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Fernando Schoenwald

Rajesh Published On Sun Aug 27 2023   Modified On Sun Aug 27 2023
Fernando Schoenwald


    Fernando Schoenwald

    Fernando Schoenwald is a well-known figure on social media platforms like Instagram. He is a Cuban individual engaged in business and law. He has gained a significant following due to his online presence. Schoenwald is married to Barbara de Regil who is a Mexican actress and fitness influencer. He is the CEO of the company "Fuego Investments". 

    Fernando Schoenwald is Married to Barbara de Regil

    Fernando Schoenwald has been happily married to Barbara de Regil since 2017. Schoenwald is a businessman in real estate and leads "Fuego Investments." He's also the initiator of the charitable "Fundacion Fuego." 

    Fernando and Barbara after party.
    Schoenwald with his wife  Barbara de Regil.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @ferschoenwald

    Barbara de Regil, on the other hand, is an actress recognized for her role in the TV series "Rosario Tijeras." Beyond acting, she is a fitness influencer with her own workout attire and supplements line. The couple has been happily married for more than 5 years and frequently share their joyful moments on social media.

    Schoenwald & Barbara de Regil: Love Story & Wedding

    Fernando Schoenwald and Barbara de Regil's love story began when they were introduced by Barbara's cousin, Marco Antonio Regil, a well-known Mexican actor and TV host. Marco and Fernando are also good friends, which brought them all together.

    Schoenwald & Barbara de Regil  were introduced by Barbara's cousin, Marco Antonio Regil.
    Schoenwald & Barbara de Regil on their wedding.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @ferschoenwald

    Their connection was instant, and they soon started dating. The couple eventually tied the knot on February 1, 2017, in a private ceremony held in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. Their wedding was an intimate affair, attended by around 200 guests consisting of close friends and family members.

    Barbara looked stunning in a white strapless gown with a mermaid-style hem. Her hair was down, and she wore a simple veil. Fernando was dressed in a classic black tuxedo. Following the vows, the celebration continued with a lively reception featuring dancing and delicious food.

    Know Bout Schoenwald Wife Barbara de Regil

    Barbara de Regil was born on June 5, 1987, in Mexico City, Mexico. She started her career in the world of modeling, participating in various commercials and fashion events. Her acting journey began in 2011 with her role in the telenovela "Bajo el alma."

    Barbara enjoying sunset
    Schoenwald Wife Barbara de Regil.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @barbaraderegil

    Beyond acting, De Regil is a prominent figure in the fitness world. She inspires others as a fitness influencer and has even launched her own line of workout clothing and supplements. Her uplifting outlook and emphasis on self-acceptance resonate with many.

    Fernando Schoenwald Net Worth: How Rich Is His Wife Barbara de Regil?

    Fernando Schoenwald has an estimated net worth of around $5 million similar to another celebrity Alec Utgoff has double the worth of Fernando. He serves as the CEO of "Fuego Investments" and is also the founder of the non-profit organization "Fundacion Fuego".

    Fernando and Barbara in their Anniversary
    Schoenwald & Barbara de Regil together have $10 million.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @ferschoenwald

    Barbara de Regil's net worth is estimated to be around $5 million. She is a Mexican actress and entrepreneur, recognized for her role in the telenovela "Rosario Tijeras". Additionally, she influences the fitness community and has established her own collection of exercise attire and supplements.

    Fernando & Barbara de Regil has a Daughter

    Barbara de Regil and Fernando welcomed their daughter, Mar Schoenwald de Regil came into the world on February 22, 2021. The news of her pregnancy was shared in July 2020. Mar is their first child together, and both Barbara and Fernando are eagerly embracing their roles as parents.

    Barbara de Regil and Fernando welcomed their daughter, Mar Schoenwald de Regil.
    Fernando & Barbara de Regil with their daughter and Santa.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @ferschoenwald

    Throughout her pregnancy, Barbara openly shared her journey on social media. She posted pictures and videos highlighting her growing baby bump and her workout routines. Mar arrived as a healthy and beautiful baby girl, bringing immense joy to Barbara and Fernando. 

    Fernando Schoenwald career 

    Fernando began his career as a business professional and gained recognition as an Instagram influencer. While studying law, he also ventured into the real estate field on a part-time basis. He later pursued a legal career with a focus on construction and real estate matters.

    His rapid progress led to success, and he rose to prominence as an Instagram personality. His profile further gained attention when he tied the knot with the renowned actress Barbara de Regil. Fernando maintains an impressive lifestyle and remains actively engaged in the real estate sector.

    Fernando Schoenwald Early Life, Education & Family 

    Fernando Schoenwald was born in Mexico City, Mexico, in the year 1982. He attended Universidad Iberoamericana, where he studied business administration. Following his graduation, he started his career as an investment banker at the company "Morgan Stanley."

    Fernando Schoenwald was born in Mexico
    Fernando & Barbara de Regil have been together 8 years,
    SOURCE- Instagram- @ferschoenwald

    Schoenwald values his privacy, which makes details about his upbringing and education less known. Nonetheless, it's confirmed that he completed his education at Universidad Iberoamericana, a private university situated in Mexico City.

    Schoenwald Wife Movies & TV series

    Barbara de Regil is a prominent Mexican actress who has taken part in various movies and TV series just like Cleo Kinnaman's Ex-husband Joel Kinnaman. She gained famed credit for her portrayal of Rosario Tijeras in the popular Mexican TV show bearing the same title. Here's a rundown of her appearances in both movies and TV shows:


    1. Tiempos Felices (2014)
    2. Ni tú ni yo (2018)
    3. Loca por el trabajo (2018)
    4. Mutiny of the Worker Bees (2020)
    5. Blackout (2022)

    TV Shows:

    1. Bajo el alma
    2. Rosario Tijeras (2016–2019)
    3. Parientes a la fuerza (2021)
    4. Quiero tu vida (2023)
    5. Cabo (2023)
    6. Wetiko (2022)
    7. MexZombies (2022)

    Apart from her acting career, De Regil is an influential figure in the fitness arena. She actively promotes a positive outlook and self-love, which resonate with many. Furthermore, she advocates for adopting healthy eating habits and engaging in regular exercise routines.

    Schoenwald & Barbara de Regil's Social Media Presence

    Fernando Schoenwald and Barbara de Regil are highly active on various social media platforms. Fernando, in particular, has garnered a significant following on Instagram, boasting more than 500,000 devoted followers. 

    Schoenwald & Barbara de Regil's Social Media Presence
    Schoenwald with his daughter, 
    SOURCE- Instagram- @ferschoenwald

    Barbara de Regil commands a substantial online presence, drawing in millions of admirers worldwide. Her allure, character, and thriving acting career have captivated a vast following. Moreover, Barbara's entrepreneurial ventures and fervor for fitness have catapulted her into the realm of a cherished fitness influencer.