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7 Facts About Golden Globe Award Winner Ruth Wilson: Star of His Dark Materials

Shrijan Published On Fri Mar 06 2020   Modified On Tue Mar 10 2020
7 Facts About Golden Globe Award Winner Ruth Wilson: Star of His Dark Materials

Ruth Wilson has mastered the art of remaining calm in the midst of great turmoil - which has come in handy as, over the years, she has had her fair share of controversy. 

She has run the whole gamut of controversy from behind-the-scenes drama to salacious rumors, and her standing in the film fraternity has given tabloid gossip-mongers with enough ammunition to crumble weaker-willed celebrities.

But fortunately, Ruth Wilson is anything but weak-willed. She is a Golden Globe Award-winner and one of the main cast of the HBO fantasy-drama, His Dark Materials

Here are seven facts about Ruth Wilson: 

7. Ruth Wilson Had a Controversial Exit from The Affair

Speaking of the aforementioned behind-the-scenes controversy, Ruth Wilson's 2018 departure from the Showtime drama series, The Affair, was followed by widespread media scrutiny. 

Ruth had played one of the central characters, Alison Bailey, for four seasons in the series to critical acclaim and even took home the 2015 Golden Globe Award for Best Actress. 

Wilson revealed the reason behind her exit in December 2019, stating the studio's insistence that she "bare it all on-camera", her reluctance to do full nudity, her difference of opinion from the showrunners on the vision of the show, and an overall "hostile work environment".  

6. She Has Been Linked With Every High-Profile Co-Star

Wilson has also unwittingly been at the epicenter of multiple dating rumors, none of which happened under her volition.

Being notoriously secretive about her love life, being stunningly attractive, and sharing the screens with some of Hollywood's most eligible bachelors like Jake Gyllenhaal, Jude Law, and Johnny Depp, Wilson has been conjectured to have been romantically involved with all three men, essentially brandishing her a gold-digger.  


She took the rumors in good humor, as apparent from her interview with James Corden on his show, but being unfairly characterized as a gold-digger is undignifying, to say the least.

5. She Plays Marisa Coulter in HBO's His Dark Materials

His Dark Materials is HBO's adaptation of Philip Pullman's eponymous novel series after the 2007 movie titled The Golden Compass failed to captivate audiences. 

The series premiered on November 3, 2019, and borders on the themes of fantasy and adventure. The series stars, among others, Dafne Keen, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Ruth Wilson, Anne-Marie Duff, Clarke Peters, James McAvoy, James Cosmo, and Ariyon Bakare.

Ruth Wilson plays Marisa Coulter (the role played by Nicole Kidman in the 2007 movie).      

4. Portrays her Real-Life Grandmother, Alison Wilson, in Mrs. Wilson

Ruth gets her penchant for being the eye of the storm from her grandmother, Alison Wilson, who herself was embroiled in some unsavory scandal. Alison's husband and Ruth's grandfather, Alexander Wilson, was a secret MI6 officer who managed to hide his espionage side-gig from his wife and family - along with his 3 other wives! 

The intriguing and (twisted) premise is the plot of the 2018 BBC drama series, Mrs. Wilson. To make matters more poetic, the role of the titular character went to Ruth Wilson: who played Alison Wilson, her real-life grandmother in the show.

3. Played the Psychopath, Alice Morgan, in the Idris Elba-Led Luther

Luther, starring Idris Elba, is a British crime-drama series that saw Ruth Wilson as the ruthless psychopath, Alice Morgan.

Alice gets obsessed with Elba's DCI John Luther and they become the willing participants to their mutually self-destructive desires.    

2. Breakthrough in Jane Eyre

Ruth Wilson got her breakthrough in the BBC adaptation of Charlotte Brontë's eponymous 1847 novel. 

One of the greatest literary works of all time, the novel was adapted into a four-part serial that starred Ruth as the titular character. 

Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre
Ruth Wilson as Jane Eyre
Source: BBC

She was nominated in the Best Actress – Miniseries or Television Film category in the 2008 Golden Globe Awards

1. Has a Net Worth of $3 Million

As of March 2020, Ruth Wilson is reported to be worth $3 million. She has been a featured on-screen performer since 2003 and has appeared in numerous TV shows and movies.

Her most acclaimed works include her Golden Globe Award-winning turn as Alison Bailey in The Affair; as the psychopath, Alice Morgan, in Luther; and most recently, as Marisa Coulter in His Dark Materials.