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Cole Allen Plays Jim Carrey's Identical Twins In Kidding: Here Are Seven Facts About The Child Prodigy

Shrijan Published On Tue Mar 03 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 03 2020
Cole Allen Plays Jim Carrey's Identical Twins In Kidding: Here Are Seven Facts About The Child Prodigy

Cole Allen, at 13, is one of the fastest-rising talents in the acting industry. He has been working professionally since 2016 and in that time has had six acting credits to his name; but what he lacks for is experience, he more than makes up for in an innate talent that belies his young age.

He pulls double duty as Jim Carrey's on-screen twin sons in the comedy-drama series, Kidding

An acting prodigy if there ever was one, we look at some facts about the child actor:    

7. Plays Both Of Jim Carrey's Twin Sons In Kidding

Allen has the distinct privilege of not only starring alongside one of the best actors of all time in Jim Carrey but also playing his on-screen son. To cap it all off, Cole pulls double duty and plays both identical twins born to Jim Carrey's character, Jeff Pickles.     

Cole plays Will Pickles and his identical twin brother Phil Pickles, the latter of whom dies in a car accident.  

The comedy-drama series also sees such names as Frank Langella, Judy Greer, Juliet Morris, Catherine Keener, and Justin Kirk, among others, join Carrey and Allen on-screen

6. Cole Allen Doesn't Have A Twin Brother

For the uninitiated, it would be easy to get confused about Cole Allen's twin - so convincing was Allen's performance.   

In fact, Cole Allen doesn't have a twin brother. He plays both the twin brothers in Kidding and judging by the number of people who confuse Cole Allen as having a twin; he did an excellent job!  

5. His Sister, Amalia Allen, Is Also An Actor

While Cole may not have a twin brother, he does have an older sister. Amalia Allen was the first-born and, according to Cole, the inspiration behind his decision to join the acting industry.  

Amalia Allen in Kingdom Call
Amalia Allen in Kingdom Call

Source: IMDb

Amalia has made a name for herself in such short movies as The Dove Scouts, Miles and the Monster, Alice, Kingdom Call, Origins of Rainbow Girl, and Lady Lazarus, to name a few. 

4. Stars Alongside Real-Life Sister in Professor Isle's Laboratory

Speaking of Cole's sister and how she was the impetus behind Cole becoming an actor, they share the screen in the comedy TV series, Professor Isle's Laboratory.

They do not play siblings on the show, however.

3. He Is Only 13 Years Old

Cole Allen was born on April 21, 2006, and as such, he turns fourteen next month. As of now, however, he is only thirteen, but he exudes maturity and an understanding of performance that belies his years.

2. He Is A Texan-Native

Cole joins the ranks of Hollywood greats like Tommy Lee Jones, Matthew McConaughey, Robin Wright, and Ethan Hawke, in that they all hail from Texas. 

Cole was born and raised in Austin, Texas. Only time will tell if he can ascend to the top echelon of Hollywood, but if his recent performances are any indication, we sure are optimistic!

1. Star Of Short Movies Like Adiós! And I'm on Fire

Taking cues from his older sister, Cole has also starred in short movies like Adiós! He plays the lead character, Ty, in the drama short. 

Cole Allen as Ty in Adiós! 
Cole Allen as Ty in Adiós! 
Source: IMDb

He is also set to play Luca in the upcoming short movie; I'm on Fire, currently in post-production.