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How Much Is Hal Williams’ Net Worth in 2022?

tp-admin Published On Sun Dec 25 2022   Modified On Sun Dec 25 2022
How Much Is Hal Williams’ Net Worth in 2022?


    How Much Is Hal Williams’ Net Worth in 2022?

    Hal Williams, an American actor is active professionally since 1969 and is regarded as one of the veteran personality in Hollywood Industry. Alongside fame, the 84-year-old actor has accumulated a notable fortune, he owns the net worth of $1 million.

    Williams is famous for portraying Police Officer Smith on Sanford and Son (1972–76) and Marla Gibbs's husband character on the NBC sitcom 227 (1985–90). Making his journey from a postal worker and corrections officer to a successful Hollywood actor, Hal Williams is also an inspiration to all.

    Hal Williams’ Net Worth: Income Sources & Earnings

    After making his film debut in 1969 through short film Worthy to Stand, Williams has credited his appearances in many TV series and movies. His notable acting credit includes the TV series: Sanford and Son (1972–76) and 227 (1985–90).

    With over 5 decades of professional career, Hal Williams has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of December 2022. The main source of his income is his successful acting career.

    Probably, it may not seems as much as of his 227 co-star Marla Gibbs, owning the fortune of $4 million. But, a million dollars is way more than we assume as the median net worth of American is reported to be $224,000.

    American actor Hal Williams is a millionaire, owns $1 million fortune

    American actor Hal Williams professional since 1969 owns $1 million fortune 

    Alongside TV appearances, Hal Williams also appeared in some notable movies such as Hardcore, On the Nickel, The Rookie, Guess Who, and Private Benjamin.

    Till date, Hal has worked with the stars like Ashton Kutcher (worth $200 million), Goldie Hawn (net worth $60 million) and Clint Eastwood (worth $375 million).

    Salary From Acting & Movie Box Office Collection

    Despite numerous acting credits in TV series and movies, Hal Williams never opened up about his exact earnings. However, it is thought that he earned hundreds of thousand dollars from his acting career.

    Williams also voiced in the 2012 movie Flight that made the box office collection of $161.8 million.

    Well, the average salary of an actor in the United States is $50,000 while a voice actor can sum up to $40,000 per year.

    List of Hal Williams’ Movie Gross Earnings:

    FilmRoleBudgetGross Collection
    Private Benjamin (1980)Sgt. L.C. Ross$15 million$69.84 million
    The Rookie (1990)Powell$10 million$21.6 million
    Guess Who (2005)Howard Jones$35 million$101.8 million
    Flight (2012)Whip's Dad (Voice)$31 million$161.8 million


    Endorsement Deals & Charity

    Well, the report on Hal Williams endorsement deal is not out. Probably, he may have signed lucrative deal back in the 80s and 90s, though is not involved in product promotions meanwhile.

    For a fact, Williams is not active on social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

    But the actor is very much active in charity works. He works for the annual Sickle Cell Anemia Foundation and is the host of the annual Baton Rouge, LA telethon (telethon refers to a fundraising event).

    Assets, House, Cars, Expenses & Lifestyle

    Owning the fortune of $1 million, Hal Williams does live a quality lifestyle and probably has impressive asset collection, though likes to keep it low-profile.

    Sources report that Williams lives in his house in Columbus, Ohio. The purchase detail of his property is not out but is estimated to be hundreds of thousand dollars.

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    Well, a house in Columbus costs the average of $180,000 and seeks the house insurance premium of $1,400.

    The details on Williams’ car collection and other property empire is not out.

    Expenses on Tax and Divorce Alimony

    Besides expenditures on costly suits, Hal Williams’ expenses list also includes tax payments and divorce alimony.

    Married twice but divorced with both wives, Williams is yet to disclose the amount paid on his alimony; though it surely cost him massive bundles of dollars.

    Also the property and income tax bills up to the American actor’s expense list. Since Hal Williams’ age is 84, he can file for the tax return that demands the deduction for taxes, instead can collect a gross income of up to $11,900.

    Hal Williams’ Personal Details: Age, Family, Education & Relationship

    Born on December 14, 1938, in Columbus, Ohio, U.S., Hal William's birth name is Halroy Candis Williams. He holds American nationality and is of black ethnicity.

    Raised in Ohio, Williams worked for Ohio Youth Commission and started out through theatre career before moving to Hollywood.

    As of December 2022, Hal Williams’ age is 84.

    Well, he has been married twice in his life but both ended with divorce. First, he married Gay Anderson on April 11, 1975, and lived together as husband-wife for a year before they divorced in 1976.

    Then, Williams was in a marital relationship with second wife Dr. Renee Himes from December 16, 1978, to March 20, 1984.

    For a fact, despite 2 marriages, Hal Williams never had any children.