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John McAfee-Life, Height, Wife, Twitter, Entrepreneur , Age, Net Worth

tp-admin Published On Thu Jul 08 2021   Modified On Thu Jul 08 2021
John McAfee-Life, Height, Wife, Twitter, Entrepreneur , Age, Net Worth


    Body and Relation Status of John McAfee-Life, Height, Wife, Twitter, Entrepreneur , Age, Net Worth

    John McAfee is a computer programmer and entrepreneur who founded the cybersecurity company, McAfee, in 1987. He is one of the best-known names in the software industry who helped popularize the McAfee anti-virus software all over the world.    

    In addition to providing cybersecurity for PCs and desktop computers, the company has also released a number of software products to provide virus protection on open-source software platforms like Android.  

    How Much Is The Net Worth Of John McAfee?

    Investor John McAfee has a net worth of $4 million in March 2020 but was worth around $100 million (2007) at the time of his peak wealth before the financial crisis of 2007/08. Similarly, sources like Blockmanity have claimed that he was worth $10 million to $15 million.  

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    The bulk of his fortune comes from his company, McAfee Associates, and the sale of its products all over the world.   

    Investment In Cryptocurrency

    McAfee has invested in the company MGT Capital, which mines Bitcoin. As per data from various sources, McAfee has over 5 million shares in the company, and each share is priced at $0.02, which means that McAfee currently holds around $100,000 stake in the company.    

    He also held some ICO’s selling each for more than $100,000. Blockmanity claims that he owns around 500 BTC, making him the owner of $2,573,840 worth of the cryptocurrency.    

    The programmer also created a lot of controversy after publicly announcing in 2017 that he would perform fellatio on himself on live TV if the price for Bitcoin does not jump to $500,000 in 2020. Later in late 2017, he changed his prediction, saying that the price would reach $1 million.

    In 2020, he said that his statements were simply a ruse to get new users to buy the Cryptocurrency. He also berated the cryptocurrency, saying that Bitcoin was an old tech, and now he recommends Monero and PirateChain.

    McAfee’s Houses

    The entrepreneur has a house in Watsonville, California, US, and although John has not made the price of the house public information, the median price for a home in the area is around $610,459. 

    John McAfee has also publicly stated that he does not want the location of his house to be revealed. In fact, he moved houses to keep his residence a secret.

    Drugs And Gun Controversy

    John McAfee has always been a controversial and eccentric figure, but he was once arrested for driving under the influence of drugs. In August 2015, he was arrested in Tennessee for taking Xanax. An officer of Henderson County police also said that a gun was found in the vehicle.   

    John later clarified that the Xanax was a prescription drug that he did not know would affect his driving, and the gun that was found in his vehicle was legally owned by him. 

    He was also once wanted by the Belize government after his neighbor was shot, but he claimed that the Belizean authorities wanted to execute him for exposing corruption within their government.

    The Belize police’s special squad, the Gang Suppression Unit, once arrested him on suspicion of unlicensed drug manufacturing and possession of an unlicensed weapon but released him without any charges.

    They also seized the programmer’s assets and auctioned them off. In addition to this, his home there also mysteriously burned down.

    Short Biography

    John McAfee was born John David McAfee on September 18, 1945, in Cinderford, England, UK. His father was an officer in the US Army, and his mother was an Englishwoman. His father killed himself when McAfee was 15 years old by gunshot.         

    He has a bachelor's degree in mathematics that he received from Roanoke College in 1967. The programmer is also known for his multiple partners over the years.  

    In March 2020, he is married to Janice Dyson, a prostitute that he met after being deported from Guatemala. He tied the knot with Dyson in 2013.    

    According to McAfee himself, he has over 47 biological children.