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Home entertainment Deanne Kingson, 58, Is Awarded £390,000 After Being Fired From The Company Where She Was Harassed For Years

Deanne Kingson, 58, Is Awarded £390,000 After Being Fired From The Company Where She Was Harassed For Years

tp-admin Published On Wed Mar 16 2022   Modified On Wed Mar 16 2022
Deanne Kingson, 58, Is Awarded £390,000 After Being Fired From The Company Where She Was Harassed For Years

Struggling Mother Of Two Is Awarded £390,000 ($504,203) After Suffering Years Of Sexual Harassment At The Qatari Embassy In London

  1. Deanne Kingson, 58, who worked as a personal assistant, was harassed for years at the Qatari embassy in London.
  2. She even became suicidal after continuous sexual and religious discrimination at the Gulf state’s headquarters in Mayfair.
  3. As per the report, when she refused to have any physical relations, one of the Predators targeted her 19-year-old daughter.
  4. After hearing her story, the London government awarded her almost £400,000

Deanne Kingson, when first joined Qatari embassy in London, must have thought about the big opportunities and the new exciting challenges she was going to face, sadly, she never knew about the disgusting truth of discrimination.

Kingson was mainly targeted by one senior staff only because she was not a Muslim and was considered ‘liable or willing to engage in sexual conduct with male employees.’

The staff was the guy named Fahed Al-Mushairi, who worked as an Executive ambassador. He constantly persuaded her to have physical relations with him and even often invited to his penthouse to spend a 'quality time.'

According to Daily Mail. "He made persistent sexual advances towards her, including making humiliating and degrading sexual suggestions."

When Deanne rejected the offer, Al-Mushairi targeted her 19-year-old. On one occasion, he talked to the teenager in a very inappropriate way and even wrapped his gown around her to take a photo.

As per a few other witnesses, he wanted to take her to Paris to buy her expensive stuff and offered her to marry him so that he could have sex with her without breaching strict Islamic law.

There was also another diplomat named Ali Al Hariri, who put pressure on Mrs. Kingson to organize adult parties.

She suffered all this because she was a girl and not a Muslim. She is British and is bilingual who can speak fluent Arabic. She worked at the embassy between July 2006 and June 2014, earning around £30,000 a year.

She was then fired without holiday pay in June 2014. She finally took the courage and took the matter to court, revealing all the harassment she faced at the company.

Judge Gill Brown gave Mrs. Kingson £115,000 as compensation or injury to feelings and psychiatric distress. The honorable Judge at the hearing stated:

‘I found she was subjected to humiliating treatment which violated her dignity and made her feel outraged and degraded and that she was insulted throughout her employment".

‘It involved suggesting to the claimant that her daughter be married for sexual purposes to an older man...The treatment of [Mrs Kingson] was disrespectful of her sex and the difference in her religion and belief.

Later, the Judge awarded the mother of two £390,000 in total– including £173,000 for loss of earnings and £1,250 for missing holiday pay.

As the Qatari government was not represented at the court and did not involve in any legal proceedings, Judge Brown stated:

"This was ‘unreasonable’ and they must pay Mrs. Kingson’s £7,000 legal costs."

Justice must be served for Deanne Kingson.