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Dustin Moskovitz-Net Worth, Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Life, Facebook, Entrepreneur

tp-admin Published On Sun Aug 15 2021   Modified On Sun Aug 15 2021
Dustin Moskovitz-Net Worth, Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Life, Facebook, Entrepreneur


    Dustin Moskovitz-Net Worth, Bio, Wife, Age, Height, Life, Facebook, Entrepreneur

    Dustin Moskovitz, an American entrepreneur is one of the co-founders of Facebook, but left in 2008 & founded a software company Asana with Justin Rosenstein, a software engineer & entrepreneur.

    Currently, the CEO of Asana, Dustin still has a 2.34% stake at Facebook that proved a milestone, making him the youngest self-made billionaire in 2011 (at age of 27) as per Forbes.

    The billionaire internet entrepreneur aside from his business venture is also active in philanthropic works, co-founded philanthropic organizations: Good Ventures and Open Philanthropy Project.

    How Rich Is Dustin Moskovitz, His Net Worth In 2020?

    Over the years, Dustin Moskovitz's fortune has seen frequent fluctuations, with the highest-ever net worth recorded at $20.4 billion on July 23, 2018.

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    Considered the youngest billionaire in 2011, Dustin, as per Forbes, owns a net worth of $12.3 billion as of February 25, 2020, which is a $543 million (4.21%) loss from the prior trading day.

    Though, Bloomberg reports his fortune at $13.2 billion.

    Forbes listed him #40 in Forbes 400 2019 & ranked #122 among Billionaire 2019.

    After leaving Facebook in 2008, where he still has a 2.34% equity stake, Moskovitz co-founded task management software providing company Asana.

    As per the report of December 2018, the 35-year-old entrepreneur's company Asana was valued at $1.35 billion, though was not yet profitable.

    It's obvious that his 95 million shares (Class A and Class B) including 47 million Class A stake at Facebook stands him in the billionaire's club.

    Since Facebook opened IPO in 2012, Dustin Moskovitz has sold several hundred million dollars worth of stock. 

    Co-Founder Of Facebook & Left After 4 Years

    The Harvard University drop-out along with his fellow college mates Mark Zuckerberg, Eduardo Saverin, Andrew McCollum (associated from February 2004 to September 2007) and Chris Hughes (left in 2007), co-founded Facebook in February 2004.

    At Facebook, Dustin served as Chief Technology Officer & was Vice President of Engineering, before leaving in 2008.

    Moskovitz along with other started with an investment of $1,000 on Facebook & by the end of 2004, Facebook (formerly made $0.4 million in revenue.

    By 2008, Facebook had an income of $280 million (83% growth of the initial).

    Reportedly in 2019, Facebook had $70.697 billion in revenue while the total asset value was 133.376 billion.

    Post-Facebook Career: What Is He Doing Currently?

    Currently, Dustin serves as the CEO of Asana, a software-as-a-service designing company founded in 2008, which he co-founded with Justin Rosenstein, a former engineering manager at Facebook.

    As reported, Justin left Google in March 2007 to join Facebook & later collaborated with Moskovitz for Asana.

    Within 3 years of foundation, by 2011, the Asana reportedly had $1.2 million through angel round. 

    Having launched its products commercially in 2012 & after series of funding (B round, C round & D round), the company valued at $900 million & had a 90% YoY revenue growth rate in 2018.

    The San Francisco, California- headquartered company was valued at $1.5  billion in 2019.

    Did you know? Dustin was an angel investor at the photo-sharing platform Path (the company terminated on September 17, 2018).

    Signed 'The Giving Pledge' & Runs Philanthropic Organizations

    With his wife Cari Tuna, a former Wall Street Journal reporter, Moskovitz is active in philanthropic works & has signed The Giving Pledge, joining other billionaires like Bill Gates, Warren Buffet, Azim Premji, Elon Musk, George Lucas among others.

    Dustin and Cari are the co-founders of philanthropic organizations: Good Ventures (founded in May 2011) and Open Philanthropy Project (founded in June 2017).

    Their non-profit Good Ventures with a partnership with charity evaluator GiveWell has donated over $100 million since 2011 & aims to donate all of its proceeds to charity before Dustin & Cari die.

    It has donated to several charity organizations including Against Malaria Foundation, GiveDirectly, Schistosomiasis Control Initiative, and Deworm the World Initiative 

    Reportedly in 2017, the organization had $177.849 million in revenue.

    Dustin's other philanthropic foundation Open Philanthropy Project records a total of $857 million grant to more than 370 organizations.

    In 2018, the organization made a donation of $170 million.

    Interesting Fact: With $20 million donations to support Hillary Clinton for the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Dustin & Cari became the third-largest donor in the campaign.

    Billionaire Dustin Prefers Simple Lifestyle: Lives With Wife Cari Tuna

    The Gainesville, Florida-native Dustin Aaron Moskovitz (born May 22, 1984) is in martial relationship with Cari Tuna, a Yale Daily News writer and The Wall Stree Journal journalist.

    The duo married in 2013 & are together ever since; they are yet to share children.

    As reported, Dustin and Cari live in San Francisco, however, rents properties rather than owning (claims to be the temporary holder of wealth). In fact, during the days, they started dating, Dustin rented Zuckerberg's property.

    The Vanguard High School graduate is quite frugal on expenses on lavish life, rather is active in donations. As per the report of The Seattle Times in 2011, Dustin drove  Volkswagen R32 worth around $32,000.