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Danny Carey-Albums, Net Worth, TV Shows, Songs, Height, Age, Wife

tp-admin Published On Mon Oct 04 2021   Modified On Mon Oct 04 2021
Danny Carey-Albums, Net Worth, TV Shows, Songs, Height, Age, Wife


    Body and Relation Status of Danny Carey-Albums, Net Worth, TV Shows, Songs, Height, Age, Wife

    How Much Is The Net Worth Of The Musician Danny Carey?

    Danny Carey is an American musician and songwriter popular as the drummer of the metal band, Tool. The band was first formed in 1990 along with members, Adam Jones, Maynard James Keenan, and Justin Chancellor.

    Danny is contributing to the crew since the first release of their studio album, Undertow. He is known for playing drums in various famous songs like Ænima, Schism, Stinkfist, 10,000 Days, Vicarious, and 7empest.

    As of February 2020, Carey has an estimated net worth of $50 million.

    Professional Career Journey With 'Tool'

    58 years old musician Danny began professionally with the rock band Tool along with other three mates, forming the LA-based band in 1990. Ever since, he is serving as the drummer of the band.

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    Following the release of their EP, Opiate in 1992 that earned $1.15 million, the band released debut studio album, Undertow (1993).

    Some of the earnings of Danny's albums are listed below: 

    Undertow (1993)2,910,000$31.7 million
    Ænima (1996)3,429,000$37.5 million
    Lateralus (2001)2,609,000$28.5 million
    10,000 Days (2006)1,736,000$18.9 million
    Fear Inoculum (2019)388,000approx. $23.8 million

    So far Carey's metal band tool has released 5 studious albums including 1 compilation albums, 4 videos albums, 8 music videos, 2 EPs, and 15 singles.

    Furthermore, the band's live albums: Parabola (2005), Schism (2005) and Vicarious (2007) earned $500,000, $500,000 & $2 million respectively.

    They have mostly known their hit songs like Schism, Parabola, Vicarious, Hush, Ænema, The Pot, Vicarious, Fear Inoculum, and others.

    Tool Drummer Danny Carey is worth $50 million
    Tool Drummer Danny Carey is worth $50 millionImage Source: Modern Drummer Magazine

    Likewise, Danny has also collaborated in different albums with artists like Zaum, Skinny Puppy, Carole King, Lusk, and many others.

    Furthermore, in 2013, the songwriter worked in the music department of the film Man of Steel starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Michael Shannon, and Kevin Costner. Similarly, he has also served as a composer for movies like Free Birds, Tweeked, and I Pass for Human.

    Lifestyle, House, And Assets

    6 feet 5 inches tall drummer Danny lives a lavish lifestyle. He owns various luxurious assets in different places.

    In December 2016, Carey purchased Emilio Estevez's Malibu vineyard paying $6.35 million. In the early 2000s, the star owned a villa worth $2.2 million, later, the home was kept in the market for $9.995 million. Similarly, he also built a huge custom mansion on the asset in 2008.

    Danny Carey's Malibu vineyard worth $6.35 million
    Danny Carey's Malibu vineyard worth $6.35 millionImage Source: Virtual Globetrotting

    Not only in Malibu, but Carey also bought a house for $695,000 in 1998 in Los Angeles.

    Additionally, he owned a bungalow next door worth $2.2 million in 1998 in order to change the properties into a compound. After that, the millionaire dropped his plans and sold the latter asset bearing the loss of $442,000.


    Danny Carey was born Daniel Edwin Carey on May 10, 1961, in Lawrence, Kansas, United States.

    His parents' identity is not available, his mother was a school teacher and father was a manager of a large insurance company. Carey has 2 siblings. He attended the University of Missouri-Kansas City: Volker Campus.

    58-year-old Tool's drummer, Danny Carey married to Sabine since March 23, 1997.