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Home lifestyle Drew Barrymore Feels Proud About How She Achieved 25 Lbs Weight Loss in 3 Months

Drew Barrymore Feels Proud About How She Achieved 25 Lbs Weight Loss in 3 Months

Dahlia Published On Sun Jan 26 2020   Modified On Sun Jan 26 2020
Drew Barrymore Feels Proud About How She Achieved 25 Lbs Weight Loss in 3 Months

Born into an acting family, Drew Barrymore had to make great efforts to show beyond doubt that she is a commendable actress. 

We could go into raptures about the versatility and how she proved the skeptical critics and audience that not every star child receives the recognition just because of their background.

However, we have dedicated this section for a recent remarkable accomplishment of Barrymore, and it should definitely count in the list of the numerous accolades she has received in the decades. 

Barrymore has become an inspiration for women around the world with the 25-pound weight loss announced on Instagram on December 20, 2018. The weight loss story of the star might be relatable since Drew has grappled with losing weight for years and has a soft corner for pizzas!

In this article, we present a glimpse into the physical transformation of Drew Barrymore through the years. Read more to know everything about how Drew lost 25 pounds in just a period of 3-month. 

Weight Gain After Sugary Foods Intake

In the launch of the new fragrance from her makeup and cosmetics company, Flower Beauty, the 44-year-old actress joked to E! News that her ex-husband Will Kopelman made it "impossible to lose my baby weight."

Drew Barrymore and Will Kopelman
Drew Barrymore with her ex-husband Will Kopelman at Golden Globe Awards. Source: Zimbio 

The reason behind the impossibility was Kopelmand's love for food, which led the couple to go new restaurants and eating lots of foods frequently.

Due to their lifestyle, Barrymore started gaining weight and after the birth of her second daughter, Frankie, she added on a few more weight.

Talking on The Tonight Show, Barrymore explained that her body responded differently to sugary foods than when she was in her early 20s.

A Stranger's Comment Led to Decide Weight Loss

Barrymore had once stated that she would rather eat fettuccine alfredo all day long instead of dieting, but after the separation with her husband, the old habits changed drastically. But the change didn't happen overnight.

Drew Barrymore
Drew Barrymore's body transformation from 2015 to 2017. Source: Closer Weekly

In a conversation with James Corden,she revealed a backstory that triggered her 25 pounds loss.

There she said, a stranger presumed her to be pregnant and remarked she had many kids while she was in a restaurant with her two kids.

Though she corrected the stranger saying, "No, I'm just fat right now," it compelled her to start fresh and focus on her physique.

Drew Barrymore's Regimen

1. Followed Kimberly Snyder's Method

On February 3, 2019, the Santa Clarita Diet star posted a video on social media expressing her gratitude to her long-time nutritionist Kimberly Snyder.

While following the weight-loss diet-plan, she added her own twist to the food for protein "like fish and chicken."

When she was doing the show, she would follow a vegan diet and barely eat anything besides it. Moreover, she would also workout every day.

However, when it became challenging to follow a vegan diet, she followed Kimberly Snyder's weight loss methods.

Barrymore also added that she resisted the temptation to eat pizza and stayed on a healthy diet throughout the period.

2. Core Sculpting Treatment

In addition to dancing and a healthy diet, the Big Miracle actress also used sculpting treatment to burn her fat.

Barrymore adopted Emsculpt; an FDA-approved procedure that helps to get rid of fat by targeting specific body parts sending electromagnetic pulse.

Drew Barrymore and Marnie Alton
Drew Barrymore with her nutritionist Marnie Alton. Source: People

Furthermore, she has also credited her fitness trainer, Marnie Alton, for helping her to achieve her goals.

She also made it clear to her 12.6 million followers that the weight loss didn't just happen quickly. She said,

"This takes me so much work; diet and exercise and fighting like a lion for it!" she exclaimed. "I know that I have the control to be what I want. Even if it is hard AF!"

It's not surprising to fall prey to mouth-watering calorie-filled foods, and Drew went through a similar predicament in the process. Nevertheless, there is always a way to come back and start working to reach the goal and keep it real like the CEO of flower beauty did!