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Home lifestyle Janel Parrish Is Famous For Her Tattoos-Do You Know How Many Inks She Has And What Do They Mean?

Janel Parrish Is Famous For Her Tattoos-Do You Know How Many Inks She Has And What Do They Mean?

Hendrix Published On Mon Jan 20 2020   Modified On Wed Jan 22 2020
Janel Parrish Is Famous For Her Tattoos-Do You Know How Many Inks She Has And What Do They Mean?

American actress and singer, Janel Parrish is best known for her work on shows like Pretty Little Liars, Les Misérables (1996), Bratz (2007) and the Netflix hit, To All the Boys I've Loved Before among others. In addition to this, she is also incredibly famous for her tattoos.       

Injecting dyes into the skin is a pretty big deal for most people, and usually, they carry a lot of meaning. In fact, most people’s tattoos are very meaningful to them, Parrish has 24 tattoos on her body, and each carries a special meaning for her. 

7. Motivational “Passion” Tattoo

Parrish has the word “Passion” tattooed on her right forearm. She got the tattoo in May 2012, when she was around 23 years old. 

Parrish's passion tattoo
Parrish's passion tattoo

Image Source: [email protected]

According to her, it is one of her favourites and means a lot to her. She gets motivation from the ink. In a discussion, she said: 

“I have a lot of tattoos that mean a lot to me. One of my favorites is ‘passion’…it’s just words that really inspire me.”

6. Latin Text 

The singer has a tattoo containing the Latin phrase “Amor Vincit Omnia” which translates to “love conquers all”. 

Parrish's Latin text tattoo

Image Source: Body Art Guru

She explained that it is dedicated to all the love and support she has received from family and friends in her life.   

Parrish stated that “I so much love in my life, which is amazing. From my family, my friends, everything.” 

5. Flower Behind Her Ear

Janel has a lovely hibiscus flower tattooed behind her right ear; it is a simple tattoo without much deviance from how the flower actually looks in real life. 

Janel's flower tattoo behind her ear

Image Source: Pinterest

A twirling stem lead to 4 petals, and the stigma is somewhat obscured behind her ear lobes. The tattoo is not as visible as her other tattoos but is special to her as it is an ode to her home state of Hawaii.

4. A Flock Of Birds

Birds symbolize peace, fortune, and success for Janell Parrish, she has a flock of 3 birds on her right elbow. The tattoo shows three birds flying in different positions. She got the tattoo in March 2014. 

The star's flock of birds tattoo

Image Source: Steal Her Style

The birds also do not have elaborate drawings or colours and look like silhouettes. Tattoo artist Romeo Lacoste is responsible for the ink art.      

3. “M” 

Parrish along with her co-stars of Pretty Little Liars got the initial of their respective characters tattooed on the final day of filming on October 28th, 2016.   

The M tattoo on Janel's finger
Parrish and her Pretty Little Liars co stars got the initials of their respective characters name tattooed on her index finger

Image Source: Steal Her Style

Janel got the initial of her character Mona Vanderwall, “M” on the index finger of her right hand.     

2. Another Flower Tattoo

Janel had a balloon tattooed on her shoulder blade, and it was a simple tattoo of a balloon floating and dragging its string along.   

Parrish covered her balloon tattoo with a flower
Musician and Actor Parrish's flower tattoo which covered her balloon tattoo

Image Source: Steal Her Style

She wanted to cover up the symbol and so got a flower on top of the balloon.   

Unlike the other flower tattoo, this one is elaborate and resembles something out of a fantasy rather than real life.

1. The Moon Honoring Late Grandmother

The moon probably means the most out of her tats on her body as she got it tattooed it as an ode to her late grandmother.     

Janel's moon tattoo honoring her late grandmother

Image Source: Networth Buzz

In an Instagram post, she revealed that her grandmother’s middle name was Moon and her nickname was Moony. To pay tribute to the late grandmother, she got the moon tattooed on between her elbow and wrist.  

She got inked in December 2019 and thanked the tattooist Doctor Woo (@_dr_woo_) on the post on her Instagram page.  Woo has also tattooed many celebrities such as Brooklyn Beckham, Ellie Goulding, Cara Delevingne, Drake, Miley Cyrus, and Becky G to name a few.              

In addition to this, she also has other tattoos on her body; in fact, she has 17 of them. It’s safe to say she loves inking her skin. Below are some of the other tattoos on her body.

1. Heart On Thumb

The star is a big fan of love and has a heart tattooed on her thumb on her right thumb. 

2. Roman Numeral

While the meaning of the tattoo is not known, she has a “III” (3 in Roman numerals) on her left arm.

3. “Made In Hawaii” On Right Foot 

Her love for Hawaii is evident in her left foot which has the words “Made in Hawaii”. 

4. Left Foot Free

While her right foot has the words Made in Hawaii on it, her left foot has the tattoo of the word “free”.

5. Rose

Parrish has her left torso almost fully covered by a sophisticated rose tattoo. 

6. Treble Clef 

The musician had a treble inked near her wrist of her left hand which she later covered with another tattoo.  

7. Lotus

The treble clef on her left wrist was covered up by a lotus tattoo in May 2015. 

8. Tattoo Behind Her Right Breast

The Pretty Little Liars star has the phrase “earth laughs in flowers”. 

9. Right Bicep Tattoo 

Artist Romeo Lacoste inked “What if you fly…?” in a stylised cursive font on Parrish’s right bicep. 

10. French Bicep

Los Angles based tattoo artist Daniel Winter inked the French words “garder un bon couer” which means “Keep a good heart”.

11. Butterfly 

The To All the Boys I've Loved Before star has a butterfly tat on her left forearm near her wrist. 

12.  The Bow

Janel has a bow tattooed on her wrist, bows symbolize strength, unions, ties that bind etc. 

13. Left Hip Flower 

The multitalented star is a fan of flower tats and has a huge one on her left hip. 

14. Lower Back Tattoo

She has a tattoo of the phrase “make a joyful noise” on her lower back. 

15. Tattoo On Buttocks

Parrish has a tattoo of 3 staff notations or music notes on her rear just below her hip. 

16. Tattoo On Hip Line

Janel has the word “believe” inked in cursive on her bikini line. 

17. Ankle Tattoo: 

The star’s left ankle has a tattoo of a tiny anchor in all black.  

In total, she has 24 tattoos, all of which may have special meanings, Among the 24 tattoos, she has explicitly told media outlets the meaning of her seven tattoos.