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Home lifestyle Jessica Simpson Criticized For Having Lips Done: Plastic Surgery, Trolls, And Reaction

Jessica Simpson Criticized For Having Lips Done: Plastic Surgery, Trolls, And Reaction

Dahlia Published On Mon Jan 27 2020   Modified On Mon Jan 27 2020
Jessica Simpson Criticized For Having Lips Done: Plastic Surgery, Trolls, And Reaction

The world of Hollywood can get unaccountable sometimes, or should we say most of the time! While coming out of the closet and showing the world a true version of yourself is often time lauded; however, some get criticized for it.      

One of the great taboos in Hollywood is admitting to having cosmetic or plastic surgery done. 

Whether that is just a little jab of Botox or more severe procedures like breast implants or a facelift, celebrities have been going under the knife in total denial. 

And, when they admit to doing so, they are frequently mocked and credited as unnatural beauty. 

When Jessica Simpson posted a make-up free selfie on May 3, 2018, she became an immediate target of most media outlets and naysayers for overuse of lip-fillers. 

But did she really use lip filler? And, even if she did so, has she come clean about the experience? More details in the article!

Jessica Simpson Admitted To Having Lips Done

The Dukes of Hazzard actress has opened up about her experience with cosmetic surgery. In an interview with Glamour Magazine UK back in 2006, Simpson cleared the air about the surgery. 

Even though she was never a fan of lip injection, Jessica used Restylane, a lip filler, to enhance the lips area. However, the Billboard award recipient later admitted about disliking the change the dose caused to her lips.

Nevertheless, the fillers went away after four months, and she is thankful for being able to restore the original lips. 

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson at the 25th Annual Footwear News Achievement Awards

Source:  Footwear News

The cost for a Restylane treatment lies somewhere between $400–$800 per syringe. Given the success of her career and the net worth of $170 as per 2019, it comes as no surprise that she can afford such cosmetic treatment without any second thoughts. 

But the Rolling Stone awardee has stayed away from such products and is relishing the good-looks incorporated in her genes!

Make-Up Free Selfie Led To Internet Troll

Simpson’s past association with lip fillers has been far from the focus of attention for some years. Nevertheless, the association came into limelight again after 13 years of clarification.

When the founder of The Jessica Simpson Collection took to Instagram to post a selfie without make-up, fans were quick to assume that she had undergone cosmetic surgery.

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson posted a make-up free selfie

Source: Instagram @jessicasimpson

One commented, “Dude, what happened to your face? Sorry but too much botox and lip fillers. You look like a different person.”

Another posted, “Come on, Jessica, what the hell did you do to your lips?” in the comment section.

Needless to say, the commenters who seem to give the appearance of a know-it-all plastic surgeon don’t seem to possess any sort of knowledge about cosmetic or plastic surgery. 

Yet they were eager to share their opinion in judging other’s looks, writing, “She’s had obvious fillers. Not just in her lips but in the creases from the sides of her nose to her lips. She looked much better years ago. Just my opinion.” 

Some even went as far as saying “too much plastic surgery” “looks like a MAN.”

“Yo, is this you without make-up?? Plastic surgery destroys original beauty,” added another. 

The mean-spirited comments are not new as the 39-year-old singer has faced a similar situation in her duck-faced selfie posted on February 6, 2018. 

Jessica Simpson
Jessica Simpson posted a picture with the caption Walkin'. 

Source: Instagram @jessicasimpson

The Blonde Ambition actress got comments about her lip’s texture and appearance. Some accused her of receiving a botched lip injection while some made fun of Simpson calling her lips “dry,” “crusty,” and “chapped.”

The comments had similar themes like “Her fake lips are hilarious.” “Her bottom lip is damaged for life” and, “I think she has got some dry crusty lips.”

Simpson has not yet responded to the hate-filled comments or addressed the issue in interviews. 

However, before accusing Simpson of overdoing the lip filler, we must take into consideration the fact that she did not love how she looked with injections when she had one.      

She was also in the news after she lost 100-pound weight through an extensive diet.