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Elvy Yost-Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Bio, Personal Life, House, Relationship

tp-admin Published On Thu Nov 10 2022   Modified On Thu Nov 10 2022
Elvy Yost-Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Bio, Personal Life, House, Relationship


    Elvy Yost-Net Worth 2022, Age, Height, Bio, Personal Life, House, Relationship

    What Is Elvy Yost's Net Worth? 

    An American actress cum musician Elvy Yost has been actively contributing to the entertainment industry since 2007. She is popular as an actress and casting director and is known for movies and TV shows like The Catch, Mildred Pierce and The Office.       

    Having more than a decade long career, Yost has piled up the great sum of money. So, how much do you think is the net worth of Elvy Yost? Here are the details about her net worth, salary, income sources, expenses, lifestyle, assets, house, car, height, age, relationship status, and personal details. 

    Net Worth Details: Salary, Income Sources 

    Elvy Yost is estimated to have a massive net worth of around six-digit figures. Although she is allegedly said to have millions of dollars as her net worth the exact numerals are still under the clouds. As per the sources, she is worth $1 million.  

    She mainly earns her net worth from her professional career as an American actress, casting director, song and soundtrack composer. 

    Gorgeous Elvy Host is a popular actress and a musician who is worth around $1 million 

    In America, an actress earns around $50,000 as annual average salary while actual payroll ranges in between $19 thousand and $205 thousand.  

    Moreover, a casting director in the United States pockets an average salary of around $32 thousand per year and pay range falls from $30,000 to $187,000.

    Also, a song and soundtrack composer makes in between $20 thousand and $129 thousand per annum. The average earnings of the composer are approximately $50,000.

    Elvy Yost debuted in the entertainment industry in 2007 from the role in an American crime series Cold Case - No sacrifice is ever forgotten. After the role, she appeared in various movies and TV series including Bandslam, The Office, I Am Ben, Oldboy, The circle, Alex & The List and many others.  

    In the later days, since 2012 as a casting director, she directed Blood, Sand, and Gold, and Best Thing You'll Ever Do. Eventually, she composed the soundtracks for The Catch and I Am A Seagull.  

    Interesting Fact: Elvy Yost can also play the Ukulele and have posted several cover videos of her playing it.

    Recently in 2018, she appeared in a biography comedy movie A Futile and Stupid Gesture and as of 2019, she is set to be appearing in movie Flicker Free in a prominent role as Lucy.

    Her net worth can be compared to Jade Anouka, Natalie Fultz, and Jeannie Gaffigan.

    Instagram & YouTube Earnings And Endorsements

    Apart from her eminent professional career, Elvy Yost earns quite a huge sum from her social media accounts; Instagram and YouTube.  

    Instagram pays her in between $79.5 and $132.5 per post. As of 1st April 2019, she has shared around 724 posts which give her a total sum of approximately $57,558 to $95,930.

    From YouTube, her estimated daily earning is estimated to be in between $5.62 and $9.37. Monthly, the actress earns from $169 to $281 and her annual income is estimated to be around $2k.  

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    Moreover, the beautiful star Elvy makes a good income from the endorsement deals, lucrative agreements, and promotional ads. Till date, she has endorsed various popular brands and companies such as fashion nova, Gucci, Berkeley, and many more. 

    Lifestyle, Assets, Expenses, House, Car

    Elvy Yost is living a lavish lifestyle in Los Angeles, CA. But the information about her house is a mystery. She seems to be fond of luxury cars. Her car collections includes BMW ($51,000 to $100,000), Toyota ($39,000), and many others.

    She is also an animal lover and owns a pet dog and a cat of expensive breeds.

    While surfing through her social media account, most of her expenses list is for cars, dresses, foods, and traveling. Unlike other Hollywood A-listers, there is no information about her insurances.

    Elvy Yost Personal Details, Age, Height, Husband, Relationship Status, Wiki  

    Elvy Yost was born as Laura Vivian Yost on 23 December 1987 in Los Angeles County, California, the United States. 

    Relationships: Is She Dating? 

    Looking into her personal life, she is possibly single as per various sources. But, as the actress lives a low key life there is no exact information.  

    Age And Height

    As of 2022, she is 34 years old with a height of 5 feet 9 inches or 175 cm.