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Cyndago Daniel Wiki, Family, Quick Facts, Death, How He Died

Crix Published On Thu Jul 05 2018   Modified On Thu Sep 27 2018
Cyndago Daniel Wiki, Family, Quick Facts, Death, How He Died


    Body and Relation Status of Cyndago Daniel Wiki, Family, Quick Facts, Death, How He Died

    Cyndago Daniel aka Daniel Lee Kyre(Daniel Kyre) was a Youtuber before his death. He started his YouTube career back in 2012 with his early life friend, Ryan Magee in the channel name Cyndago. So he is known as Cyndago Daniel.

    Although Cyndago Daniel(Daniel Kyre) is no more with us, we can get his video on his channel. He began his career with his childhood friend Ryan Magee. Their channel was famous for a funny video.

    In a short period of career, he collected lots of fans for his videos. But he has left us with no more videos. How did he die? Was it suicide or murder? Get to know all the answer to the question; we will also disclose his early life, bio, education, earning, and so on.

    Cyndago Daniel(Daniel Kyre) Early Life and Bio

    Cyndago Daniel(Daniel Kyre) was born on July 6, 1994, in South Carolina, the USA to a middle-class family. He was raised in South Carolina along with his younger sister. Later on, Daniel moved to Los Angeles to pursue his career in the entertainment sector.

    As Daniel move to LA alone, he stayed with his friend there. In early 2015 he again decided to move to California where he hired third-party member to run channel, Cyndago, Matt Watson. Daniel was responsible for creating content as well as editing it for the channel.

    By the end of the year 2015, their YouTube channel added 200,000 more subscribers. Some of their videos are titles, The WarfStache Affair, We Dye Our Hair, etc. Almost all of their videos are incredible. Although Cyndago Daniel is no more with us, he has left us some of his video which is still on YouTube. Although he no longer is with us anymore, we can even watch his videos on YouTube. To know about the cause and date of his death, keep on scrolling.

    Cyndago Daniel Body Measurement

    As we all know that, Cyndago Daniel is no more with, so describing or saying about his body measurement is a stupid thing. Isn’t it? But it won’t be wrong to say his body type when he was alive.

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    The YouTuber who died at the young age was physically fit as he uses to maintain his body look in muscular type. Well, it is unknown to us about his bicep, chest and hip size. But his height was around 5 feet 6 inch.

    Cyndago Daniel(Daniel Kyre) Death

    Cyndago Daniel(Daniel Kyre) who was just at the beginning of his youtube career was found unconscious on the 16th of September 2015. It was said that he was trying to attempt suicide.

    Daniel was taken to hospital by his friend, he was kept in the intensive care unit. Later on, the doctor revealed that he had suffered irreversible brain damage. After the two days of treatment, he was dead on the 18th of September 2015. And in the same year just after the two months of Daniel death again we lost one of the young and talented pianists, Jason Gaviati.

    One day after Daniel Kyre death, his family and the other Cyndago members announced about his death in media.  Daniel Kyre’s death brought about several reactions. After Daniel died, Cyndago members didn’t continue the channel.  His several other YouTube personalities expressed their grief and condolences.

    Cyndago members and Daniel family also urged all his fans and other people not to attempt the suicide as it is not a solution. If you are suffering from suicidal thoughts or depression, then take the help of your close one.

    Cyndago Daniel(Daniel Kyre) Family

    Cyndago Daniel(Daniel Kyre) father’s name is David Kyre while his mother name is unknown. He had a younger sister who lived with his parents in South Carolina and his family.

    After the death of Youtuber son, Daniel Kyre’s parents created a life tribute page for people to share their memories. A GoFundMe account was opened by Daniel’s friend, Mark Fischbach to support the Kyre family after Daniel’s death.