music.

    Tre shares a close bond with his sister, Chanelle, and they frequently make appearances together at various public events. With his rising talents and ambitions, Tre is anticipated to achieve remarkable success in the coming years.

    Chanelle has a beautiful Bond With her Father Neilly

    Chanelle Haynes and her father Nelly share a close bond. Their special relationship is admired by many, especially when parents have busy careers. They've been seen together in public since Chanelle's childhood, and Nelly often posts their memorable moments on social media.

    During Chanelle's 27th birthday, Nelly shared a sweet throwback photo of them together. Chanelle has actively supported her father, like when he was on "Dancing With The Stars," calling herself his biggest cheerleader.

    On Father's Day, she expressed her deep connection with her dad and referred to herself as a "daddy's girl" from birth. Their strong friendship remains intact, and they've stayed close through the years.

    Chanelle Haynes Boyfriend: Who is she Dating?

    Chanelle Haynes is currently not in a relationship. She was previously dating a musician named Mario, but their relationship ended due to his unfortunate passing. Despite this sad event, Chanelle remains dedicated to her own development and career.

    Chanelle is currently single.
    Chanelle with her father Nelly.
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    Right now, she's concentrating on her personal growth and healing. Besides being a successful entrepreneur, Chanelle is a resilient and self-sufficient individual who is excelling in both her personal and professional endeavors.

    Chanelle had Tragic Relation With her Ex-boyfriend

    Chanelle Haynes had a heartbreaking relationship with her ex-boyfriend, Mario, who tragically lost his life in a gun violence incident. Before the tragedy, Chanelle and Mario were planning to get married and deeply cared for each other.

    Mario, who was a rising music star and a father of two, also took care of his sister's children. Chanelle was a witness to the tragic event, which left a lasting impact on her life.

    Despite facing such a difficult situation, Chanelle has shown her strength and resilience by overcoming challenges and focusing on her personal growth and success. She emphasizes the importance of mental health and self-care in healing from trauma and advocates for preventing gun violence.

    Chanelle's heartbreaking experience has shaped her into a strong and caring person. She uses her influence to create a positive impact on the world around her.

    Neilly's Daughter Haynes is an Actress  Singer, and Reality TV Star

    Chanelle Haynes is an American actress and aspiring singer who has loved performing since she was little. She started dancing at age 3 and acted in school plays during elementary school. In high school, she even began writing songs.

    After finishing high school, Chanelle went to Los Angeles to chase her dreams in entertainment. She's been in short films and TV shows and has released a few songs. Chanelle is talented and has a bright future ahead. 

    She's dedicated to performing and leaving her mark on the world
    Haynes is an Actress  Singer, and Reality TV Star
    SOURCE- Instagram- @nelly

    She's dedicated to performing and leaving her mark on the world. Chanelle is on the rise and will achieve amazing things. She's a skilled actress and singer who truly cares about her craft. Her journey is inspiring and will touch many hearts.

    Neilly Daughter Chanelle: What Does She Do for Living?

    Chanelle Haynes is actively chasing her dreams in the entertainment world. She wants to be a singer and actress, and she's busy creating her first album. We're not sure exactly what she'll end up doing.

    Though there's no doubt she'll do well in whatever path she takes. Chanelle is also a great singer. She's already put out a couple of songs like "I'm Ready" and "Love Me Again." Her first album is in the works and is planned to come out in 2023.