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Home entertainment Daniel Bruhl and Felicitas Rombold's Happy Married Life-Their Children

Daniel Bruhl and Felicitas Rombold's Happy Married Life-Their Children

Shrijan Published On Sun Jan 19 2020   Modified On Sun Jan 19 2020
Daniel Bruhl and Felicitas Rombold's Happy Married Life-Their Children

Daniel Brühl is a German actor and singer with Spanish roots. His stock as an actor has skyrocketed one phenomenal performance after another in such movies as Inglorious Basterds and Captain America: Civil War.

He reprises the sinister Baron Zemo in the upcoming The Falcon and the Winter Soldier limited series on Disney+, coming off of a stellar performance in Captain America: Civil War

On the personal front, Brühl's life seems to be blissful. He is in a relationship with Felicitas Rombold. This article is dedicated to celebrating Daniel Brühl's love life with Felicitas Rombold. 

Daniel Brühl's Low-Key Married Life With Wife  Felicitas Rombold 

Daniel is in a relationship with Felicitas Rombold. Felicitas is a former-model-turned-practicing-psychologist. They have been dating since 2010. 

Daniel Brühl with Felicitas Rombold
 Daniel Brühl with Felicitas Rombold

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They are two of a kind in that they both value their privacy above everything else, so much so that they got married without the tabloids getting so much as a wind of anything! But it is believed that they tied the knot somewhere between 2010 and 2018.            

They Have A Son Together  

Brühl and Rombold's communion yielded in a son, Anton Hanno, being born in October 2016.  

When he finds the time, the actor frequently takes to his Instagram to post pictures of him with his son. 

Rombold Helps With Brühl's Hypochondria

Brühl has been public about his struggles with hypochondria. He admits to being so paranoid about his health that it manifests itself into physical discomfort. 

Being a practicing psychologist, Rombold not only understands the condition but also helps Brühl cope when things get particularly difficult.

In an interview, Brühl said the following:

"I'm a terrible hypochondriac. I am embarrassed to admit it, particularly to my girlfriend, but I suddenly get these panic attacks and I am sure that I have come down with some dreaded disease. I have been to the doctor for the most stupid reasons. But as my girlfriend is a psychologist, she understands that it is pathological. She psychoanalyzes me, and my profession has helped me confront my fears."

Talk about a match made in heaven!

Brühl Was In A Long Relationship With Jessica Schwarz Before Rombold

Before he found what seems like his soulmate in Felicitas Rombold, Daniel was in a longstanding relationship with the German actress Jessica Schwarz

Brühl and Schwarz first met on-set of the 2001 German movie No Regrets. Sparks flew between them and they started dating. 

Daniel Brühl with Jessica Schwarz
Daniel Brühl with former girlfriend Jessica Schwarz

Source: Zim Bio

They were even engaged at one point, but their relationship could not progress to matrimony, and they broke up. 

Things turned out well in the end, and they lead happy lives with loved ones- albeit separately.