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Seven Facts of Dickinson star Toby Huss: Details about his Audi A7 Advertisement, Frank Sinatra Impersonation, and Flair for Sountherners

Dahlia Published On Tue Mar 24 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 24 2020
Seven Facts of Dickinson star Toby Huss: Details about his Audi A7 Advertisement, Frank Sinatra Impersonation, and Flair for Sountherners

American actor Toby Huss is known for playing as Artie in the Nickelodeon series The Adventures of Pete & Pete. He has worked on the long-running animated series King of the Hill. 

Huss has also played in  HBO's Carnivale and Halt and Catch Fire. Here we will learn seven interesting facts of Toby Huss. 

7. How Old is Toby Huss?

Toby Huss, born on December 9, 1966, is currently 53 years old. He grew up in Marshalltown of Iowa, the United States, to which he says, "It is a place where meat is steamed." The 53-years old spent his formative years with his family: mother Elma Huss and father, Gerald Huss

Toby Huss
Toby Huss at the premiere of 'Halloween.' Source: Pinterest

While moving to Los Angeles, he found the resident not steaming the meat culturally shocking, exclaiming, " Los Angeles usually fries or grills their meats or there is a nice Mexican flat steak marinade they do. Still, jarringly NOT steamed."

6. Appeared in MTV Promos In the 90s

Huss portrayed myriads of peculiar character in the early 1990s for the network promotion of MTV: a leather fetishist and crooner are just a few among the list. 

The 53 years old played as a crooner, colloquially known as Ol' Two Eyes, where he would sing lounge versions of Dr. Dre, Cypress Hill, Pearl Jam, and Onyx songs. He also played as a spy, a James Bond-inspired character.

Furthermore, Toby portrayed the character which would show an abnormal affection for goats; a redneck character who would persuade people with quick, witty, and dishonest talk and had a turn of phrase- Go to Hell! All of which made him earn significant recognition. 

5. Toby Was a Warden of the Prison

For the show, obviously! Toby guest appeared in the police procedural comedy television series Brooklyn Nine-Nine. He played as Warden Granville in the series starring Andy Samberg, Stephanie Beatriz, Terry Crews, Melissa Fumero, Joe Lo Truglio, Chelsea Peretti, and Andre Braugher

Toby Huss
Toby Huss at The "Halt And Catch Fire" Screening. Source: Zimbio

As the name suggests, Warden Granville happens to be the warden of the Jericho supermax prison in the series. Toby only appeared in two episodes of the series. 

4. He has a Flair for Portying Southerners

As a child, Huss would observe and impersonate the accents of people from his town, more specifically, his aunt's elocution. Though his aunt grew up in Colorado, she had developed a bit of Southern drawl. 

Moreover, Huss's grandfather was Italian and would speak with an Italian accent. Even his uncle's wife had come from Yugoslavia, so all of those mixed accents really blended well with his Midwestern surroundings. However, the Texan accent fitted well with the 53-years old actor, so much that he is even called 'Hollywood' s favorite fake Texan.' 

3. Is a Great Frank Sinatra Impersonator

Huss is one hell of an actor and a impersonator too! Just look at the video, you would see eye to eye. 

Huss's caricature of Frank Sinatra has been featured in the movies as Vegas Vacation and Down Periscope. What's interesting is that Toby Huss went on to create a Sinatra-inspired character named Rudy Casoni after imitating one of the most popular and influential musical artists of the 20th century for years. 

2. Tobi Huss Appeared in Audi A7 Commercial 

Toby starred in Audi's  A7 advertisement titled Night Watchman. The commercial premiered during the first Thursday Night Football game on NBC in the 2018 NFL season. 

Huss, who is seen in a hair salon, remarks on the feature of the Audi A7. Everything is brilliant in the commercial, from Huss narration to Steve Annis cinematography. It all sort of looks like something straight out of the Christopher Nolan and Lisa Joy's science fiction television series Westworld

1. He is the Main Cast of Dickinson 

The 53-years old actor plays as Edward Dickinson in the historical comedy-drama television series Dickinson

In the show, Toby is the father of Emily, Austin, and Lavinia, played by Hailee Steinfeld, Adrian Enscoe, and Anna Baryshnikov, respectively. 

Along with Toby Huss, the series also features actors Jane Krakowski and Ella Hunt.