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Evan Rachel Wood: An Inspiring Woman With An Extraordinary Journey-Seven Interesting Facts About Her

Shrijan Published On Mon Dec 23 2019   Modified On Fri Apr 10 2020
Evan Rachel Wood: An Inspiring Woman With An Extraordinary Journey-Seven Interesting Facts About Her

For fans of HBO's brilliant sci-fi/western TV series Westworld, Evan Rachel Wood needs no introduction. 

Named one of the "It Girls of Hollywood" by Vogue in 2003, Wood lived up to the prophecy set for her, performing in one acclaimed project after another.  

Fast forward to 2016, and she landed the lead role in the visionary HBO series, Westworld. Her performance as Dolores Abernathy remains a highlight even for a show with humanoid robots, stunning setpieces, and graphic gore. 

But the person behind the character is a remarkable woman regardless of her career. The story of Wood's personal life is one of pain, sorrow, and triumph.  

But what makes her story so intriguing? In this list, we take a look at seven facts about Evan Rachel Wood and her extraordinary journey through heartbreak to Hollywood.  

7. A Rape Survivor

In a 2016 interview with Rolling Stones magazine, Evan Rachel Wood revealed that she had been raped twice.  

Evan Rachel Wood testifying in Congress
Evan Rachel Wood testifying in Congress

Source: TMSS Magazine

In 2018, she was also one of three women to testify in Congress for the passing of the Se*ual Assault Survivors Bill of Rights Act.  

During her testimony,  she recounted the harrowing details of continued physical and emotional abuse instigated by her partner how she developed PTSD as a result. 

She also admitted to attempting suicide when she was 22 due to the residual effects of her years-long abuse. 

6. Bizarre Relationship With Marilyn Manson

Bizarre would probably be an understatement when describing Marilyn Manson. A fan of the grotesque and the macabre, Marilyn began an odd relationship with an 18-year-old Evan Rachel Wood. 

Evan Rachel Wood with Marilyn Manson
Evan Rachel Wood with Marilyn Manson

Source: Glamour

Their relationship became public in 2007, and by 2010, they were engaged. Their engagement, however, was called off after seven months.

Manson penned the song "Heart-Shaped Glasses" about Evan Rachel. The latter also performed in the music video for the song.

Their relationship was a topic of much controversy. When Wood came forward with her rape revelation, it was speculated that the perpetrator was Manson. The timeline also matched, further fuelling the rumors. Nothing has been confirmed, however, and Manson and Wood's relationship can be described as bizarre, at best.  

5. She Home-Birthed Her Child With Jamie Bell

Evan and Jamie struck up a romance when the two met at the Sundance Film Festival in 2005. They broke up a year later.

Evan Rachel Wood with ex-husband Jamie Bell
Evan Rachel Wood with ex-husband Jamie Bell

Source: CBS News

They rekindled their romance after five years and exchanged wedding vows in a ceremony on October 30, 2012. July 29, 2013, marked the birth of their son, Jack Matfin Bell, whom she home-birthed. 

The birth of their son could not keep the couple from separating, and they divorced in May 2014.

4. Evan Rachel Wood Holds A Black Belt In Taekwondo

In keeping with the image of a badass woman from her character in Westworld, Evan Rachel Wood holds a black belt in Taekwondo. 

3. Comes From A Long Line Of Performing Artists

Acting must run in Evan Rachel Wood's family! She was born to father Ira David Wood III and Sara Wood, both of whom were actors/directors/performing artists.

Her older brother, Ira David Wood IV, is also an actor. If acting were genetically inherited, it comes as a surprise to no one that Evan Rachel Wood became as big an actress as she is now.

2. A Self-Professed Bise*ual

In 2011- the same year as her reconciliation with Jamie Bell- Evan Rachel announced via her Twitter that she was a bise*ual. 

In a subsequent interview with Esquire Magazine, she said the following:

"I'm up for anything. Meet a nice guy, meet a nice girl..."

1. Evan Rachel Wood Is Worth $8 Million

As of 2019, Evan Rachel Wood is estimated to be worth $8 million. Since her debut in 1994, great things were expected of Wood, and she has managed to excel everyone's expectations with her acclaimed performances in Darren Aronofsky's 2008 drama movie The Wrestler, and HBO drama series True Blood and Mildred Pierce.   

Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy in Westworld
Evan Rachel Wood as Dolores Abernathy in Westworld

Source: IMDb

She is also the central character, Dolores Abernathy, in Jonathan Nolan and Lisa Joy's dystopian sci-fi/western Westworld starring Thandie Newton, Jeffrey Wright, Luke Hemsworth, and Tessa Thompson.

The HBO TV series is set to return with its third season in 2020.