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Franchesca Ramsey-Net Worth, Personal Life, Husband, Age, Height

tp-admin Published On Fri Sep 30 2022   Modified On Fri Sep 30 2022
Franchesca Ramsey-Net Worth, Personal Life, Husband, Age, Height


    Franchesca Ramsey-Net Worth, Personal Life, Husband, Age, Height

    Franchesca Ramsey, an American multi-talented personality is a comedian, author, TV actress, and YouTube personality. Professional since 2010, Ramsey has earned a hefty fortune and owns millions of dollars net worth.

    Also, a graphic designer, Ramsey nicknamed Chescaleigh is the former writer of The Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore. Ramsey association with the MTV and MSNBC alongside YouTube, has earned her a lot of money. Get details on Franchesca Ramsey net worth, asset, earnings, salary, income source, expenses, and personal life details.

    Franchesca Ramsey’s Net Worth: Income source, Salary & Earnings

    Success with the peaking career, Ramsey has tagged herself in the list of millionaire celebrities. As of March 2019, Franchesca Ramsey’s exact figure of net worth is yet to be out, though some online sources claim her fortune to be $2.3 million.

    The main source of her income is her video blogging, comedian, acting and YouTube career. Moreover, her brief career as the writer of The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore aided her economic benefits.

    As reported, the average salary of an actress in the United States is around $55,864 which can range in between $46,036-$68,208. Well, a comedian can sum up to $30,000 per year while TV writers pocket the payroll of $67,770 per year.

    So, it’s obvious that Franchesca Ramsey earns way more than the average payroll, probably hundreds of thousand dollars salary.

    Endorsements, Instagram and YouTube Earnings

    Surfing through her Instagram, it seems Franchesca is endorsing RounGe New York, a nail art decoration and Costurero Real, a handmade-wears. For now, her endorsements earnings and further detail is yet to be out.

    Though, sources report that her Instagram with over 140K followers earns her $423-$706 per sponsored post. She is also active on Twitter with over 203K followers.

    Franchesca has a YouTube channel chescaleigh with over 246K subscribers. Her channel earns her $143-$2.3K per year.

    Asset, Expenses & Insurance

    Currently, she lives in New York City, however, is yet to disclose her property details. But without a doubt, Franchesca lives a lavish lifestyle and owns an impressive property empire with her massive net worth.

    Sources cite that Ramsey owns Chevrolet, Ford and many more. Unlike other celebrities, her insurance detail on her health and property is not disclosed. 

    Some of the celebrities’ body insurance are:

    1. Holly Madison- Insurance of breasts ($1 million)
    2. Heidi Kulm- Insurance of Legs ($2 million)
    3. Julia Roberts- Insurance of teeth ($30 million)

    Well, she has an impeccable fashion sense and is obsessed with nail art and designer dresses. 

    For a fact, the nail art costs $15-$40. Also, we do know how much do designer clothes costs, i.e. thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars.

    Tax Expenses

    Besides this, Franchesca also does have expenses on property tax. Her house in New York City costs her 1.925% property tax on the assessed value of the asset.

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    On the other hand, Ramsey also encounters with income tax. For instance, one with $100,000 annual income seek 15.41% Federal tax, 7.65% FICA and 5.54% State tax, covering $32,000 income tax.

    Book Sales

    In 2018, Ramsey released her book Well, That Escalated Quickly: Memoirs and Mistakes of an Accidental Activist Hardcover.

    The book is available at Amazon for $17.92 (Hardcover) and $16.99 (Paperback).

    Franchesca Ramsey’s Personal Details: Age, Married Life & Husband

    Born on November 29, 1983, in West Palm Beach, Florida, the United States, Franchesca Ramsey is an American by nationality and is of black ethnicity. She is the only child/daughter of Frankie B. Ramsey and Learna G. Lincoln.

    Ramsey studied graphic design in a college in West Palm Beach and later moved to New York in 2009 to study law at St. John's University.

    As of September 2022, Ramsey’s age is 38 and has a height of 5 ft 10 inches.

    Well, she is a married woman and lives with her husband Patrick Kondas. They married on November 16, 2013, and are together ever since. The duo is yet to share children of their own.