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home Biography Who Is Adam Driver’s Wife Joanne Tucker? Her Story Of Success, Net Worth, Married, Family, And More

Who Is Adam Driver’s Wife Joanne Tucker? Her Story Of Success, Net Worth, Married, Family, And More

Crix Published On Sat Dec 15 2018   Modified On Sat Dec 15 2018
Who Is Adam Driver’s Wife Joanne Tucker? Her Story Of Success, Net Worth, Married, Family, And More


    Who Is Adam Driver’s Wife Joanne Tucker? Her Story Of Success, Net Worth, Married, Family, And More

    Joanne Tucker always has been a magnificent actress. Her work is well known in the industry but she is most famous for marriage to Adam Driver. The couple has been married since 2013.

    Joanne Tucker’s Biography

    Joanne Tucker was born on the 26th day of June in 1982. As of 2018, she is 36 years old. She was born in Brooklyn, New York or as people call it the Big Apple. There is not much information about her family other than that they were White so Joanne is also White. Tucker studied at a school in the Upper East Side of Manhattan. Further, she pursued her higher education at Bard College in New York and studied theater and performance. She has numerous performances in films to her name and was always interested in acting. She started acting in short films and small projects but now she herself is teaching classes at the esteemed Julliard University.

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    Joanne Tucker’s BodyStatistics

    • Height: She is a decently tall woman who beats the average height for a woman by 2 inches. She is 5 feet 6 inches tall.
    • Weight: Joanne is a woman who has a gorgeous figure but her weight is unknown. However, we can say confidently say that she is not overweight and has a decent weight for her height.
    • Eye Color: Brown is the most common color for the eye, in her case too she has brown eyes that complement her face and hair. Additionally, these kinds of people are fun-loving, caring, and easy-going.
    • Hair Color: Like most Caucasians, her hair is naturally blonde with little hints of brown at the roots. Her hair length comes down to her chest.
    • Ethnicity: As we have mentioned above she had White parents and due to this she is also of White ethnicity.

    Joanne Tucker’s Relationship History

    Like many married celebs, Joanne has kept her personal dating life prior to her marriage a secret. Consequently, we do not know who she dated during that period. In fact, even after her marriage she has been as secretive as ever and hasn’t revealed anything about her. She got married to star celeb Adam Driver on 22nd June in 2013, 4 days before her birthday. Their wedding was an event for close family and friends. Likewise, they didn’t reveal the venue or the place for their wedding to the media. Before getting married, they dated for some time. It seems as the couple is happy together and the attendees of their wedding all agree that they are ‘comfortably in love’. They are a happy couple and no rumors or news regarding their marital instability have surfaced. Adam is a former military man who served in the Marines, due to this Joanne has worked with many Budweiser to fun military scholarships.


    Adam with his wife Joanne.

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    Joanne Tucker’s Career and Net Worth

    Tucker is an actress by profession. She has acted in many T.V shows as well as some films. Some of her notable works include Listen Up Philip, Babes, and Gayby. She is also a theater actress and has acted in many plays. Joanne performed at the Rattlestick Playwright’s theater in her home city of New York. Her more recent work was in the 2016 film Zero Days. Currently, she teaches acting at the prestigious Julliard University. She has also acted in roles alongside her husband Adam Driver.

    Her net worth is unknown but her husband is worth $8 million at present.

    Joanne Tucker’s Interesting Facts

    • She lives by the mottos ‘Work hard, play hard.’ and ‘Sleep when you’re dead’.
    • She loves live acting on stage more than films.