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Jodi Stewart

Rimina Published On Mon May 29 2023   Modified On Mon May 29 2023
Jodi Stewart


    Jodi Stewart

    Jodi Stewart is a prominent personality who has made a remarkable mark through her exceptional work as a TV host and costume designer. With her captivating presence on YouTube, she has gained substantial popularity, reaching a wider audience and leaving a lasting impression. 

    Additionally, Jodi Stewart brings her charismatic energy as the esteemed host of the highly acclaimed Road Ready Reality Show. Notably, she is also known as the spouse of the renowned musician, Sean Paul.

    Jodi Stewart Age, Birthday Early life

    Jodi Stewart-Henriques, affectionately known as Jinx, was born on November 13, 1981, in the vibrant nation of Jamaica. With her 41st birthday approaching, she embraces her Costa Rican citizenship. Though the specifics of her ethnicity remain elusive in the realm of accessible information, her identity is undoubtedly shaped by diverse influences. 

    While details surrounding her familial background, profession, siblings, upbringing, and early years remain shrouded in mystery, her zodiac sign, Scorpio, hints at a personality characterized by passion, determination, and intensity. Jinx's enigmatic nature only adds to her allure, leaving room for curiosity and fascination among her admirers.

    Professional Life and Career

    Stewart embarked on her professional journey in the music industry, honing her skills while holding positions in different web hosting companies. These experiences contributed to her growing recognition in Jamaica.

    Subsequently, Jodi joined RETV and dedicated a decade to the company, during which she had the opportunity to travel across the United States as part of her job in 2004.

    Jodi Stewart, adorned in elegance, gracefully poses amidst the mesmerizing embrace of the ocean's edge

    Jodi Stewart Photoshoot in Oceanside.

    Source: Instagram @jodijinx

    Presently, she finds herself hosting two popular reality TV shows in Jamaica. However, despite her efforts and talent, Jodi's career has faced challenges as she often works in the shadow of her well-known husband, who has established himself in the rap music industry. This situation has hindered Jodi's success and limited her professional growth in the entertainment field.

    Married Life With Sean Paul

    Jodi Stewart and Sean Paul, a cherished couple, first encountered each other in 2002 and embarked on a romantic journey that would span a decade. Despite their burgeoning careers, they patiently nurtured their love and eagerly anticipated the day they could take their relationship to the next level.

    On the memorable date of May 26, 2012, Jodi Stewart and Sean Paul exchanged heartfelt wedding vows, cementing their commitment to one another after years of devotion. Jodi, embracing her new role as Sean Paul's wife, officially changed her name to Jodi Stewart Henriques.

    Their daughter, Remi Leigh Henriques, was born on August 20, 2019, and their son, Levi Blaze, was born on February 22, 2017. The couple finds immense pride and boundless happiness in the presence of their beloved children, who bring an additional depth of love and fulfillment to their lives.

    About Her Husband: Sean Paul

    Sean Paul's music career took off in the mid-1990s when he teamed up with musician and producer Jeremy Harding. He honed his skills in the studio, learning from seasoned musicians, and it was with the recording of "Baby Girl" that his unique talent began to shine. This success led to a collaboration with Harding on the track "Infiltrate," which garnered significant radio airplay.

    Sean Paul's star continued to rise as he collaborated with artists like DMX and made a cameo appearance in the film Belly. In 2000, Sean Paul released his debut album, "Stage One," produced by VP Records and featuring Jamaican dancehall musicians. Although the album didn't achieve global success, it was a positive step in his career. 

    Two years later, he released Dutty Rock, a game-changer that propelled him to international stardom. The album was carefully crafted to have a global appeal, with standout tracks like "Gimme the Light" and "Get Busy." Sean Paul's presence became ubiquitous, especially after collaborating with Beyoncé on the chart-topping hit "Baby Boy.

    Jodi Stewart Family photo

    Source: Instagram @Jodijinx

    Dutty Rock is regarded as a pioneering example of "Dancehall fusion," seamlessly blending dancehall with mainstream music. Sean Paul's popularity soared, and he performed at the opening ceremony of the 2007 Cricket World Cup in Jamaica. He also made appearances in popular video games like "Def Jam Fight for NY and "Def Jam Icon." The lead single, "Temperature," from his album The Trinity, achieved top 10 chart success in various countries, solidifying his international acclaim.

    In Europe, "The Trinity" achieved platinum certification, further establishing Sean Paul's success. He won the prestigious Grammy Award for Best Reggae Album in 2004 for "Dutty Rock" and received multiple Grammy nominations throughout his career. In 2004, he was honored as the Entertainer of the Year at the International Reggae and World Music Awards. Sean Paul's contributions to the music industry and his unique fusion of dancehall and mainstream sounds have left an indelible mark on the global music landscape.

    Jodi Stewart's Net Worth

    Jodi Stewart, known for her association with celebrities as a wife, surpasses conventional expectations by maintaining her commitment to her career endeavors. With a substantial net worth of $2 million, Jodi has made noteworthy contributions to the television industry over many years.

    Jodi Stewart Photo with her car.

    Source: Instagram @jodijinx

    Throughout her career, she has held roles as a host, VJ, and model, demonstrating her skills and adaptability. The annual earnings of television hosts typically range from $31,000 to $129,000 highlighting the diverse income levels within this profession.

    Height And Body Stats

    Jodi Stewart dancehall performer stands at an average height of 5 feet 8 inches (173 cm) and possesses a well-proportioned physique. 

    They weigh around 75 kilograms (165 pounds), showcasing their strength and agility on the dance floor. Their physical attributes contribute to their exceptional dance skills and captivating stage reality.