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Dickinson Cast Adrian Enscoe's Relationship With Sydney Shepherd, Movies & Career in 7 Facts

Dahlia Published On Tue Mar 24 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 24 2020
Dickinson Cast Adrian Enscoe's Relationship With Sydney Shepherd, Movies & Career in 7 Facts

Adrian Enscoe is well-known for his work in Groove, Enough Cocaine to Time Travel, and Hello Again. Currently, Enscoe is the primary cast of the historical comedy-drama television series Dickinson.

Here we will discover more about Adrian Enscoe in seven facts.

7. He Was In the Movie Named Groove 

Enscoe played as an anonymous admirer of the lead character in the 2017 movie Groove directed and written by Ryan McDonough. 

Adrian Enscoe
Adrian Enscoe is the primary cast of Dickinson. Source: Bandits on the Run

The movie revolves around the main protagonist named Melanie, who is a New York City subway musician. Melanie has a hard time balancing her working-class background and musical career as she prepares for an underground music contest with the help of a former rock star. 

6. Enscoe Appeared in a Feature Film in 2017

Adrian acted on a dark narrative feature film called Enough Cocaine to Time Travel in 2017. The movie tells the story of a college dropout Otto Murphy who descends into drug addiction after the death of his parents. 

Written and directed by Kyle Lavore, the movie takes the viewers into the mind of drug addicts and the tumultuous life that sweeps him into a whirlwind of incessant suffering. 

5. Adrian Enscoe is Active on Instagram 

Enscoe has 8,412 followers on his official Instagram account, and it is only a matter of time until his followers reach one million. 

Adrian Enscoe
Adrian Enscoe at the premiere of  "Dickinson." Source: Zimbio

Adrian Enscoe Instagram username is @adrian.blake.enscoe. He seems a pretty friendly person to hang out with. You can virtually do so by following Enscoe on his official Instagram account.

4. Guest Appeared in the Movie Hello Again

The Dickinson actor played as Pop Crooner in the movie Hello Again. It was based on the book by Michael John LaChiusa and featured actors as Martha Plimpton, Sam Underwood, and Nolan Gerard Funk in significant roles. 

3. Adrian is the Member of Bandits on the Run

But he doesn't go by his stage name Adrian Enscoe. The phenomenal actor calls his real name as an alter ego in the profile of the band official page. Nevertheless, he has adopted the name Roy Dodger to follow his artistic ambition. Enscoe plays guitar, a suitcase kick drum, and a foot tambourine for the band.

Along with Enscoe, there are three members in the group. Clarissa a.k.a Regina Strayhorn is the songstress and Bonanza Jellyfish, a.k.a Sydney Shepherd plays the cello and is the songbird of the group.

2. He is in Relationship with Sydney Shepherd

A heart-rending piece of new to everyone who has been crushing on Adrian; still, he smiles, we smile! Adrian Enscoe is dating one of his bandmates, Sydney Shepherd. Shepherd is also a stage and screen actress. 

The couple celebrated their six years of togetherness with a post on a Instagram. Sydney posted a picture with Enscoe along with a sweet message in which she wrote,  

"It has been 6 years of finding magic everywhere with you.♥️ I love you to the ends of the earth and back, @adrian.blake.enscoe"

To which, Adrian replied, "Thank you for being my better half."

Adrian Enscoe and Sydney Shepherd
Adrian Enscoe posted a anniversary post expressing his love for Sydney Shepherd. Source: Instagram

Adrian also took to his Instagram to commemorate the anniversary day with a heartwarming caption. Truly, Adrian and Sydney sure look like a match made in heaven. 

1. Took Horseback Riding Lessons for His Role in Dickinson

Enscoe plays as Austin Dickinson in the historical comedy-drama television series Dickinson. He is the older brother of Emily and Lavinia, played by Hailee Steinfeld and Anna Baryshnikov, respectively. Austin is also the fiance of Sue Gilbert, portrayed by actress Ella Hunt

To prepare for his character in the series, Enscoe took 'six or seven' horseback riding lessons and recalled it as a fun moment in an interview with The Knockturnal. Adrian further revealed that he also took badminton classes and would get into period costumes to understand his character. 

The series also features Toby Huss and Jane Krakowski in significant roles.