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Jonathan Berkery

Rajesh Published On Tue Aug 22 2023   Modified On Tue Aug 22 2023
Jonathan Berkery


    Jonathan Berkery

    Jonathan Berkery who is also called Jon Jones is the illegitimate son of the well-known British singer and songwriter Tom Jones but he hasn't been willing to admit this. He had a mixed relationship with his dad, who recognized him after twenty years.

    Jonathan Berkery: The Unacknowledged Son of Tom Jones

    Jonathan Berkery was born from a short romantic involvement. His dad, Tom Jones, met his mom, Katherine Berkery, during his US tour in 1987. They met at one of his concerts and got into a physical relationship.

    Jonathan Parents meet during 1987.
     Tom Jones's illegitimate son Jonathan.
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    At the time, it was just a brief thing for Tom Jones, and he had no idea that this would lead to a child. When Jonathan was born and Katherine told Tom about their son, he refused to accept that he was the father.

    According to Katherine Berkery, after one of his shows, Tom Jones went to his expensive room, which cost £500 per night. This is where they spent three days together.

    Katherine also shared that Tom Jones was involved with many groupies and was with more than 250 groupies every year. He said that she had deliberately gotten pregnant to claim his money.

    Jonathan Berkery Father Tom Jones: The Music Legend

    Jonathan Berkery's dad is the famous Welsh music star Tom Jones. Born on June 7th, 1940, Thomas Jones Woodward is now in his eighties. He's known for being a coach on the UK's version of The Voice TV show.

    Tom Jones is known for being a coach on the UK's version of The Voice TV show
    Tom Jones: The Music Legend.
    SOURCE- Instagram- @realsirtomjones

    Originally from Pontypridd, Wales, Thomas left school at 15 to focus on his singing career. He began singing at nightclubs and later signed a deal with Decca Records in London. He then released hit songs like "It's Not Unusual," "Kiss," "A Boy From Nowhere," "I'll Never Fall In Love Again," and "If I Only Knew." 

    Who is Jonathan's Father Tom Jones's wife, Melinda Trenchard?

    Tom Jones married his high school sweetheart, Linda Trenchard was born on March 2, 1957. They were just 16 when they got married because she was expecting their child, Mark. They stayed together even though Tom had affairs that people knew about.

    Tom Jones's wife, Linda died at 75 after battling lung cancer for a long time on April 10, 2016. Her death hit Tom Jones really hard, and he said she was the love of his life. He hasn't married again since she passed away.

    Jon Jones's Mother and His Origins

    Jonathan's mom, Katherine Berkery When Jonathan was born, there was a big fight in court about who his dad was. It was in 1989 that a US court said Tom Jones was the father after testing their DNA. But even after that, Tom Jones kept saying he wasn't the dad.

    Katherine Berkery was 24 years old when Jonathan was born.
    Jonathan with his mother Katherine Berkery.
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    Katherine Berkery, Jonathan's mom, has Asian roots and was adopted by an American family when she was eight years old. She was trying to become a model and worked at a hotel when she met Tom Jones in 1987. Later on, she got into real estate work.

    Tom Jones Net Worth 2023: How Rich is his illegitimate son Jonathan?

    Jonathan Berkery has an estimated net worth of $100,000 and is described as a struggling musician who has faced challenges in his life and career. it is reasonable to assume that his net worth may not be as substantial as his father's.

    Jonathan with his guitar
    Jonathan Berkery has an estimated net worth of $100,000.
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    Meanwhile, Hon Father, Tom Jones's net worth is estimated to be $300 million. He is one of the most popular vocalists to emerge from the mid-1960s, selling more than 100 million records during his career.

    Tom Jones Fatherhood Confession and Distance

    In 2008, the singer admitted that Jonathan Berkery is indeed his biological son. But, Tom Jones was clear that he didn't want a relationship with his child born out of marriage. He puts the blame on the son's mother, saying she tricked him into becoming an unplanned father.

    After a paternity test in 1989, it was confirmed that he was Jonathan's dad. He settled out of court by paying £50,000 to Jonathan's mother, Katherine. The court also ordered him to give £1,700 every month for child support until Jonathan turned 18. But beyond these legal payments, Tom Jones didn't do anything else for his son. It's believed they've never even met face-to-face.

    Tom Jones' illegitimate son Jonathan Girlfriend: Who is he dating?

    Jon Jones is currently not married and prefers to keep his personal life, including his relationships, private. While he might be dating, details about this are not available to the public just like Zion Shamaree Mayweather.

    Jones’s relationship status has remained under the shade as the young musician has never been associated with any girl. Fans have since concluded that he must be focusing on building a successful career before going into relationships. 

    Jon Jones Never received his father’s love &  had a terrible childhood

    Tom Jones denied having a child with Katherine, leaving Jonathan Berkery without a father's care, something every kid deserves. His mother tried, but he missed that paternal love. Jonathan was never recognized as Tom Jones's son. 

    Jon Jones Never received his father’s love &  had a terrible childhood
    Jonathan was with his mother when he was young.
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    Katherine resisted Tom's threats, hoping her son would get the fatherly love he deserved. Tom Jones never accepted Jonathan as his child. This deeply affected Jon's childhood. By age ten, he realized his father wouldn't be part of his life, causing emotional turmoil.

    This situation led Jonathan down a troubling path of drug abuse and addiction. He went to rehab twice and even faced jail time. His teenage years were marked by bad influences, substance abuse, and alcohol. This unfortunate outcome highlights how a casual relationship had lasting consequences, affecting the lives of three people.

    Tom Jones' illegitimate son Jonathan: The Musician's Struggle

    Imagine being the son of a famous singer and having a wonderful voice yourself. Jon Jones is his stage name, but unlike his dad, his music journey isn't going too well. Picture this: a musician's child trying to make it in music, but things aren't going smoothly. Sounds strange, doesn't it?

    To make a living, Jonathan performs at clubs, bars, and even parks. He's really good at playing the guitar and singing. Despite the challenges, he keeps a calm demeanor, likely because of his tough childhood. This might have led him to focus on his career.