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Home entertainment Is Duane Chapman Dating Someone? Lost His Fifth Wife Beth Smith To Cancer-More Details Of His Past Marriages And Children

Is Duane Chapman Dating Someone? Lost His Fifth Wife Beth Smith To Cancer-More Details Of His Past Marriages And Children

Shrijan Published On Mon Jan 06 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 08 2020
Is Duane Chapman Dating Someone? Lost His Fifth Wife Beth Smith To Cancer-More Details Of His Past Marriages And Children

Duane Chapman is no stranger to controversy. America's most (in)famous bounty hunter has made as many headlines for his personal life as he has for his professional career.

Duane has once more made the front pages for his rumored relationship with Moon Angell, mere months after the death of his fifth wife, Beth Smith.

Duane Chapman with his extended family
Duane Chapman with his extended family

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The situation blew up when Angell and Duane's daughter Lyssa Chapman traded verbal jabs on Twitter over the propriety of their relationship in the light of Beth's recent passing.

Doug's reputation as a ladies' man almost overshadows his exploits as a bounty hunter. Even at age 66, he has not foregone his ways. His relationship has been mired in controversy, heartbreak, and through it all- love. 

"Dog the Bounty Hunter" Duane Chapman's long and complicated relationship has provided tabloid fodder for the better part of four decades. We chronicle his relationship history on this list.

First Marriage To La Fonda Sue Honeycutt (1972-1977)

Prior to his arrest for first-degree murder, and when he was just a public nuisance, he was married to La Fonda Sue Honeycutt. Duane and Fonda got married on April 1, 1972, in Pampa, Texas, and has two children together: sons Duane Lee Chapman II and Leland Blane Chapman. 

They divorced in 1977 following Duane's conviction, and Fonda was granted custody of the two children.

Even before their marriage, Duane fathered a child born out of wedlock with his teenage fling, Debbie White: a son named Christopher Michael Hecht. 

Second Marriage To Ann Tegnell (1979-1982)

After serving 18 months of his five year-sentence, Duane was granted parole. His first wife, Fonda, had divorced him while he was in prison and married his best friend. Duane himself moved on with Ann Tegnell. 

They tied the knot on August 22, 1979, in Colorado and has three children, all sons: Zebadiah Chapman, Wesley Chapman, and James Robert Chapman. Sadly, Zebadiah died 30 days after his birth. 

Duane and Ann had an on-again-off-again relationship that ended after the birth of Wesley; they reconciled for a time, resulting in the birth of James.

They separated for the last time in 1982, and Ann took custody of her two sons. They would only reconcile with Duane when they were adults.

Third Marriage To Lyssa Rae Brittain (1982-1991)

Duane's relationship with Lyssa started with the bounty hunter propositioning Lyssa for sex!

Duane met Lyssa while he was frequenting a bar. She had been married to a Church minister, but their relationship was on the rocks. Duane reportedly offered Lyssa $1000 for fathering his child, which Lyssa readily accepted.

Their relationship progressed from its sleazy start to a marriage. A Native American chief reportedly officiated their union in the Colorado mountains in 1982. Their marriage yielded in the births of their daughters Barbara Katie Chapman and Lyssa Rae Chapman, and son Tucker Dee Chapman. 

Their marriage could not last and separated on November 20, 1991.

Fourth Marriage To Tawny Marie Chapman (1991-2002)

The ink on Duane and Lyssa's divorce papers hadn't even dried yet when Duane married his fourth wife, Tawny Marie. 

They had first met in 1988 when Duane arrested her on drug possession charges. Duane then offered her a job as his secretary. Not one to shy away from mixing business with pleasure, Duane began dating Tawny. 

Doug Chapman with Tawny Marie
Doug Chapman with Tawny Marie

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They got married in 1991. In Duane's own words, he knew their relationship was doomed from the start. Tawny was a drug addict, high on amphetamine. 

They divorced in 2002 with no children between them.   

Fifth Marriage With Alice Elizabeth "Beth" Smith (2006-2019)

After a brief spell of remaining single, Duane was involved in his fifth- and as of now, his last marriage- to Beth Smith. 

While they would only get married in 2006, they had known each other far longer. Beth and Duane first met in 1988, when Beth was only 19, and Doug was 35. 

Duane and Beth's marriage ceremony
Duane and Beth's marriage ceremony

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When Beth got in trouble with the law, her father recommended Duane to bail her out. 

"It was love at first sight!"- as they say in fairy tales. What was different from the fairy tales was the fact that Duane was married at the time! However, their mutual infatuation with each other would overcome all obstacles, including domestic abuse, Beth's marriage to Duane's childhood friend Keith Barmore, and the death of Duane's daughter Barbara.

Their love overcame all the tragedy life hurled at them, and they had their fairy-tale wedding on May 20, 2006. The ceremony took place in Waikoloa Village, Hawaii.   

Daughter Bonnie Joanne Chapman and son Garry Chapman were born out of their marriage.   

Their blissful life came crashing down when Beth was diagnosed with Stage 2 throat cancer in September 2017. The malignant tumor was removed after a 13-hour-long surgery, and Beth was believed to be in remission. 

Despite seemingly making a recovery, Beth would die on June 26, 2019, due to cancer.   

Rumored Fling With Moon Angell

After the death of Beth, it seemed the notorious philanderer had left his life of debauchery behind. 

In an interview with People Magazine, Duane went out of his way to proclaim that Beth was his true love. 

In yet another interview with People Magazine, Duane revealed that he was not opposed to dating again, but he promised Beth that he would never remarry.

In keeping with that promise, Duane is rumored to be dating again in the wake of Beth's death mere months earlier. He is rumored to be dating the administrative support at this bonds company: a woman named Moon Angell. 

The rumor was set ablaze when Duane's daughter, Lyssa Chapman, had a spat with his father's recent fling. The public exchange pretty much confirmed the stories but did not paint the Chapman household in a positive light. 

In a particularly scathing tweet, Lyssa said the following:   

“Any person who moves in on a man weeks after losing his wife, who you were supposed to be a “friend “ to, Is the lowest scum on the planet-Which for you wasn’t that far of a step down from where you were before. God will get you MARY !!!”  

Lyssa also brought up Angell's past relationship with her brother, saying:  

“Let’s not forget how you came to know my family because you were with my BROTHER. NOW TRYING TO GET WITH MY DAD. BARFFFFFFF. Let’s not forget my BROTHER PICKED YOU UP IN A BAR !”

It is early to tell what the nature of Duane's relationship with Angell is, but we do know that one member of the Chapman household is disapproving of the relationship.