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Dan Riccio-Wife, Bio, Height, Net Worth, TV Series, Age, Apple Inc

tp-admin Published On Tue Apr 19 2022   Modified On Tue Apr 19 2022
Dan Riccio-Wife, Bio, Height, Net Worth, TV Series, Age, Apple Inc


    Body and Relation Status of Dan Riccio-Wife, Bio, Height, Net Worth, TV Series, Age, Apple Inc

    How Much Is The Net Worth Of Dan Riccio?    

    Dan Riccio is an American Hardware Engineer and one of the board members of Apple Inc alongside CEO Tim Cook. 

    As of 2022, Riccio is serving as the senior vice president of Hardware Engineering of Apple Inc since 2012. Dan Riccio has a net worth of $223 million in 2022.    

    What Is The Salary Of Dan Riccio?

    According to several online sources, Dan Riccio is reported to have a base salary of $1 million per year. 

    Back in 2015, he was given over 17 thousand units of Apple Stock which are worth more than $20 million as of 2019. 

    While summing up, Dan was given the total compensation ranging up to $25 million.  

    Income Sources: Earnings And Investments

    Besides that, Riccio also earns from his investment and sales of shares. 

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    In 2018, he sold 17 thousand units of AAPL stocks and made $3.2 million. Likewise, he made a profit of over by selling 175 thousand units of shares of Apple stock. 

    A reliable source cited that Dan makes the trade of about 12 thousand shares every 32 days. The same site reported that he has traded Apple stock worth over $90 million.   

    Interesting Fact: As of 2018, Apple Inc. has a revenue of $265.595 billion. The organization's operating income is estimated to be around $70.898 billion with a net income of $39.531 billion in 2018. 

    How Did Dan Riccio End Up As The Board Member Of Apple Inc.?  

    Dan Riccio joined Apple Inc. in 1998. He was assigned the position of vice president of Product Design. Later in 2010, he was promoted as the vice president of iPad Hardware Engineering. 

    Before joining Apple, he worked as Senior Manager of Mechanical Engineering at Compaq

    How Lavish Is The lifestyle Of Dan Riccio? House And Car

    As per several sources, Dan Riccio currently resides in San Francisco Bay Area where the average house price is estimated to be around $1.3 million

    Similarly, in San Francisco Area the residents drive cars like the 2007 Toyota Pirus, 2008 Toyota Corolla CE, and many others.  

    Charity Works

    Back in 2013, Apple SPV donated 1000 units of shares ranging from $526 to $532 per share. The source claimed that the donation equals to around $527 thousand

    The Personal Life Of Dan Riccio

    Dan Riccio was born Daniel J. Riccio in the United States. He holds an American Nationality and belongs to a white ethnic background. 

    Regarding his educational qualification, he is a graduate of the University of Massachusetts Amherst holding a Mechanical Engineering bachelor's degree.   

    How Old Is Dan Riccio? 

    As of 2022, Riccio is in his late 53s.