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Home entertainment Is Lilly Van der Meer Dating? Fans Have Noticed Something Interesting On Her Instagram

Is Lilly Van der Meer Dating? Fans Have Noticed Something Interesting On Her Instagram

Dahlia Published On Thu Jan 16 2020   Modified On Thu Jan 16 2020
Is Lilly Van der Meer Dating? Fans Have Noticed Something Interesting On Her Instagram

The rising star Lilly Van der Meer often tagged as the 'next Margot Robbie' has garnered positive reviews from her character Xanthe Canning on the hit soap Neighbours.

With the ongoing success, her relationship status seems to be an interesting topic for fans though it appears to be rarely discussed by media. 

Lilly is vocal about people leaving negative comments on social media and other issues related to bullying, which she has experienced as a teenager. But it seems like she likes to keep her love life private.

Nevertheless, we have gleaned information from her Instagram and found some interesting details.

Is Neighbours Actress Lilly Van der Meer Dating Someone?

Lilly seems to have a particular person in her life. After bidding farewell to her role Xanthe Canning in 2019, she embarked on a trip to the US and other countries. And, she might not have gone alone!

There are multiple pictures on her Instagram with a guy named Will Sheasby, whose profile is private. 

She celebrated her 19th birthday with Will and few close friends. 

In December of 2018, she visited beyond the valley fest with Will and posted the polaroids from the fest wishing new year to her fans in January 2019.

Lilly Van der Meer and Will Sheasby
Lily shares a polaroid with Will after New Year Day

Source: [email protected]

The same month Lilly left the Neighbours after three years of working in the show and ventured on a trip to various countries.

Lilly grabbed the role of Xanthe Canning while she was just 16 years old. She learned about winning the part of Xanthe during her lunch break while she was at school. Then year 11 student Lilly immediately relocated to Melbourne from her hometown, Queensland, for the Neighbours role. 

Few Glimpses Of Her Lovelife

Fans have noticed that Lilly's relationship with Will might be more than just friends. the rumors of their relationship sparked when the actress uploaded a picture where she seems to be carrying Will on her back. Both shared a cute comment in the photo.    

Lilly Van der Meer and Will Sheasby
Lilly and Will snapped together

Source: Instagram@Lillyvandermeer

In April 2019, she wished him on his 21st birthday with the caption "I ❤️ u."

Another picture with the caption "Mom & Dad" caused quite a stir among her fans who assumed Lilly might be pregnant. However, the rumors came out to be false. Nevertheless, they clicked the picture on the trip to Barcelona along with Will. 

All of these hint the on-going relationship with Will though it might be best not to jump too much into her personal life unless she officially confirms the relationship.

While we are still unsure if Will and Lilly were a couple, another possible candidate popped up on the feed of Lilly's Instagram. 

In December 2019, she posted a picture of mattb.ell, his Instagram handle name. 

She also dyed her hair blue, two months after the transition from legally blonde to brunette. 

Lilly Van der Meer
Lilly and Matt on a fall festival

Source: [email protected]

Lilly also spent a fall festival with mattb.ell with one fan commenting, "Happy New Year lil sis so happy for you tht you got a boyfriend."

However, nothing has been confirmed about her relationship. 

Besides acting, Lilly has a penchant for fashion like her Ramsay Street character. She launched her online shopping store Bohemian Gypsea in the year 2015. She promotes her products through Instagram and Facebook.